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Kavanaugh classmates back him up, ‘Devil’s Triangle’ was a drinking game at their High School

Kavanaugh classmates back him up, ‘Devil’s Triangle’ was a drinking game at their High School

Sheldon Whitehouse hardest hit

Kavanaugh was interrogated by Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats over notes written in his high school yearbook. Among those notes was a reference to ‘Devil’s Triangle’, which Kavanaugh claimed was a drinking game.

Sen. Sheldon White house spent his five minutes of time questioning Brett Kavanaugh about farts and brought up the ‘Devil’s Triangle.’ The questioning sparked an entire Boof Truther movement and many a discussion about whether the Devil’s Triangle is actually a drinking game or something far more nefarious.

Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee released letters written by Kavanaugh’s classmates detailing the truth behind Devil’s Triangle. And you would know, it IS a drinking game. Or at least it was for them 36+ years ago.

Me, right now, basically:

(But also laughing.)


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The FBI has to investigate a thirty-five year old drinking game? We have reached a new low.


Further proof that Sheldon is, indeed, a Doofus!


legacyrepublican | October 4, 2018 at 5:02 pm

The left says there was it was 200 proof all the time. The right says there was the occasional 9 proof.

The hearings have revealed that from high school on, there is zero proof Kavanaugh has done anything wrong or to be ashamed of in his daily life. Which translates to him being proofed to be sober as a judge.

And that is kind judicial temperance we want and need on the supreme court.

Vote yes on Kavanaugh!

Upon the confirmation vote making Kavanaugh a Supreme, I will throw a party with beer and quarters and tables. We will play Devil’s Triangle until someone pukes. At which point I will suggest that we all run bare arsed through the streets, celebrating and being generally rowdy. Since I am over 70, I will be home in bed by 8:00 pm.

Wow, that was some game-changing stuff Whitehouse was onto. /eyeroll

When I was an undergraduate in the late 80s and early 90s I remember distinctively using the term “boof” to mean farting. In fact, between my junior and senior summer I remained at school and we use the term incessantly. I know this sound coincidental but one of my good friends that summer, who happened to be a fraternity brother of mine, was from Gaithersburg, MD and I think he was the one who popularized it that summer.

Do y’all remember that survey that you could take that asked about which words you use to describe certain things, such as soda vs pop? It shows up in emails every now and then.

So, why is it such a mystery for some elites to realize that other people have different terms for things and that these terms will evolve over time as well as countries.

Way back in the 80’s-90’s, I was in a job that I went out drinking and dining with clients and fellow employees. I learned to ask for a vodka & tonic for the first drink and then told the waitress to bring tonic for any rounds that I did not raise my hand and ask specifically for vodka. I tipped them well for the assistance and they understood that I didn’t want to get wasted. But, I also played along with my fellow drinkers who were amazed that I could hold my liquor so well, “for a girl”.

I’m sure that some of my colleagues would say that I drank excessively.

Ooops, never mind.

Hahahahaha, what a buffoon, what a maroon, what a mental case. But he, being Sheldon Whitehouse, is so smert, smerter than anyone, so he knew, just knew it was sexual.

Why are the leftists so hung up on sex? It colors absolutely everything for them, like an obsession, and like a weapon.

They really are perverts at heart and thus should never again be given power.

    Miles in reply to oldgoat36. | October 4, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    “Why are the leftists so hung up on sex?”

    Because they’re projecting their own socio/psychopathic sex drives.
    They are like that (see Kennedy’s, Clinton, Franken, Ellison, Booker et al.) so they figure everyone else is as well.

This is so idiotic that we shouldn’t even be discussing it. Manchin put it best today. He will be looking at the Judge from age 22 to now and that’s all.

Oh, now there is a “former Yale Roommate” that Slate is trying to push that the left is getting breathless over. He claims that Kavanaugh lied about his drinking and his yearbook entries.

Ok, first Kavanaugh never denied that sometimes he drank to much, in fact he said so flat out. Secondly, how does his College Freshman roommate know anything about what was meant in his yearbook when the guy didn’t even go to the same High School?

Oh yea the “roommate” is also a leftist gay activist who claims he is trustworthy because his parents are republican and own a MAGA hat.