When Beto was still in the race, he was mocked for having what became a test balloon campaign, throwing anything and everything at the wall to see what stuck. His campaign turned into a joke and he was viewed (is viewed) as wholly unserious.

Elizabeth Warren seems to be following an adjacent path. Most recently, Warren vowed to release all Trump documents related to the impeachment inquiry.

But why? Impeachment has not polled well with the public, who see through the blatant theatrics.

Warren will have a busy first day seeing as she’s also promised to launch another investigation into any and all alleged Trump corruption.

One of Warren’s sadder panderings blew up in her face. Warren has promised to absolve outstanding student loan debt and was confronted by a parent who wanted to know what she would do for those who saved their money and paid off their loans.

There was also:

Elizabeth Warren Pledges to Fill Half Her Cabinet With “Women and Nonbinary People”

This amazingly self-unaware gem:

Elizabeth Warren: “How could the American people want someone who lies to them?”

And this sadness:

Elizabeth Warren goes full cringeworthy with dance moves and dating advice

Leaving this a valid concern for Democrats:

Dem Worries About ‘Electability’ Dogging Warren Campaign


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