Legal Insurrection is 11-years-old today.

Our first post was October 12, 2008, Obama is Door No. 2. You can read about the history of the website, why and how it was started, and how it has evolved, in our prior Blog Anniversary posts.

My thanks to the readers for staying with us, and to our editors and authors for continuing to push the boulder up the hill.

These blog anniversary posts give me a chance to reflect a bit.

The big news this year for us was the launch of our research and investigation Legal Insurrection Foundation:

Someone once described us as “disrupters,” a characterization I hadn’t thought of before that. It is this spirit of disruption and impact that will drive the Foundation.

It would be very easy to be down about the current state of politics. I remain amazed at the energy and relentless antagonism of the Resistance. There is never a moment’s rest and never control extensive enough to satisfy them. We are three years into the Trump presidency, and they are still contesting the 2016 election more ferociously than ever.

There was no equivalent opposition to Obama—Obama was intensely opposed for his personality, his policies, and his background. But I don’t recall any meaningful attempt to deprive him of his electoral victories after the fact. We are up against anti-Constitutional forces, not mere political opposition. If they regain power, they will scour the landscape for survivors to eliminate. If that’s not motivation for you, I don’t know what will be.

Yet the resilience of the non-political class gives me hope:

Yes, I still have hope, but it’s hard. When the weight of the media, entertainment and educational industries is so hostile to non-liberals, and when it combines with the power of the state, it’s tough. It seems overwhelming at times. It’s emotionally and physically draining. And it’s been going on for several decades. Yet I still have hope despite that overwhelming disadvantage.

It’s almost unimaginable that after this decades-long onslaught, Republicans nonetheless control the Senate and the presidency, and most state legislatures.  How can that possibly be, it’s seemingly impossible. The American people are resilient, and that gives me hope.

That’s one of the reasons we’re hitting the road with speeches and events around the country. To build, and rebuild, our connections with readers and potential readers away from social media and the political class.

I remain inspired by a line from an unlikely source:

Community within our Nation, chaos in theirs; that is the message of SURVIVE!

So in the coming year, we’re focused on building community in our house and causing chaos in theirs.

Sound like a plan?


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