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Kamala Harris Now Being Touted as Top Choice for Biden VP

Kamala Harris Now Being Touted as Top Choice for Biden VP

“Harris is not only in top contention, but Biden aides, surrogates and major donors see her as the best fit at the onset of the process”

There has been a ton of speculation about who Joe Biden will choose as a running mate. He narrowed it down a bit during the last Democratic debate by plainly stating that he would choose a woman.

Since then, most people agreed that the short list included four people.

Biden would likely choose Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), failed 2018 Georgia governor candidate Stacey Abrams, or Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA).

At this point, it’s looking more and more like Kamala Harris.

Christopher Cadelago and Natasha Korecki write at Politico:

Kamala emerges as early Biden VP favorite as sting of debate attack fades

Kamala Harris was written off as a possible vice presidential pick for Joe Biden last year after a cutting debate performance where she seemed to suggest he was racially insensitive.

Now, Harris is not only in top contention, but Biden aides, surrogates and major donors see her as the best fit at the onset of the process — at least on paper — to join him atop the Democratic ticket.

Biden’s campaign has formally started vetting a group of prospects that includes roughly a dozen women. But in interviews, more than two dozen Democrats, including advisers, allies and donors aligned with Biden, returned to Harris as an early frontrunner. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, the favorite among progressives, was also seen as rising above the pack.

Biden and his family were stung by the June debate exchange over his record on school busing. The attack was particularly hurtful because of Harris’ bond with Biden’s late son Beau, also a one-time state attorney general.

But Biden and others close to him have come to view Harris’ debate knockdown as part of the rough and tumble of presidential campaigning.

Choosing Harris makes sense for Biden, especially when you consider the other choices. Elizabeth Warren is a divisive figure who is more popular among New York journalists than American voters. She came in third in the Massachusetts primary.

Amy Klobuchar was virtually unknown nationally before she decided to run for president in 2020.

Stacey Abrams is a 2018 also-ran who has become an object of ridicule for her apparent attempts to position herself as the best choice for the job of VP.

Francis Wilkinson of Bloomberg News suggests that “The presumptive Democratic nominee needs someone who makes voters comfortable with an old white guy at the top of the ticket.”

He writes:

Kamala Harris Can Be Joe Biden’s Biden

Joe Biden is getting a lot of unsolicited advice about a running mate. Here’s mine: Find yourself another Joe Biden.

When Barack Obama was cruising to the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2008, he chose someone who buttressed his political weakness. Obama’s overriding political weakness wasn’t hard to pinpoint: He was a mixed-race intellectual whose father was from Kenya…

Biden’s more hazily defined weaknesses will come into better focus after Republicans work through their arsenal and find a few attacks that stick, more or less. He starts out with not-so-great favorable/unfavorable ratings — typically net negative by a couple points. Meantime, Republicans are already attacking his age, 77, and in the primaries young Democratic voters invariably preferred other candidates.

Despite Biden’s support among older black voters, both Russians and Republicans are likely to repeat their 2016 efforts to suppress black voter turnout; a black vote surge is far from guaranteed. Finally, Biden has a wobbly left flank, the residue of rekindled left-wing ambition and Senator Bernie Sanders’ persistent campaign against the party whose nomination he sought.

“Russians and Republicans…”


Kamala Harris has many shortcomings as a possible running mate for Joe, perhaps primarily her record as California attorney general. The left has shown it is not terribly keen on law enforcement in recent years.

That may explain this tweet from yesterday:

Which means we can expect to see more of this meme:


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LOL – because she did SO WELL in the primaries!!! Have her backers already forgotten how Tulsi Gabbard shredded her like a cheap pack of tissues?

Connivin Caniff | May 12, 2020 at 7:27 am

Kamala Harris for VP candidate? I approve this message – Donald Trump

casualobserver | May 12, 2020 at 7:45 am

Looks better for Trump every day. Between Biden constantly adopting some of the hardest left positions to appease Bernie’s Bros to the idea of Kamala Harris as the real candidate b/c everyone already is talking about how the VP is the real Pres on that ticket, a lot continues to move to Trump’s favor.

The only question is how much of a spoiler Amash will be and how hard the Bulwarkian/Dispatchian NeverTrumpers will promote him as the better alternative.

2smartforlibs | May 12, 2020 at 7:47 am

I have noticed it depends on what outlet whos the top VP pick.

“Kamala emerges as early Biden VP favorite as sting of debate attack fades”

Makes sense. AA all the way!

    Connivin Caniff in reply to pfg. | May 12, 2020 at 8:54 am

    The sting didn’t fade away. He just doesn’t remember she said it.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to pfg. | May 12, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    But Kamala IS NOT AA.

    She is the descendant of Carribean Slave Owners.

    Just as Obama was not AA but descendant of Kenyans…..

      It would appear that you’re unfamiliar with the concept of AA. Simply stated, AA is the getting of benefits or breaks simply because of your race – including perceived race – or your gender (though this one runs exclusively to females) and is completely unrelated to earned merit or competence.

      You’d have to be blind to not see her sheer incompetence and stupidity (ever see any Senate hearings?) displayed by this person. She’s played the race card her entire career.

        notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to fscarn. | May 12, 2020 at 3:46 pm

        She’s like Lizzie then?

        herm2416 in reply to fscarn. | May 12, 2020 at 11:50 pm

        We should probably clarify African-American and Affirmative Action—both are AA, one is a diminishing term to anyone who is black, presumed to be of a African descent, and not any other descent; the other is simply bigoted.

She has darker skin pigmentation! She has a vagina! A “woman of color” with a vagina! OMG!!!

Harris is obviously fully-qualified (by Dhimmi-crat standards).

Seriously, bring it — Harris is a nauseating, miserable nag and scold. Better than super-shrew/nag/scold/termagant/harridan Warren by a mile, but, that’s still not saying much.

Terence G. Gain | May 12, 2020 at 8:22 am

Harris, like Obama, is an attractive biracial politician. She also shares his talent for deceit. During the Kavanaugh hearings she attempted to portray Justice Kavanaugh as someone who is opposed to birth control. She cited a statement he had made while on the bench and pretended that what he said was his opinion when he was in fact referring to the position of one of the litigants in the case before him. It was very artful deceit.

I think the campaign is going to be between President Trump and the former president who directed a soft coup against him. The question being asked by Republicans is “what the president know and when did he know it”. The answer to that question is obviously he knew everything throughout, as is now becoming clear. The questions that should be asked are “what did the president direct and when did he direct it” and why is former President Obama now attempting to justify the Third World police state tactics used against General Flynn? The fact that 2000 former Obama DOJ lawyers have attacked AG Barr for doing his job Is compelling evidence of the rot in the Deep State.

President Trump needs all the help he can get from lawyers who believe in the rule of law. I am impressed by the principled analysis of professor Turley. Obama will do everything he can to prevent the re-election of President Trump in order to protect a legacy built on a foundation of lies.

    Valerie in reply to Terence G. Gain. | May 12, 2020 at 10:25 am

    Kamala Harris was also deeply involved in the presentation of Christine Blasey Ford, and if she did not actively participate in wiping this witness’ social media presence and editing her testimony to the point that it was completely fact-free, she had to notice that this had been done.

    Kamala Harris is supposed to be a person with 6 years of trial experience, and should be able to recognize unethical omission of pertinent facts.

    Kamala Harris traffics in injustice.

Bloomberg’s Wilkinson’s description of Obama in 2008, as a “mixed-race intellectual,” is really quite funny. Not just because the allegedly racially-enlightened Dhimmi-crats can still only see people in strictly racial terms, but because the use of the word “intellectual” is a tacit admission of this empty vessel, pathological narcissist’s total absence of substantive accomplishment at the time of his political ascendancy.

rabid wombat | May 12, 2020 at 8:35 am

A good head on her shoulders and a spirited linguist….

If something happened to a President Biden and Harris ascended, she would be the first president to literally sleep her way to the top.
That aside, she doesn’t fulfill the basic requirements for V.P.
First, she can’t show up the presidential candidate. Yes, I know it’s not hard to show up Creepy Gropey Joe, but in her case, the race would become about her and not Biden.
Second, she needs to bring in money. She wasn’t able to bring much money into her primary caufers, so she has no big backers that the DNC and Biden haven’t already tapped.
Third, she needs to bring in votes. She can’t make California or the Left Coast any Bluer. A popular, or perceived popular, swing state V.P. pick or someone from a flyover region would help Biden.
Last, she needs to bring the female and minority vote. I’m not sure that she is a good representative for that. Her record has been tough on Blacks and Hispanics and I’m not sure how women will react to her.
Keep in mind that she was polling awful in California’s primary. She couldn’t even get support on her own field. Most of her money came from outside California.
You can apply this same list to the other women, but Whitmer from Michigan or Bachmann from Minnesota would be better choices.

LibraryGryffon | May 12, 2020 at 9:24 am

The only way Harris might even remotely have a chance of getting my vote is if a) I was being forced to vote at gunpoint and b) the only other option was Hilary.

Somewhere, Stacey Abrams is kicking puppies.

Democrat presidential strategy #1 is “Vote for us or you’re racist” and that worked pretty good for two terms. Then they tried “Vote for us or you’re sexist” and that worked, but not as well as they had hoped. So now they’re going with “Vote for us or you’re racist AND sexist” and they hope that will put them over the top.

(At this rate, their 2032 candidate will be “Vote for us or you’re racist and sexist and ageist and ableist and genderphobic,” and that’s a candidate pairing I’m curious to see.)

Close The Fed | May 12, 2020 at 9:55 am

Again, Harris doesn’t share the authentic American black experience.

Her ancestry is from India and Jamaica. No one in her (relatively) recent past experienced slavery. Her mom is part of a high caste in India.

Poor American blacks, none of them are good enough to get elected by dems.

    McGehee in reply to Close The Fed. | May 12, 2020 at 11:51 am

    You know what would be great? If Trump’s could get video or sound of somebody like Stacey Abrams saying that — and use it in the fall campaign.

    Milhouse in reply to Close The Fed. | May 12, 2020 at 2:56 pm

    Slavery ended in Jamaica only 32 years before it did in the USA. From the perspective of the 21st century that’s not much of a difference. So slavery is as much in her past as in that of any black USAn.

“Francis Wilkinson of Bloomberg News suggests that “The presumptive Democratic nominee needs someone who makes voters comfortable with an old white guy at the top of the ticket.”

Translation: the MSM/DNC axis wants a rerun of the 2008 Presidential election. In that election the MSM/DNC used billions of dollars of free and paid political advertising to equate any criticism of Obama to KKK-style racism.

It worked. In 2008 and again in 2012 the MSM/DNC axis did little beyond playing the race card, and in response the GOPe went fetal with guilt. Of course, the GOPe did its part by nominating John McCain and Mitt Romneycare, two candidates who would have lost no matter who Democrats ran against them.

2016 efforts to suppress black voter turnout

Oh, really? Exactly how was that done? I think it more likely that low black voter turnout in 2016 had to do with no candidate appealing to their racial biases.

both Russians and Republicans are likely to repeat their 2016 efforts to suppress black voter turnout
Delusional or lying? Or both?

ScottTheEngineer | May 12, 2020 at 12:07 pm

All good for Joe. He’ll be going after her like cornpop with a 6’chain. When he says “come on man” she’s the most likely to say ok. As a plus she has experience and a successful track record in putting out for political advancement.

“the short list included four people”

sorry, I thought you said “the short bus”

I think Biden was put in in part to cover for the “sins of Obama”. Now with #ObamaGate, there is a need to put Michelle in there to protect Barack backside. Plus, Biden is gone .. he will be removed via the 25th Amendment, if he doesn’t resign.

Chuckin Houston | May 12, 2020 at 2:52 pm

So the Democratic ticket may well be Joe “Stink Finger” Biden and Kamala “I Let Powerful Men Grab Me by the Pussy” Harris.

inspectorudy | May 12, 2020 at 3:47 pm

The big question is “Will she fit under the desk in the Oval Office?”.

Captain Keogh | May 12, 2020 at 3:55 pm

She came across in the debates as a particularly nasty person. She also ripped Biden for being opposed to busing (he actually though was right) until someone had to tell her that the majority of Blacks were also opposed to it.

She’d do well with joey fingers because she doesn’t mind knee time. At least not after working with ‘willie’ brown for so many years out in kalifornia. She already has her presidential kneepads ready for instant on demand deployment.

Juba Doobai! | May 12, 2020 at 8:54 pm

Dumber and Dumb. What a match up!

I hope it is Harris. She can’t debate worth a darn and she is so unlikable. Biden will lose big time if he picks Kamala as his running mate. Trump landslide.

Don’t the people see that the Democratic party hopes she will be the first female President and black as well? The country will definitely be in peril if that happens. They are more concerned with achieving firsts than a concern for the country. Ridiculous.

BierceAmbrose | May 13, 2020 at 7:21 pm

Kamala Extract is interesting as a reliable agenda-bearer to step in after Gropey Joe 25th Amendment’s himself.However she’s an un-vetted camera hound with less messaging discipline than Chuck-y Schumer.

I don’t think an actual campaign makes it with either of them on the ticket. However, The Screaming D’s are looking to “win” by other means, so that in principle won’t matter.

What are we learning? It’s not enough for 22,000 protesters to show up to peacefully petition their “representatives” after being denigrated, blocked, mocked, and abused. And literally fenced out of their own legislature.

You gotta show up on voting day, and beat them by the margin of fraud. Any you need a messaging op, so everybody knows you’re up 12% with 3/4 reporting, before they start discovering boxes of ballots in hallways and car trunks.

Every single state Trump took in the last one. Every down-ticket race. Every vote you can make in a state that’ll never go for OrangeManBad to build up that “popular” vote number.

I will not be surprised–the blacks saved Biden’s sorry ass. Let me go back to one of the great turning points in history that did not turn and, in my view at least, Lincoln’s only real act of statesmanship beyond his gift for bs. During the secession crisis, he offered the Southerners
a deal–compensated emancipation with the former slaves shipped back to Africa. The idiots refused. No one knows if he would have come back to removal if he had lived. But the result was a cancer that has grown ever more virulent,first destroying the livability of our cities and now threatening the America we had one known.