For Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the struggle is real.

With her campaign floundering badly in the polls and herself under the microscope in the aftermath of the he said/she said “sexism” feud with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Warren is searching for new ways to re-energize her frustrated base and bring new voters into the fold at the same time.

She’s fond of saying she has a plan for everything. On Tuesday, she debuted her plan to “restore integrity and competence to government after Trump.”

She stated she has a fear that before Trump leaves office (if defeated), he will “do everything he can to undermine the next president.” Warren wrote that she has the vision to undo what she says Trump has done and the know-how to “get the government working for the people.”

And one of her first priorities to get the government “working for the people” again is to kick out almost all Trump appointees:

… and direct the Justice Department to investigate the Trump administration starting on Day One:

The details from her website show her extensive plans to investigate his administration:

Establish a Justice Department Task Force to investigate corruption during the Trump administration and to hold government officials accountable for illegal activity.

Donald Trump has run the most corrupt administration in history. He was impeached for withholding foreign aid in an effort to try to benefit his re-election campaign. He has enriched himself and his business through the power of his office. And there are public reports of potentially illegal corruption in every corner of his administration. If we are to move forward to restore public confidence in government and deter future wrongdoing, we cannot simply sweep this corruption under the rug in a new administration.

That’s why I will direct the Justice Department to establish a task force to investigate violations by Trump administration officials of federal bribery laws, insider trading laws, and other anti-corruption and public integrity laws, and give that task force independent authority to pursue any substantiated criminal and civil violations. I have also committed to establishing a task force to investigate accusations of serious violations by immigration officials.

Because 4+ years of fruitless, politically motivated investigations couldn’t possibly be enough, right?

Let’s assume a couple of extraordinary things solely for discussion. Let’s say Warren unexpectedly wins the Democratic presidential nomination and ends up defeating Trump in November.

After four years of non-stop attempts at impeaching Trump under false pretenses, four years in which the political divide between left and right has grown exponentially, Warren’s plan to “make government work” again is to continue ripping the country apart?

Just my personal opinion, of course, but I don’t think swing state Democrats and independents are going to like that. When the House held public impeachment inquiry hearings n November and December, independents and swing-state Democratic voters signaled in polls they didn’t like what Democrats were doing on impeachment. The support dropped among those key voting blocs.

Warren may think she has a “winner” with this proposal, but like her Medicare for All plan and the adverse reactions to it from members of her own party, the devil is in the details. And the information, in this case, shows that a woman who has integrity issues of her own is promising to keep stirring the Orange Man Bad pot because Democrats still can’t get over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss to Trump.

Ultimately this could come back to bite Warren in the fall should her campaign make it that far.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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