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“Deadly Exchange”- It’s time to speak out against anti-Zionists who seek to turn Blacks against Jews

“Deadly Exchange”- It’s time to speak out against anti-Zionists who seek to turn Blacks against Jews

With the spike in antisemitic violence in and around NYC, the campaign by Jewish Voice for Peace and other anti-Zionist groups to blame Israel and American Jews for police shootings of minorities takes on deadly implications.

The recent spike in attacks on Jews in the greater New York City area follows a pattern that does not fit with the media portrayal of violence against Jews being solely a ‘white nationalist’ problem. All or almost all of the attacks were perpetrated by non-whites, including the deadly shooting in Jersey City, street attacks in Brooklyn, and the machete attack in Monsey.

While this seems to come out of nowhere, in fact there has been a highly organized and aggressive campaign to stoke and exploit pre-existing racial tensions against Jews as part of anti-Israel activist tactics. The effort goes back decades to Louis Farrakhan, who serves as an inspiration for “intersectional” activists like Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour, formerly of the Women’s March.

But more than anything in recent years, anti-Zionist groups, including anti-Zionist purportedly Jewish groups, have sought to turn Blacks against Jews for the purpose of demonizing Israel by blaming Israel and American Jewish groups for domestic police violence and other policing problems.

Leading the way has been the anti-Zionist non-Jewish group calling itself “Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP), which launched the “Deadly Exchange” campaign in 2017 falsely tying anti-terrorism training of U.S. police chiefs during short visits to Israel with police violence in the U.S. That “Deadly Exchange” campaign now has spread more broadly to the anti-Israel community, where various groups led by JVP seek to disrupt and terminate U.S.-Israel police exchanges.

As detailed below, the recent deadly shooting of Jews in Jersey City was by a Black supremacist group which espoused conspiracy theories eerily similar to the Deadly Exchange propaganda. While not all of the recent attacks can be tied to such conspiracy theories, what cannot be denied is that JVP and the other anti-Zionist groups promoting Deadly Exchange are playing a deadly game by promoting false claims of American and Israeli Jewish responsibility for police shootings.

The claims that Jews are responsible for the spilling of minority blood in U.S. cities is reminiscent of ancient blood libels which incited pogroms against Jews. The anti-Zionist activists’ hoped-for uprising against Israel and Jews may be playing out in ways they didn’t intend, but that doesn’t justify the continuation of the Deadly Exchange incitement.

Ferguson and Beyond – Hijacking Police Shootings To Use Against Israel

Racializing the Israel-Palestinian dispute has long been a goal of “intersectional” activists, who place Jews in the “White” category when assigning identities for victimhood status. Anti-Israel activists, seizing on that approach, have tried to hijack domestic shootings by police and turn them into anti-Israel movements.

A prime example of this hijacking approach was the 2014 Ferguson riots after the shooting of Michael Brown. Anti-Israel activists played an active role in stoking violence in Ferguson, as we documented in Intifada Missouri – Anti-Israel activists may push Ferguson over the edge and Anti-Israel activist still stoking fires in #Ferguson.

But it didn’t stop there, and trying to hijack police shooting incidents became a frequent tactic, as we covered in Exposed: Years-long effort to blame Israel for U.S. police shootings of blacks:

Rather, there has been a multi-year effort by left-wing and Islamist anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and openly anti-Semitic activists to hijack racial tensions in the United States and redirect that anger towards Israel.

That effort has been on overdrive since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and is accomplished through a combination of false and misleading statements regarding the militarization of domestic U.S. police departments and U.S. police training in Israel.

The intellectual rubric is “intersectionality,” by which anti-Israel activists try to forge links with minority (particularly black) activists by holding out Israel as the key link to oppression around the globe.

Sometimes the results are truly twisted, such as at Columbia University, How student activists turned anti-rape group into an anti-Israel group.

We demonstrated how, in Ferguson, anti-Israel activists embedded themselves in the protest crowds and ran their own protests fomenting violence, Intifada Missouri – Anti-Israel activists may push Ferguson over the edge:

As much tension as there is, an underreported story is the active role of “pro-Palestinian” activists who have exploited the Ferguson riots and tension this summer and fall to push their anti-Israel agenda. That anti-Israeli agenda, which involves encouraging confrontation with police in solidarity with Palestinians, is helping provide the accelerant to an already volatile situation.

“Deadly Exchange”: Inciting Blacks Against Jews to Get at Israel

Deadly Exchange took the tactic of hijacking police shootings and turning them against Israel to a new and much more organized level. No longer was blaming the Jews for U.S. police shootings an anecdotal tactic, it became the prime focus of the anti-Israel movement.

[Deadly Exchange social media. Screenshot from Twitter, December 2019.]

We have written extensively about Deadly Exchange, a campaign launched in 2017 by JVP, including in the following posts:

In one of our analyses of the program, Professor Miriam Elman explained the premise behind and methodology of Deadly Exchange:

Launched several years ago by JVP, “Deadly Exchange” falsely blames Israel and its American-Jewish supporters for fueling police brutality and discriminatory policing practices against minority communities in America, and militarizing the approach to crime and public protests.

At its root, the campaign traffics in tropes and canards about Jewish power in order to accuse Israel and US-based Jewish organizations, like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), for conspiring to harm and oppress American black and brown people.

Indeed, as part of the campaign, JVP asserts the complicity of U.S. Jewish groups in “deliberately conspiring to harm innocent Americans”:

five of the leading organizations of American Jewish life—the Anti-Defamation league (ADL), The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), the American Jewish Committee (AJC), and Taglit Birthright Israel—are deliberately conspiring to harm innocent Americans by helping to organize and fund training programs between U.S. and Israeli law enforcement officials.

According to JVP, these Jewish groups are supporting a series of “deadly exchanges” where American and Israeli security officials and experts “trade tips” and “share worst practices” that “extend discriminatory and repressive policing in both countries” that include fatal police shootings of African-Americans and the “extrajudicial killings” of Palestinians in Judea and Samaria/the West Bank.


Since its launch, the Deadly Exchange campaign has been taken up by a variety of anti-Israel groups (including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the anti-Zionist blog Mondoweiss, and American Muslims for Palestine). Such groups undoubtedly hope to use the campaign’s  purported concern for the welfare of Black- and Hispanic-American communities as a way to sever those communities’ previously robust relationship with American Jews.

Afraid of the power of traditional Black and Hispanic Christian identification with Israel, Deadly Exchange advocates seek to use the campaign to recruit minority populations to the anti-Israel movement instead.

With the support and collaboration of such anti-Israel organizations, JVP’s Deadly Exchange campaign has directly engendered public expressions of naked anti-Semitism.

For example, in several posts, we covered how, on April 16, 2018, Durham, North Carolina became the first American city to align a municipal public policy with JVP’s agenda when the Durham City Council imposed a ban on police exchanges with only one country in the world: the Jewish nation of Israel. Durham did this, as the urging of JVP, even though Durham police had no current or planned polices exchanges.

At that April 16 city council meeting, a member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Isla, spoke in support of the ban, parroting a common Farrakhanist reference to the “synagogue of Satan” and accusing Jews of having an “inordinate amount of control” in city politics.

JVP has made Deadly Exchange a focus for 2020, ensuring that rhetoric blaming Israel and American Jews for police violence will continue to reverberate on campuses and city councils.

Jersey City Shooters Echoed Conspiracy Themes Similar To Deadly Exchange

As the dust settled after the deadly December 10th shooting at a New Jersey kosher supermarket, local police revealed that deceased suspects, David Anderson and Francine Graham, had both been affiliated with an anti-Semitic cult-like church called the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ (ICGJC)—a sect of the supremacist Black Hebrew Israelite (BHI) movement.

Investigations of the shooting spree have shown that, like many Black Hebrew Israelite members, Anderson and Graham adhered to radical anti-government, anti-police, racist, and anti-Jewish Black Nationalist ideologies—and that these hateful ideas probably motivated their murderous rampage.

NBC News explained:

Multiple years of social media posts connected to Anderson, however, indicate that he appeared to subscribe to a variety of anti-Semitic worldviews and also advocated for violence against police officers. Two law enforcement officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, told NBC News that a Facebook account with the username “Dawada Maqabath” likely belonged to Anderson. That account was first active in 2016 and is filled with photos believed to be Anderson, identified by facial tattoos, and images of album covers from his music recordings.

The username Dawada Maqabath appears across various other social sites and forums, with posts celebrating violence against police and spreading conspiracy theories about Jewish people.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) presented evidence supporting NBC’s reporting. In an analysis of his online footprint, the ADL noted that social media profiles connected with Anderson also assumed the name “Baryon Bloodborne” and that a Twitter account with the name Bayron used the handle “@akaNapoleonhill”.

[A screenshot from the ADLs analysis of social media accounts that seem to belong to David Anderson.]

And though the Dawada Maqabath Facebook pages appears to have been taken down, the Baryon Bloodborne Twitter page remains.

[Tweets from the Baryon Bloodborne Twitter account. In these tweets, he appears to be promoting a song referring to the Michael Brown shooting case. Screenshot from Twitter, December 2019.]

Like the ADL, NBC also noted that

In August, a user going by the Maqabath username on a video aggregation website posted a comment under a video from radio station Hot97 about Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man who was shot and killed by Baton Rouge police officers in 2016. The comment alluded to a well-known conspiracy theory alleging that Jewish people control the government and that police were carrying out an “agenda” as part of an ongoing war.

Similarly, the ADL documented Anderson’s alias Maqabath’s mentions of the same “synagogue of satan” claim also used by the Nation of Islam—the reference to Revelation 2:9  (which reads, “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”); his claims of the satanic synagogue’s supposed conspiracy to incite a Black identity crisis; and his transliterated Hebrew-language insults (which, though Anderson somewhat butchered the grammar, is clearly meant to mean, “You are not a Jew. No, you are born of incest. You’re a Gentile”).

There’s more. NBC pointed out that Anderson invoked the police shooting of Michael Brown:

On the music hosting platform SoundCloud, Anderson’s profile photo was a wanted poster of Darren Wilson, the white police officer who in 2014 shot and killed Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed black man in Ferguson, Missouri.

His Baryon Bloodborne Twitter profile showed the same image as it promoted a song about Brown.

The text digitally overlayed on Wilson’s face in Bloodborne’s graphic reads:


Possible Klan or secret police fraternity member after what may have been his initiation

We do not know if the Black Hebrew Israelite shooters Anderson and Graham directly subscribed to the Deadly Exchange propaganda.

What we do know is that the themes they struck of Jewish control of the police with reference to several high-profile domestic shootings, eerily echoed the rhetoric of Deadly Exchange. When anti-Zionists activists like JVP push these themes, they are playing a potentially deadly game.

Black Panthers, Farrakhan and the History of Anti-Jewish Hate Groups

The Deadly Exchange demonization of supposed Jewish control of the police also seeks to exploit decades-old antisemitic themes pushed by the Black Panthers, and Louis Farrakhan and his followers.

The Black Panther Party as Inspiration

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the leaders of the Black Panther Party—frequently described as “initially focused on police violence in black communities”—publicly castigated Israel, Zionism, and conflated the Jewish self-determination movement with American “imperialism”.

A 1970 JTA news bulletin included the American Jewish Committee’s condemnation of Black Panther Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver’s 1969 reported statement that “Zionists, wherever they may be are our enemies. We totally support the armed struggle of the Palestinian people against the watchdogs of imperialism.”

At an August 1970 press conference, Black Panther Party co-founder Huey Newton reportedly claimed,

Israel was created by Western imperialism and maintained by Western fire power. The Jewish people have a right to exist as long as they solely exist to down the reactionary expansionist Israeli government… I think that the United States has proved that [Zionism is “promoting nationalism”] because it used nationalism to rape the world and dominate everyone else. In other words [the United States] went from nationalism to the natural conclusion, and that is empire or imperialism. So the Jewish people must be very careful not to be an agent of imperialism.

And, in a 1971 New York Times Letter-to-the editor defending the Black Panther Party by Richard Frumess, for a group called Youth Against War and Fascism, Frumess wrote

Anyone who looks at the issue objectively understands why it is that the black people solidarize themselves with the struggle of the Palestintians [sic]. The same U.S. Government that seeks to crush the liberation movement of the Palestinians, openly seeks to destroy the Black Panther party and every militant organization of black people. The same guns that shoot down black people in the streets of Los Angeles, New York and Augusta, shoot down Arabs in Jordan, Syria and the Gaza Strip. And the same bayonets that hold off black people from the control of their own communities, hold off the Palestinian people from reclaiming their homeland.

Now, as Professor Miriam Elman explained in a June 2019 piece in Fathom magazine, Black Panther Party anti-Zionism has been recycled by contemporary anti-Semites:

Last February more than two dozen offensive posters were discovered plastered to the glass windows of the Granoff Family Hillel Center at Tufts University in Massachusetts. (Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life is a Jewish campus organisation represented at over 550 US colleges and universities.) The flyers reproduced 1960s anti-imperialist cartoons of pigs dressed up in military fatigues and police uniforms. But they also gave this Black Panther Party propaganda a new twist. Included on the posters was an all-caps text that called for a ‘Free Palestine’ and to ‘destroy Israeli apartheid forces and Amerikkkan pigs which fund it.’

…No one yet knows who is responsible for the disgusting posters. But it can’t be much of a coincidence that they appeared at the same time that a repugnant campaign known as Deadly Exchange, which links Israel to white supremacy and alleged US police brutality, is well underway nation-wide.

The Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan Bleed into Left-Wing Anti-Zionism

For years, Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam has worked to promote virulent strains of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism alike.

For example, during the early months of Jesse Jackson’s failed bid to win the 1984 presidential election, Louis Farrakhan himself frequently introduced Jackson at campaign rallies. And though Jackson severed ties with Farrakhan that very year over Farrakhan’s outbursts—wherein he charged that Israel’s creation was ”an outlaw act”, that Israel’s supporters are ”criminals in the sight of Almighty God’, and that Judaism is a ”gutter religion”—Jackson himself also came under fire for his remarks about Jews. A 1986 L.A. Times article recalled:

This time he had poked fun at Jews by calling them “Hymie” and New York City “Hymie-town,” and what he’d said had been quoted and condemned in the Washington Post. At first he had denied the remarks; then, turning street fighter, he had tried to put Jews on the defensive, accusing them of making him the target of a Jewish conspiracy to ruin his campaign.

More recently, as demonstrated by its representative shown in the Durham, NC video above, the Nation of Islam has continued to spread the “fake Jews” canard also favored by the Black Hebrew Israelite group, ICGJC. A 2018 report by Moment Magazine quoted Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan:

“You are not real Jews, those of you that are not real Jews,” Farrakhan said in a 1996 speech. “You are the synagogue of Satan, and you have wrapped your tentacles around the U.S. government, and you are deceiving and sending this nation to hell.”

…according to the SPLC, he has argued “that the ‘true’ Jews were black North Africans.” In 2010, Farrakhan gave a lecture titled “Who Are the Real Children of Israel?” Citing the biblical prophecy that Abraham’s children would be lost in a strange land, Farrakhan suggested that this actually describes black Americans: “Could it be that we are the people of promise?” he asked, according to a newspaper account of the speech. “Could it be that we are the people that should be expecting the visitation of God?”

Like that of the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Black Panther Party, Farrakhanist rhetoric seems to have made its way into far left, intersectional social justice circles. The most notable recent example, perhaps, is that of former Women’s March leaders Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, who were exposed for maintaining relationships with Farrakhan himself and refusing to condemn his virulent hatred for Jews.

We reported on the controversy in January 2019:

As the Women’s March bleeds supporters over the support of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, leaders Bob Bland and Tamika Mallory appeared on The View. Instead of condemning Farrakhan’s hatred of Jews, Mallory doubled down:

“I think it’s important to put my attendance, my presence at Savior’s Day — which is the highest holy day for the Nation of Islam — in proper context,” Mallory replied. “As a leader, as a black leader in a country that is still dealing with some very serious unresolved issues as it relates to the black experience in this country, I go into a lot of difficult spaces.”

…“I didn’t call him the greatest of all time because of his rhetoric, I called him the greatest of all time for what he’s done in black communities,” she replied, as The View‘s audience applauded.

That was not good enough for Meghan McCain as she recalled some of Farrakhan’s famous anti-Semitic rhetoric: “I’m not anti-Semite, I’m anti-termite” and “It’s the wicked Jews, the false Jews, that are promoting lesbianism.” McCain also mentioned the Tablet investigation that finally put in the face of everyone the anti-Semitic feelings of the Women’s March leaders, especially Mallory…

Never forget this passage from the Tablet investigation (emphasis mine):

At the end of January, according to multiple sources, there was an official debriefing at Mallory’s apartment. In attendance were Mallory, Evvie Harmon, Breanne Butler, Vanessa Wruble, Cassady Fendlay, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour. They should have been basking in the afterglow of their massive success, but—according to Harmon—the air was thick with conflict. “We sat in that room for hours,” Harmon told Tablet recently. “Tamika told us that the problem was that there were five white women in the room and only three women of color, and that she didn’t trust white women. Especially white women from the South. At that point, I kind of tuned out because I was so used to hearing this type of talk from Tamika. But then I noticed the energy in the room changed. I suddenly realized that Tamika and Carmen were facing Vanessa, who was sitting on a couch, and berating her—but it wasn’t about her being white. It was about her being Jewish. ‘Your people this, your people that.’ I was raised in the South and the language that was used is language that I’m very used to hearing in rural South Carolina. Just instead of against black people, against Jewish people. They even said to her ‘your people hold all the wealth.’ You could hear a pin drop. It was awful.”

Reached by Tablet, Wruble declined to comment on the incident. Multiple other sources confirm that soon after, Wruble was no longer affiliated with the Women’s March Inc.—as the nascent group was starting to be known.

Meanwhile, the Jewish Voice for Peace organizational partner (and an enthusiastic endorser of the Deadly Exchange campaign) American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) has spread the same “fake Jew” myth; multiple AMP officials have publicly repeated the previously debunked anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that modern Jews are not really Jews, but ethnic Russians, descended from “Khazars.” Accordingly, Jewish Voice for Peace itself has expressed enthusiastic approval of events where other anti-Israel self-identified human rights activists parrot the claim.

JVP almost certainly knows what it it doing by trying to tap into a decades-old vein of antisemitism in the black community. It is a cynical tactic that elevates stoking hatred for Israel above all else.

The Recent New York City Area Attacks

In New York, attacks on Jews by Blacks and Hispanics have surged, and not just in the past week. In a July 2019 piece in Tablet, journalist Armin Rosen described how:

The increase in the number of physical assaults against Orthodox Jews in New York City is a matter of empirical fact. Anti-Semitic hate crimes against persons, which describes nearly everything involving physical contact, jumped from 17 in 2017 to 33 in 2018, with the number for the first half of 2019 standing at 19, according to the NYPD’s hate crime unit. Jews are the most frequent targets of hate crimes in New York City, and have been for some time (although this number is somewhat skewed by the fact that swastikas, which are by far the city’s most common hate incident, are automatically categorized as an anti-Jewish hate crime).

…Indeed, these seemingly random incidents—just the first few days of May saw an unprovoked attack in Lefferts Park in which a woman tried to pull off her victim’s sheitel, two violent assaults on Hasidic men in Williamsburg, and a possible attempted vehicular attack in the same neighborhood—is part of a typhoon of violence that in other contexts might call for a Justice Department Civil Rights Division investigation. The fact that the victims are most often outwardly identifiable, i.e., religious rather than secularized Jews, and the perpetrators who have been recorded on CCTV cameras are overwhelmingly black and Hispanic, inverts the perpetrator-victim dynamics with which most national Jewish organizations and their supporters are comfortable.

The New York Post reported on attacks in Brooklyn:

Sometimes, nothing was said but there was a punch or slap out of nowhere. Other times, the assailant shouted a hateful slur that left no question of motive: “F- -k you, Jews!”

There have been eight attacks in the city so far this week, all during Hanukkah, that are being investigated as anti-Semitic hate crimes, police said on Friday — a spree of harassment and misdemeanor assaults that the NYPD chief of detectives called “alarming.”

All but one of the attacks happened in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn, including the most recent one, when a man barrelled into the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters on the Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights just before 7 a.m. Friday.

The man shouted that he was going to shoot the place up, then ran out toward the Utica Avenue subway station, police and witnesses say.

The NY Post continued:

The [most recent] spate of hate began at East 41st Street in Manhattan Monday morning, hours after the first night of Hanukkah.

Steven Jorge, 28, of Miami allegedly shouted, “F- -k you, Jew bastard!” as he punched and kicked a 65-year-old Jewish man who was wearing a yarmulke.

That night, in Williamsburg, two Jewish boys were attacked by two teens who punched the younger boy in the stomach.

Early Tuesday, a group of people hurled anti-Semitic slurs at a 25-year-old Jewish man outside 332 Kingston Ave. in Crown Heights.

Later Tuesday, a 56-year-old Jewish man was punched from behind by a group of people on Union Street in Crown Heights.

Early Wednesday, a 40-year-old Jewish man was punched in the chin by a stranger.

On Thursday afternoon, Ayana Logan, 42, identified as homeless by police, allegedly approached a 34-year-old woman and her 3-year-old son on Avenue U in Gravesend yelling, “You f- -king Jew, the end is coming for you!” and hit the mom with her bag.

Early Friday at Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue, Tiffany Harris, 30, of Flatbush allegedly slapped three women in the face and barked, “F- -k you, Jews!” The victims, ages 22, 26 and 31, were not seriously injured.

On Friday, New York City mayor Bill De Blasio said that the NYPD would be increasing its presence in areas of the city with large Jewish populations.

And of course, last night in Monsey, NY, about an hour north of New York City, Five People Stabbed During Hanukkah Celebration, Suspect Arrested. While the investigation into the perpetrator Grafton Thomas continues, the prosecutors have indicated he “has no ties to the home he entered and the individuals he attacked inside.”

AP reports on the attack:

The stabbings happened around 10 p.m. Saturday at the home of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg, located next door to his Congregation Netzach Yisroel synagogue. The large house on Forshay Road remained cordoned off with yellow crime-scene tape Sunday.

“The guy came in wielding a big knife, sword, machete — I don’t know what it was,” said Josef Gluck, who hit the assailant with a coffee table during the attack.

“He took it out of his holder, started swinging,” Gluck said.

Levy Kraus, 15, said he was outside the rabbi’s home when he saw a tall man enter with an object.

“He had something in his hand. It looked like an umbrella. It was covered,” Kraus said.

Later, he said he saw the man rushing out of the house and screaming at someone, “I’ll get you.”

Rabbi Motti Seligson, the media director of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, said witnesses told him that people fled the house and went to the synagogue where they locked themselves in. Rabbi Rottenberg led the service at the synagogue later, he said.

Weidel said a witness saw the suspect fleeing in a car and alerted police to the license plate number. Police entered that information into a database and used plate reader technology to track the vehicle to Manhattan, where Thomas was arrested.


Jewish Voice for Peace and its anti-Zionist allies may have thought they hit on a useful tactic in blaming Jews for policing in minority communities as a way to turn minority public opinion against Israel. But it’s a dangerous and potentially deadly game. It is a modern blood libel with the potential to incite antisemitism at a minimum, and violence in those who buy-into the conspiracy theories and have other axes to grind.

In this time when violence against Jews is spiking in the communities targeted by the Deadly Exchange campaign, it is time for people of conscience to speak out against the Deadly Exchange incitement.


Samantha Mandeles, Senior Researcher and Outreach Director at the Legal Insurrection Foundation, contributed to this post.


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Don’t think for a minute that the SJW views of the URJ doesn’t implicate them as well. I am a (conflicted) Reform Jew and from what I see of the propaganda coming fro the URJ in terms of talking points for sermons and the far left leanings of the Rabbis is troublesome. They (and the majority of the congregants) blindly follow the latest SJW movements, even if they are detrimental to Jews, Israel, and Freedom. I love the traditions of my religion and I despise the blind devotion to mainstream media, SJW trends and movements, and the far left. Oy gevalt! God forbid I should share LegalInsurrection and my own opinions with my daughter – it pains me to no end.

The Democrats and the MSM have been dividing this country for over 50 years. And while I can understand your focus on the Jewish community please acknowledge that attacks on Christians have been on the rise as well. Even today a shooting took place at a church in White Settlement, Texas.

While I offer my sympathy to the New York’s Jewish community, i also offer my condolences to the Texas Christian community.

Let’s stop focusing on the symptoms of the problem and start focusing on the vectors that spread the illness.

How many times has the MSM given a pass to the Democrats when they attack the Jewish, the Catholics, the Baptist and the Mormons.

While we all worship in different ways we all have the same right to do so. We need to come together respecting our differences and demand our elected representatives stand behind the freedom of religion. OR RESIGN.

    Milhouse in reply to Shadow5. | December 29, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    These are different phenomena. Antisemitism isn’t about religion, it’s about race. None of the attacks in NY have been over doctrinal differences. Nor have they been about events in the middle east.

      JusticeDelivered in reply to Milhouse. | December 29, 2019 at 7:56 pm

      I am deeply suspicious that most resentment of Jews is because they are much smarter and more successful than average. People with very high IQ generally have a very different outlook on life, one which average people are simply incapable of understanding.

      Shadow5 in reply to Milhouse. | December 29, 2019 at 8:20 pm

      I respectfully disagree. It is the same phenomenon. Divide and conquer. By pitting different segments of the population against one another those in power (or seeking power) become the ones the population turns to for solutions.

      And as the Jewish people know this is not the first time in history this tactic has been employed. Not against the Jewish nor the Christians.

      Your right that its not about doctrinal differences. It’s about power.

While in principle you’re of course completely correct, and this JVP campaign could very easily have deadly consequences, I don’t think it actually did contribute to the recent attacks in the NY area.

Black antisemitism has been endemic for decades, and isn’t related to Israel or zionism. It’s a combination of the good old-fashioned antisemitism that used to be common, and never died out among black people, and resentment of Jews who invest in real estate and try to get a fair return out of it in the face of landlord-hostile laws. The latter is combined nowadays with resentment of Jews who seek to live in black neighborhoods (most of which were actually Jewish neighborhoods before the blacks moved in).

The targets of the recent attacks, including the Jersey City and Monsey attacks, have been Jews who are anti-zionist for reasons of their own (which have nothing to do with sympathy for the so-called “Palestinians”), and don’t display any symbols that would trigger someone who hates Jews primarily as zionists rather than as Jews.

The Black Hebrews don’t hate Jews because of Israel; they hate Jews because we are usurpers who have stolen their identity as the true Jews. To them we’re millions of Rachel Dolezals, “trans-Jews”, the ultimate in cultural appropriators, and what we do in some obscure part of the middle east doesn’t concern them at all. After all, the true Holy Land is Africa.

So while JVP and INN and all their ilk need to sit down and shut up, and need to be expelled and ostracized from all civilized society, I don’t see their evil hands in these incidents.

    pst314 in reply to Milhouse. | December 30, 2019 at 7:22 am

    “i>The Black Hebrews don’t hate Jews because of Israel; they hate Jews because we are usurpers who have stolen their identity as the true Jews.”

    Heh. That reminds me of something I read long ago in Ambrose Bierce’s “The Devil’s Dictionary” to the effect that Freemasonry was invented in the 17th Century after which its origin moved back in time by several thousand years.

    pst314 in reply to Milhouse. | December 30, 2019 at 7:23 am

    “Black antisemitism has been endemic for decades”

    Agreed. But exactly how common is it? Can you point me to good statistics on this? Not only for the current situation but for past decades?

“They (and the majority of the congregants) blindly follow the latest SJW movements, even if they are detrimental to Jews,”
Nothing new…When I was in college in the 1960s, Jewish students were heavily involved in the Civil Rights Movement and activism. I think it was the Hillel Society that invited one of the Radical Black activists, (Newton ? Rap Brown ?, etc. can’t remember) to give a talk which was held in a large venue. The “talk” turned out to be an hour and a half Jew hating rant, ie. Jews responsible for all of the ills and economic exploitation in the Black community, etc. It was interesting watching students turning themselves in knots trying to rationalize the “Jew hate”.

I don’t know where to start. So maybe I won’t.

Suffice it to say that the officers I work with on a daily basis are among the nicest, most honorable people I’ve ever come across. I’ve yet to meet an officer I don’t like.

In a country of some 320 million people the number of officer-involved shootings is a statistically tiny number. As I remember, it’s either 98% or 99% of officers never once in their career end up ever once using their firearm on duty.

To think there is a crisis of out of control cops is pure, evil fantasy. I see them take verbal abuse and hostility every single day.

Many people seem to get off on being rude to officers. I asked one of the officers who I am closest to, whose parents met in the 1950s at my high school, if he’d recommend becoming a police officer to a young man these days. His answer was a definite no.

They’re no longer expected to be enforcers of the law, but also social workers, shrinks, pro-bono lawyers, etc.

As relates to this post, it makes me think back a couple of years to one of my favorite sergeants talking to two new officers by my desk. He was telling them what to expect at some terrorism training they were going to attend in another state and it was funny to me how they seemed happy when he told them their rental car would be provided and other such things. They seemed truly excited.

One of the young officers was a Jew from New York. His partner was a Muslim from Morocco.

I’m sure they’re in on this nefarious plot against minority communities. Hardy har har, sarc, sarc, sarc.

The aforementioned sergeant looks Asian but his last name ends in berg. I asked him if he was Jewish. He said his father was a 6’3″ Norwegian and his mother a 4’11” Thai woman. His cousin represented Thailand in the Miss Universe pageant and won the Miss Universe crown (as I remember, one year in the 1980s or 1990s).

You meet some fascinating people here.

And … they don’t have any free time to all join in on some crazy conspiratorial plot. Believe me.

JusticeDelivered | December 29, 2019 at 7:48 pm

It really is time for Jews to reevaluate their support of black causes.

I do not think that blacks should be discriminated against, I also do not think that blacks should get away with their KKK like violation of other people’s civil rights.

I want to see blacks succeed on merit, I know a handful who have. I also know far more who clearly did not earn their degrees, who are scheming posiers.

For the good of society, and the good of blacks who actually earn their way, affirmative action needs to end.

George Zimmerman’s recent civil lawsuit is a good first step, we still need criminal prosecution of blacks KKK like conspiracy.

Beyond that, somehow we need to force changes in black parenting and their culture. Their children deserve a decent chance to achieve their potential, whatever it may be. They need to take responsibility for helping their children achieve, and and for when they fail.

There is no acceptable excuse for over a seven fold crime rate and for police being murdered by blacks eighteen fold higher rate than the average.

    “Liberal” black causes, in any event.

    There are black conservatives who I’d rather my children marry than one of the poor excuss for adults that are most white children coming out of colleges.

    Read the list of black conservatives – there are a LOT of people on it:

    Blacks stuck in ghetto culture are still slaves. Whites sticking themselves in ghetto culture will vote themselves into slavery.

    Just as liberal Jews are more of an existential threat to Judiasm than any Jew-haters, blacks towing the democrat line – be it by ignorance (the le bron james types) or by corruption (the obama types) or both (the maxine waters types), or the true monster types (the michelle obamas) are a greater threat to black freedom than any other force. (Again: American elected that bozo obama – TWICE.)

    Historically, Jews have been the black populations’ best friends. But, liberalism kills, so here we are today.

This misdiagnoses things and is likely to make things worse. This is a bit of a rambling rant, but there are so many issues involved, and I don’t think I can coherently cover them in a comment (or it would be stale before I could organize everything). So with that…

Israel is an ethno-Nationalist country, and terrorism comes from Palestinians, or Arabs, or Muslims. Profiling is a rational policy. How many Jews are in Israeli prisons for terrorism? How many Asians?

We are a multicultural country.

Also there is enough bad training teaching police that they are targets and living in a Stephen King novel where everyone and everything is trying to kill them (this is NOT Israeli training but shows the problem)

You never explained why we have to outsource terrorist training to Israel. Maybe customer support works by outsourcing to India, but I’d rather keep things in country with an English idea of rights, the Constitution, and rule of Law, and with an appreciation for coexisting cultures and ethnicities.

A refining fire separating dross from gold is the opposite of a melting pot.

It starts with the simple thought that Israel shouldn’t be training our city police or county deputies. Our ideal is the English Bobby, not the IDF sniper. Israel is heavily stressed and you can argue they are REQUIRED to respond harshly. That isn’t true here in the USA. Again, I’d like to learn how Israel is training our police to remain the friendly “English Bobby” while learning to combat terrorism.

Instead, Israeli training seems to be making the EXISTING idea of “be paranoid, don’t hesitate or you will be dead!” training to the next level. I think if you care you should oppose turning Officer Friendly into an imperial storm trooper – whether it is done here or in Israel. Can we agree on that?

Even worse, I see the 70% of US Jews who voted for Obama twice, and then Clinton as favoring tyrannical gun control. Red flag laws (send in the SWAT team to confiscate them!).

In New York state, with the gun control laws, everyone is a sitting duck. Ronald Reagan as CA governor passed gun control because blacks brought weapons into the capitol building.

I’m on JPFO’s side – but I’m in the reddest of red states. I would feel safer if every Jew in the USA was a well trained gun owner and carried everywhere. It would help because they would know there would be no reason to fear others, and I wouldn’t fear them. Wolves might battle but they almost never kill each other. Don’t be a defenseless sheep. A Sheepdog is the best compromise.

In Texas, there was a church shooting – not a Machete, but someone was carrying and killed the killer before he could kill more than two people.

In the book of Esther, there was the evil law, but Cyrus’ second order allowed the Jews to arm themselves, so they coudl defend themselves and survived.

Is Israel training the police to advocate that everyone who might be a victim be armed? I think Israel passed a law encoruaging carrying weapons after terrorism and it all but stopped just afterward. Shooting back is the best option.

And when seconds count, police are minutes away.

There are excellent abstract arguments. There are wonderful ideas of good and justice. But in the night when the door is broken down, nothing replaces the equality Sam Colt granted to mankind.

Is the problem that one black man had a machete, or that zero Jews had guns or even some other means to defend themselves.

God gave you your body, mind, and soul, and the technology to defend yourself. But you must have the will to do so and the intellect to take up arms in even potential defense instead of rationalizing why only police should have them.

    Milhouse in reply to tz. | December 30, 2019 at 12:01 am

    You never explained why we have to outsource terrorist training to Israel. Maybe customer support works by outsourcing to India, but I’d rather keep things in country with an English idea of rights, the Constitution, and rule of Law, and with an appreciation for coexisting cultures and ethnicities.

    Israel has all of that.

    It starts with the simple thought that Israel shouldn’t be training our city police or county deputies. Our ideal is the English Bobby, not the IDF sniper […]Israeli training seems to be making the EXISTING idea of “be paranoid, don’t hesitate or you will be dead!” training to the next level.

    Where on earth are you getting these ideas? They don’t correspond to reality at all.

The nut should have never got through the door dressed in muslim garb. there should have been an double doored entry way both lockable to screen strangers plus armed personnel inside the house.

    No need for double doors: Just need a .40 caliber on the hip of a doorman.

    Jewish institutions will soon get the message.

    Milhouse in reply to dunce1239. | December 30, 2019 at 9:56 am

    He wasn’t dressed in Moslem garb, and it was a private home in what’s been a pretty safe area, not in the City. The door was open because the public had been invited to watch the rabbi light the menorah; he’s got a following of about 200 people who would be interested in that sort of thing. Nobody was expecting anything.

JackinSilverSpring | December 29, 2019 at 8:53 pm

It is time for Jews to start arming themselves, even in gun unfriendly places. When seconds count the police are minutes away, and that is the problem. What do you do until they get there if you are unarmed?

A large percentage of black Americans who have not succeeded in present day society absolutely hate whites and Jews. This is where the solution must start.

    Yes, it is the solution as we see it, but it is destruction of the left’s favorite tool of terror as the left would see it.

    If we get the hate out of the black ghettos and black pop culture, who is going to do the left’s rioting? Who is going to pay al shaprton’s lifestyle? Who is going to buy racist pig michelle obama’s ghostwritten books?

    We’ve been at war for black hearts and minds with one hand tied behind our back for decades (indulging the boehners, mccains and the like).

    There are A LOT of blacks who see it our way. Hear it from the source:

I think conditioning blacks to hate Jews is part of an overall plan to make them more receptive to conversion to Islam. You already see blacks giving their children Arabic names, even if they aren’t Muslim.

    Milhouse in reply to randian. | December 30, 2019 at 12:04 am

    No conditioning is necessary. Surveys going back decades have shown that antisemitism among blacks is significantly higher than in the general population, and it’s been shrinking steadily in the general population but not among blacks.

Has anyone here been to Monsey NY? I live 5 miles away. Let’s be clear, the Zionists don’t need any help turning people against them. Even illegal aliens that live in their proximity despise the Hassids. (Yes, the Hassids have devastated property values wherever they go and become no go zones for non Jews). You may also see this wherever the Hassidim go. They are not Americans because their “God” doesn’t allow them.

    Milhouse in reply to Mark. | December 30, 2019 at 10:01 am

    Devastate? You mean raise significantly. Wherever they establish a colony more of them want to move them, so property values go up, and if you don’t like living near them you can sell at a profit and move away. Or you can stay and adapt to the new environment; it’s your choice. In America there is no such thing as a right to keep your environment static.

    And they’re anti-zionists, so your throwing that in proves your real motive — good old fashioned antisemitism.

    RRRR in reply to Mark. | December 30, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    Mark, I cannot comment on property values in Rockland County, though I do hear that the only neighborhoods where the cap on deducting state & local property taxes seems not to have had any depressing effect on home prices are those within waking distance of Orthodox synagogues. Your use of the term “no go zone” — which properly refers to dangerous and chaotic places where even police fear to tread — is completely misplaced. You may not want to go into or through in a neighborhood that has more synagogues (all Orthodox) than churches, where the people are dressed in ways that you consider odd, where everyone walks rather than rides on Saturday and where the loudest noise comes from dozens or hundreds of children playing. That’s your choice, but what is not your choice is to keep others out or to keep them from concentrating where they choose, nor is it appropriate to use inflammatory rhetoric.

First point, I am not Jewish. My experience and knowledge is limited to a few religion courses is college, a few non practicing Jewish acquaintances and my own mildly religious Christian upbringing and lived experience. So other than broad strokes I know Jack and squat on this topic.

In contrast to northern cities the south didn’t historically have ethnic enclave other than by segregation. You were classified as ‘black’ or ‘white’. So maybe that explains the easier acceptance of Jews in the south? It really wasn’t a big deal that you had a Jewish family in the neighborhood, at least from my observation.

So all that said, we as a nation need to take a long hard look at ourselves. Our founding documents and principles were and are aspirational, we fell short for a long time and it took a civil war to correct the evil of slavery. We continue to fall short when we don’t hold individuals to account for their expressions of hatred and intolerance from a societal standpoint. Obviously everyone has the right to express their hatred, but society is under no obligation to refrain from making them a pariah.

Perhaps a good first step is to look at the oath of citizenship, ….renounce allegiances to foreign princes …., and as a society use that to determine our own behavior. IMO, the whole point of the U.S. is to leave behind all these sectarian and cultural differences to take advantage of the opportunities presented here and really no where else.

What the disciples of Farrakhan and his ilk profess is in my view old fashioned hatred of the ‘other’ which the Jewish people have faced historically as an easy target. The treatment of Jews within a nation/society has always been the canary in the mine, foreshadowing larger unrest.

All of us would do well to remember that and act accordingly. If that means that members/adherents of certain belief systems are therefore incompatible with either inclusion into the U.S. society via immigration, so be it. Those radicals already here should, IMO, be shunned and ostracized not rewarded with media contracts.