Hampshire College is currently fighting for its life but that hasn’t caused them to rethink their left wing politics.

Mass Live reports:

Hampshire College commencement speaker rails against ‘white-supremacist capitalism’

Ericka Hart – a social justice practitioner, sexuality educator, descendant of slaves and cancer survivor – delivered Saturday’s keynote commencement address at Hampshire College.

Hart recounted her own experience after graduating college, describing myriad instances of discrimination, sexism and racism – and one of her first jobs working on a luxury liner, when her boss said she must salute the ship’s captain whenever she encounters him on the boat.

She refused, and thus extended a journey already begun in search of individual, and social, and economic, justice – imploring the graduates to say what needs to be said, to whoever, in the moment.

“What the hell am I going to do next,” Hart said, recalling the stress she felt right after graduation – formulating that discomfort as “a capitalist induced anxiety.”

Hart began her speech saying: “I want to recognize the black people that have been pushed out of Amherst.”

She referred to New York City – where she works as a sex educator for Kindergarten through 5th grade students – as “the most segregated school system.”

Hart told the graduating class that “white-supremacist capitalism expects you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps” and that “educational institutions” will do many things “to claim credit for your success.”