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Journalist Andy Ngo Documents Many Hoaxes Amplified by Democrats, MSM

Journalist Andy Ngo Documents Many Hoaxes Amplified by Democrats, MSM

The MSM wonders why they’re hated.

In light of the Jussie Smollett alleged hate crime hoax in Chicago, journalist Andy Ngo took to Twitter to remind the rest of the journalism world just how many of these hoaxes have occurred since President Donald Trump took office.

Professor Jacobson wrote about how the media has resorted to using the same script against MAGA as they did to the Tea Party back in 2008. No matter the facts, one just has to scream TRUMP or MAGA and the media jumps all over it. When facts come out, the media either doubles down or tries to find a way to spin it to push their narrative that everyone on the right is a racist.

The stories that Ngo tweeted about disappeared into the background once the truth came out. If it does match the narrative the MSM wants to portray, they simply bury it on the back pages.

You can also check out Ngo’s thread of reactions from the left and media over Smollett’s alleged hate crime hoax, which proves that they don’t care about facts. It’s all about the narrative, baby.

Here are the stories Ngo documented on Twitter:


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | February 18, 2019 at 2:07 pm


“I can’t believe it’s not real Democrat Racism!”

    From its inception, CAIR has been a shady operation. CAIR was founded by three IAP operatives, knowledgeable people and organizations allege that IAP is a fundraising front for Hamas. Steve Emerson is a good source of information about CAIR, he was behind “Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America”, which predicted an attack like 9-11. I had some interaction with Emerson many years ago, he is pretty smart.

      You know who else is a good source of information? Federal district court judge Jorge Solis.

      “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been connected to the terrorist organization Hamas, a federal judge said in a July 2009 ruling unsealed last week.

      ‘The government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, NAIT, with NAIT, the Islamic Association for Palestine, and with Hamas,’ U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Solis said in the July 1, 2009, ruling…”

I am glad to see this Twitter thread getting the attention it deserves. I wonder how long before Andy Ngo gets banned for the crime of being effective in countering the Sacred Narrative.

    Facebook and Instagram have already done it. It’s now illegal to call this obvious liar a liar. Meanwhile, on the same night a Jew in NYC was beaten nearly to death by a gang of black teens. Have you heard about it? Of course not; it doesn’t fit the sacred narrative.

Something from Andy’s “Things you should know” podcast I thought some here might enjoy

Things You Should Ngo: The Swedish Jordan Peterson? feat. Göran Adamson

My unanswered questions:

1. Did Kamala Harris conspire with Jussie Smolletts or was her recent introduction of an anti-lynching bill just coincidental?

2. Was Kamala Harris’ phone number one of the numbers that Smolletts removed from his call log?

I’m suprised how many people confessed to their hoax crimes. I wonder if police are exchanging confessions for promises of non-prosecution?

Likewise the media implying that antisemitism is a core belief among conservatives as it in fact runs rampant thru the Democratic Party and the MSM.

The moral of the story is that fame and infamy are “=”, and democratically, fiscally, and journolistically favorable for select causes.

one other salient point these bring fwd is….comparatively few charges filed against the people who made false reports.

Each one of these “incidents” should be made into a commercial and shown nationally. Expose these bottom-feeding mouth-breathers for what they are.

The whole hate crime issue has been a very shiny object for a lot of people. The temptation to be a victim is too much for a lot of these people to resist. Instant media attention, the munchausen by proxy crowd rushing to their defense, possible visits by prominent race activists… this article is pretty spot on. Penalties for this kind of hoax need to be at least as severe as the underlying crime. For example if spray painting a hate symbol on a church is charged at 3 years confinement, committing the same act to illicit victim status needs to have the same exposure.

The majority are black or Muslim… just saying the obvious

The bottom line is that there are no MAGA hat wearers who have done these things. Just like the TEA Party people were vilified as “Brown Shirts”, Trump supporters are being made to look like the evil ones when it really is the left! But with the msm in on it, we will not see any fair reporting.

Smollett will take the rap and avoid implicatinh Harris, in exchange fir no jail time.

There are dozens (hundreds?) more. I remember an incident at a Tennessee University where blacks were placing mini-nooses in trees.

legacyrepublican | February 18, 2019 at 4:37 pm

What I don’t get is why we can’t take this up with the FEC. The reason that Hannity, Levin, and Limbaugh are exempt is that they announce their bias and tell us they aren’t news.

But, in the case of the MSM, who claims to be the news and unbiased, we get real election fraud being ignored, biased reporting clearly acting as campaign contributions, and opinions instead of fact when it comes to reporting.

This is in kind campaigning that is unreported and needs to be addressed by the FEC.

    This is in kind campaigning that is unreported and needs to be addressed by the FEC.

    There is no requirement to report campaigning.

    Hannity, Levin, and Limbaugh are not exempt from anything. Anything they contribute to a candidate’s campaign, whether in cash or in kind, is subject to the same requirements as any other contribution. But they don’t do that. Supporting a candidate is not a contribution to his campaign, so it’s none of the FEC’s business.

Another one that stuck with me was the 2 young white men from Babson College who drove around Wellesley College (the schools are both in Wellesley) with a Trump flag on election night to celebrate Trump’s victory and taunt the women of Wellesley. What they did was a bit silly but within 24 hours reports were coming out of Wellesley that the men had targeting minorities, called women disparaging names and waved a confederate flag.

It was all made up but the consequences were severe. The men were suspended from campus and kicked out of their fraternities. Within 48 hours every single member of the Babson save one had signed a letter condemning the men without any sort of hearing of the facts. This proved to be a real problem when it came time for their disciplinary hearing as there were no members of the faculty who could sit on the panel since they had all signed the letter.

In the end the men were cleared of any wrong doing but their names were dragged through the mud for months. As for the women who lied… there were no consequences whatsoever.

here is some coverage of the incident from Forbes.

You may not know that these hoaxes have also crossed the norther border. There have been at least three in Canada blamed on “the atmosphere of hate” caused by President Trump.

If not for our fearless media firefighters dousing the flames with streams of gasoline, I shudder to think how this story might have died a silent, neglected death. All alone.

    DaveGinOly in reply to LukeHandCool. | February 18, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    It gets even better.

    A story is developing today that the current Jussie Smollett hoax may have been just the latest. Apparently, he received, on-set, a “racist” message via snail mail (including the now ubiquitous “white powder” that turned out to be aspirin, and that the “MAGA attack” was staged because Smollett didn’t feel that the “racist” letter had received enough attention. Naturally, the police are looking through materials seized from the Nigerian brothers that may link them to the letter too!

    Between this and the Green New Deal, I’ve run out of popcorn.

A core operational philosophy of the left is that the ends justifies the means. Lies are justified because their “intentions” are “good” in their own eyes.

The “ends justifies the means” has been an excuse employed by scum since the beginning of history so they are guilty of no evil in their own minds.

Shame will not effect them as they have no shame because of their good intentions towards “good” ends. We have only one option: They must be defeated.

Was kamala a part of the hoax?

1. Let me do a quick thread about this Jussie Smollett hoax. Because we need to ask questions about who else was involved in this hoax. I have always been critical of the deceptive tactics of the white LGBT community. Now as we know, Jussie has campaigned with Kamala Harris

2. Kamala Harris was one of the people who authored the Anti Lynching Bill. Remember, these people below are funded by certain groups with certain agendas that has nothing to do with helping ADOS. That’s why whenever we bring up a Black agenda, Kamala & Cory changes the subject

5 more tweets from him, click the link

Wow. There have been so many you just forget them after awhile.

Perhaps it would be quicker, easier, and shorter to print all the verified instances of MAGA hatred towards minorities.

A comprehensive list below. Feel free to add to it:


I’m a little bit curious if Gary Martin’s murderous rampage in Aurora, IL wasn’t a slight bit encouraged by this sort of media attention.

“…’Smollett has exactly the kind of skills we look for at our fine organization,’ said CNN correspondent Brian Stelter. ‘He picked a narrative, made up all the relevant facts and details, and stuck with his story in spite of glaring holes in the plot. It’s hard to find people who understand our core values here at CNN, but Smollett seems to be just the guy for us.’

The actor has accepted the offer and is now undergoing training to learn how to weave even more intricate narratives ex nihilo, according to insiders.”

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has now recused herself from the smollet case. smollet was an activist who rubbed shoulders with lawmakers, politicians and other influential people. His lates cause was this anti-lynching legislation, but his real passion was anything to destroy President Donald J. Trump and his supporters. I will bet a steak dinner smollet and Foxx had corresponded with each other. If they had, via email, text etc., that could trigger a recusal, but I’m thinking the content of the correspondence is the real reason (think Trump Derangement Syndrome). My guess is this case is going to destroy a few more people close to smollet before it’s all over.