First, the left rioted. Then they tried to intimidate members of the Electoral College into not voting for Trump. Then we had the Russia collusion conspiracy theories.

Now, they are trying to make the case that Trump is mentally unfit for office.

We are headed into the second year of Trump’s presidency and the left is still trying to think of ways to undo the 2016 election and have Trump removed from office. And they are calling other people crazy?

In this latest effort, Democrats have drafted Yale Psychiatry Professor Bandy Lee to declare Trump mentally unfit.

Ezra Klein’s site VOX is pushing this hard:

The psychiatrist who briefed Congress on Trump’s mental state: this is “an emergency”

The longer Donald Trump is in office, the more he shocks and alarms us with his strange and extremely unpresidential behavior.

From the incoherent, fallacious interview he gave the New York Times on December 28 to Tuesday’s tweet about his “nuclear button” to his Saturday morning assertion that he is a “very stable genius,” the remarks keep getting more menacing, bizarre, and portentous of disaster…

Yet there is a growing call from a group of psychiatrists — the best medical experts at interpreting aberrant human behavior — for exactly this: an emergency evaluation of the president’s mental capacity, by force if necessary.

Leading this call is Bandy Lee, an assistant professor in forensic psychiatry (the interface of law and mental health) at the Yale School of Medicine who has devoted her 20-year career to studying, predicting, and preventing violence.

She recently briefed a dozen members of Congress — Democrats and one Republican — on the president’s mental state. And this week, she, along with Judith Herman at Harvard and Robert Jay Lifton at Columbia, released a statement arguing that Trump is “further unraveling.” The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a collection of essays from 27 mental health professionals that Lee edited, was published in October.

This psychiatrist wants to forcibly subject Trump to an evaluation. Listen to how reasonable she sounds. (Emphasis is mine):

So in an emergency, neither consent nor confidentiality requirements hold. Safety comes first. What we do in the case of danger is we contain the person, we remove them from access to weapons, and we do an urgent evaluation.

This is what we have been calling for with the president based on basic medical standards of care.

Surprisingly, many lawyer groups have actually volunteered, on their own, to file for a court paper to ensure that the security staff will cooperate with us. But we have declined, since this will really look like a coup, and while we are trying to prevent violence, we don’t wish to incite it through, say, an insurrection.

Even the always cool minded Byron York of the Washington Examiner found this startling:

Here’s an interview with Lee:

As for the claim that one Republican senator went with Democrats to be briefed by Lee, the Weekly Standard looked into it and could not confirm:

Did a Republican Senator Actually Meet with a Psychiatrist About Trump’s Sanity?

On Wednesday night, before Washington was completely consumed by Michael Wolff’s West Wing tell-all, Politico published a piece feeding into a different frenzy: the notion that Congress was concerned President Trump might be mentally unfit for office.

The article, titled “Washington’s growing obsession: The 25th amendment,” claims that more than a dozen lawmakers—all Democrats, with the exception of one nameless Republican senator—attended private briefings in early December with a Yale psychiatry professor to discuss Trump’s mental health.

The most interesting detail of the story, of course, was that one rebellious Republican senator had met with Dr. Bandy Lee to discuss her belief that Trump is unfit to serve as commander-in-chief. Politico reported that Lee refused to name the GOP lawmaker she claimed to have had a meeting with.

THE WEEKLY STANDARD reached out to every Republican Senate office to figure out which senator met with Dr. Lee, and was unable to confirm that any Republican Senator actually met with the Yale professor.

All of the fake concern about Trump’s mental health is just that. Fake. These are the insane ramblings of people who still have not accepted the results of an election that happened over a year ago. They are the ones who need mental help.

Democrats, heal thyselves.

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