Two things have been made clear in recent weeks as Joe Biden has moved ever closer to winning the Democratic presidential nomination:

1) The Trump campaign is going to continue to make questions about his cognitive health a campaign issue.
2) The mainstream media and Democrats are going to continue to run interference for Biden.

As I wrote last week, asking questions about Biden’s age and health should not be off the table – especially when you consider how the left and their MSM allies have set the standard on this by way of questioning Trump’s mental health for years.

Nevertheless, the press and Democrats are operating on their usual double standards when it comes to discussions of the mental and physical health of presidential candidates. Trump’s is fair game, but Biden’s is not.

But more or less declaring that Joe Biden’s cognitive health is off limits for debate is actually a relatively new position for the left and media to take, as Glenn Greenwald documented in a stunningly detailed piece that outlined the origins of questions about Biden’s fitness to lead the country:

One of the earliest mainstream figures to raise serious questions about Biden’s cognitive decline was MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell immediately before the June, 2019 presidential debate. The long-time reporter, not exactly known as a Trump sympathizer to put that mildly, went on air amidst a series of rambling, incoherent Biden appearances and said: “the question is, does he still have his stuff? How sharp is he?,” prompting Chris Matthews to immediately understand her point and reply: “You know you’re answering the question with the question.”


Greenwald continued:

One of the most explicit and direct attacks on Biden’s cognitive fitness to run for President and to serve came from Democratic Senator Cory Booker (now a Biden endorser). After a CNN presidential debate in September — in which Biden had bizarrely rambled about how the key to solving the problems in African-American communities was having parents play “the record player” for their children, and during which [Julián] Castro had pointedly accused Biden of having forgotten what he had said just moments earlier — Booker unflinchingly suggested Biden lacked the ability to endure the rigours of the campaign (the full Booker interview is here):


Here’s a video clip of that Castro/Biden exchange during the September Democratic debate, where it was very clear what Castro was insinuating about Biden’s mental abilities:

Greenwald documented many more instances of these types of questions being raised by other Democrats and media figures, which you can read and watch in full here. Twitter user Jamie Maz started an extensive Twitter thread that noted how many commentators and other public figures had sounded alarm bells over the last year about Biden’s cognitive fitness.

What’s changed between then and now? Biden’s campaign went from being close to over to being firmly in the driver’s seat. Barring a late surge from Sen. Bernie Sanders in the remaining primary states, it seems safe to predict at this point that Biden will win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Because of that, stories or issues that have the potential to negatively impact Biden’s campaign will now be scrubbed and/or buried and condemned by the same people who just months ago led the way in questioning Joe Biden’s mental and physical health – presumably because at the time they preferred a more “woke” candidate like Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

But Warren’s out now and Sanders is on the ropes. With Biden now the frontrunner in the delegate count, it’s all hands on deck for the MSM and the left as they now seek to drag Joe Biden over the primary and general election finish lines – just like they did Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The left and their allies in the press are nothing if not predictable.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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