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Leslie’s Top Posts of 2019

Leslie’s Top Posts of 2019

A look at 2019’s fake news, bad science, disease outbreaks, Trump Derangement Syndrome, liberal tears, and beer sales.

As we prepare to enter the new millennium’s version of the “Roaring 20’s,” here is a fun look at my top posts on the various topics I normally cover for Legal Insurrection.

1. Top “She Blinded Me with Science” Post

In a break from my typical #ClimateCrisis selection, here is a January piece on the Earth’s Magnetic field shifting . . . and the American press scrambling to connect this development to the government shutdown.

Earth’s magnetic field is moving erratically, has scientists scrambling to update global models

2 Top “I’ve Got a Fever” Post

When I signed on to Legal Insurrection in 2012, little did I realize my expertise in infectious diseases would come in handy. While I have spent a good portion of this year covering a continuing series of measles outbreaks, the piece that started it all in 2019 featured reports of typhus in Los Angeles.

I will note that my story about leprosy as a potential LA health threat might be a useful reference in 2020.

Typhus Crisis In Los Angeles Worsens

I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more Legal Insurrection.

3. Top “Rant Against Our Media Overlords” Post

My personal website (Temple of Mut) was temporarily blocked from being linked in Facebook. The reason I was given: The website did not meet community standards. True . . . if your community consists merely of climate-change cultists and gender justice warriors.

Why is Facebook Targeting Conservative History-based Sites?

4. Top “Cry in My Beer” Post

Trump Derangement Syndrome was on tap when a report indicated that the industry has seen the loss of over 40,000 jobs, and the industry was blaming President Donald Trump’s tariffs. However, more current news reveals that American farmers are expanding their hops fields, in response to a surging craft beer market.

In other words, the #FakeNews report was all suds and no beer. However, that was the post in which I introduced Legal Insurrection to the “Temple of Mut Porch of Drunkeness”. Surely, this will be a fan favorite for years to come.

Beer industry blames Trump’s tariffs for loss of 40K jobs

5. Top “Greenland for #51” Post

Perhaps my favorite of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy moves this year was feeling out if a purchase of the natural-resource-rich Greenland were possible. I would love it to become the 51st state, with Trump City as its capital.

Was Greenland “for sale” when the Chinese were shopping in 2017?

6. Top “San Francisco, the Crapper of California” Post

While the story about San Francisco’s poop app was a very popular read this year, my post on the city attempting to tag the NRA as a “Domestic Terrorist Organization” shows why that city is going down the drain.

San Francisco declares NRA to be a ‘domestic terrorist organization’

7. Top “Star Wars” Post

Mark Hamill, the famous Star Wars actor, took to Twitter to deride Ivanka Trump after she posted an adorable picture with her son dressed as an Imperial Stormtrooper, thus sealing my choice of “Star Trek” as my favorite science fiction franchise.

#GoForceYourself: Star Wars Star Mark Hamill Calls Ivanka Trump a ‘Fraud’ After She Posts Tweet of Her Kid in Costume

8. Top “Let the Liberal Tears Flow” Post

In one of my last posts of the year, I note that Santa delivers some exceptionally good economic news, revealing that Trump is guilty of use of office and obstruction of recession.

Eastman Original

To Democrats’ Dismay, Christmas season brings YUGE economic wins for Trump

Based on the data points, I can project even more #FakeNews, bad science, disease outbreaks, Trump Derangement Syndrome, liberal tears, and beer in 2020. Live long and prosper!


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UnCivilServant | December 30, 2019 at 2:34 pm

Why haven’t we bought Greenland yet?

I’d call buying Greenland crazy, if it wasn’t for that whole Alaska thing…which seems to have worked out okay… I’m not as sure about the Louisiana purchase though, noting Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida were kinda forced on us as part of the deal. when we bought, but …. that may just be buyer’s remorse setting in.

Anyhow, a year of great writing on interesting subjects – Thank you and please continue your good works!

Thank you, Leslie! Please keep the posts coming. Happy New Year!