Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has earned national mockery due to his obsession with Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook entries, particularly a fart joke entry. Even Saturday Night Live made fun of him.

One of Whitehouse’s pet theories, that the “Devil’s Triangle” reference in Kavanaugh’s yearbook entry related to sex acts, not a drinking game, just took a big hit, Kavanaugh classmates back him up, ‘Devil’s Triangle’ was a drinking game at their High School.

Whitehouse’s theory that “boofing” refers to a sex act not farting, is likely to meet a similar fate.

Whitehouse also pushed a demonstrably false theory about a July 1, 1982 party mentioned in Kavanaugh’s calendar.

Whitehouse also generated negative media when it was disclosed that Whitehouse referred a constituent making accusations that Kavanaugh was involved in a 1985 sexual assault to a reporter at the same time as Whitehouse referred the matter for investigation to the FBI and Judiciary Committee. That accusation was later recanted, and the constituent has been referred by the Judiciary Committee to the Department of Justice for investigation and possible prosecution.

Whitehouse’s performance as to the yearbook and referral of the accuser to a reporter has generated a lot of negative local media coverage, particularly on local talk radio.

Whitehouse is up for reelection this year, and on paper it should be an easy race for him. But I’ve always believed that he was vulnerable if things fell into place for his Republican challenger, former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders.

I wrote about Whitehouse’s vulnerability in August, RI Senate Race could be the big surprise of 2018.

The Kavanaugh hearings could be the big break that Flanders needed.

As previously posted, in an email, Flanders’ campaign manager Richard Kirby said donations and calls were flooding in from around the country:

The Campaign has seen a big increase in not only contributions at various levels from all over the country, but also a never ending parade of telephone calls and emails condemning Sheldon Whitehouse for his extreme partisanship. Not to mention his rude condescending manner to Judge Kavanaugh. Contributions have been coming in from places such as Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Nebraska even liberal California!

Flanders just released a new commercial attacking Whitehouse:

Local radio host John DePetro reports, Flanders gaining on Sheldon Whitehouse as Rhode Island U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs:

Here comes Bob Flanders. The Rhode Island U.S. Senate race has heated up as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has watched his poll numbers collapse in the aftermath of his embarrassing performance questioning Brett Kavanaugh.

The Flanders campaign has gone into full gear as the race has moved into a single digit lead for Whitehouse. A poll last month by WPRI had Sheldon at 54% and Flanders at 35%, however the numbers have changed. Democrat sources say new internal numbers show Sheldon Whitehouse at 47% and Flanders at 40%, with 13% undecided. Whitehouse has watched his numbers with Independent voters collapse and his numbers with men have fallen significantly.

I heard the same thing, that Whitehouse’s internal polling showed him ahead by high single digits. I repeatedly emailed Whitehouse’s campaign manager for comment, but never received a response.

This is a longshot opportunity for Republicans in an unexpected place. Whitehouse’s performance is an unusually vivid embarrassment to a state which is used to embarrassing politicians.

Whitehouse has a huge bankroll, but money can’t buy credibility. Being mocked and the butt of jokes is perhaps the cruelest cut for a politician.

Will national Republicans and the grassroots come to Flanders assistance, and maybe pull off what would be the biggest surprise of 2018?


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