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Standardized Social Justice Week in Higher Education

Standardized Social Justice Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

A strange thing is being done to the SAT test.

This is also happening.

Is it any wonder why the ship is sinking?

Hampshire College is perfect example.

Gibson’s Bakery vs. Oberlin updates:

Warren can’t save higher ed.

We used to call this segregation.

Defying the narrative.

You don’t say.


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America’s colleges and universities are truly screwed up, including several hundred so-called Catholic colleges and universities where progressive politics and political correctness override Catholic values. I have degrees from two Catholic universities (Detroit and Dayton). I sent my children to a traditional Catholic high school, but when it came time for college Catholic schools weren’t even considered.

I suspect the leftward social-justice tilt by colleges is more a result of enrollment reduction rather than a cause. By proclaiming social justice, in a Dem administration they could demand resources and an expansion of their mission. They are very much in favor of financial aid going to illegal aliens and anyone else who might otherwise not show up to receive their services.

Of course this isn’t the only or even the main reason for their leftward politics. The main reason is the very leftist orientation of faculty and other permanent employees (administration). But the reasons go together, and even in good markets for education, it was to their advantage to broaden their footprint into the areas of social justice and equity, where always “there is more work to do”.

My daughter started college at 15 under a special program for gifted kids. She finished 2 years at a State College earning 80 college credits and graduated from her home HS as Salutatorian.

She was a big time STEM kid but also studied French and Spanish for several years and mentored Elementary School kids in the community.

Her GPA was way above 4.5.

She got 4.0 in Calc 1 through 4.

I drove her a hundred miles in one direction or another to interview with people from Dartmouth, Vanderbilt and Stanford.

She felt that the interviews went well but she never got a call back from any of them.

She was just the Wrong Color, I guess.