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Mia Love in tough reelection fight (#UT04)

Mia Love in tough reelection fight (#UT04)

We were there at the start of Mia Love’s political career. Hopefully this will not be the end of it.

We were the first website to pick up on the star potential of Ludmya “Mia” B. Love.

I remember calling her on her cell phone in early January 2012, before she received any national attention and before anyone thought she had a chance of winning the Republican nomination in Utah’s 4th congressional district.

I later explained:

I remember calling her when her campaign was in its infancy, and she actually picked up her cell phone and gave me an interview as she was in the car driving to an event.  She seemed so happy that someone, anyone, was calling with interest in her candidacy.

Back then, when I Googled her name for background, there were so few mentions of her that most of the search results went to — well, you can imagine with a name like “Mia B. Love” that some of the search hits were not about her and NSFW.

I wrote about her candidacy, Mia B. Love – A conservative political star rises in … Utah:

If you haven’t heard of Ludmya “Mia” B. Love before, you will be hearing a lot more about her. Mia has the potential to be the next big thing in conservative politics. And you heard about her here first!

Mia is the American-born daughter of Haitian immigrants, mother of three children, served on the PTA, city council and now is Mayor of Sarotoga Springs, Utah.  She is an avid runner and shooter, and I’m sure the readers will love this tidbit:

She has a concealed carry permit and often packs a gun. Her husband introduced her to shooting on their first date. His first gift to her was a rifle.

… I reached out to Mia recently and she was kind enough to call me. We had a great discussion. Mia is pro-life, pro-Tea Party, pro-Israel, and pro-2nd Amendment. (In case you were wondering, the rifle her husband gave her as a first gift was a Marlin .22 caliber with a stainless steel barrel and scope, and she packs a Glock 26 9 mm.)

That post spread pretty far and wide, and helped introduce her to the then vibrant conservative blogosphere and media.

This was her first campaign ad:

Love had a very positive message:

She unexpectedly won the Republican nomination, and was part of our Operation Counterwight. But Love lost in the general election by a few hundred votes to the longtime incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson.

Nonetheless, her star power rose.

She set up a rematch for 2014, but Matheson retired, and Love won. She won again in 2016, but is facing a tough reelection.

The polling consistently has showed the race tied in recent weeks, though a just released poll shows her down by 6 points. It may be an outlier given all the other polling, or things have moved against her quickly.

Money is flowing into the race on both sides:

Just a week before the midterm elections on Nov. 6, one of the largest Tea Party-aligned groups in the country is throwing money into Utah’s 4th District race to help incumbent GOP Rep. Mia Love.

FreedomWorks, the Washington, D.C.-based conservative group that helped fund the Tea Party wave of the early 2010s, will spend some of the $270,000 it has pledged to 21 races over the last week of the 2018 cycle on Love’s re-election effort, including a last-minute peer-to-peer texting blitz.

Not to be outdone, national Democrats are dropping an additional $250,000 for television advertisements on the race, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee confirmed to in Utah.

We were there at the start of Mia Love’s political career. Hopefully this will not be the end of it.

[Featured Image: Mia Love at 2017 March for Life]


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Pray. I honestly have a hard time understanding the left anymore, they are so hate filled they cannot think straight. They worship Obama, ignoring all the miserable years this country went through under him, simply because they cannot see beyond the veneer of his empty suit.

I hope Love prevails… which in the case of our Country, her name and the political division falling as it is now, are one and the same.

Mia started conservative, then got squishy.

She messed it up.

    She is in a weird district in Utah (that leans Democrat). But even former #NeverTrumpers like Lindsey Graham ended up surprising me recently. I hope Love wins.

    I was gonna say, didn’t she say some stuff recently (about the borders?) that was kinda progressive?

    That’s not how you got elected Ms. Love.

    Rethink some positions or find yourself competing with real progressives.

    Both the Dems and the Reps know who they are.

      She’s ‘new’ to high office, and did not have the ‘right stuff,’ so she folded under pressure to the rats of the GOPe.

      Lesson: don’t elect or appoint anyone without the right stuff. Like John Roberts. Like Jeff Sessions. Like John McCain. Like Jeff Flake. Like Bob Corker. Like Mitt Romney. Like….

Mia went all in on being a Never-Trumper and now she wants the voters to forget and give her money?

I don’t want to see a Democrat win this but should this even be close for a Republican in Utah?

She made a lot of enemies it appears to me and she and the other Mormon/Utah Never-Trumpers should of thought about that before they decided to try and cut the legs out from Trump.

    Which brings us back to a central question for right-leaning, Trump-supporting voters: do we want a frothing-at-the-mouth Democrat socialist (we know their agenda) who will cripple Trump’s next two years with an avalanche of investigations, impeachment proceedings, and countless subpoenas or a Republican who will vote with Trump most of the time (and Love has)?

    This is clearly a question that divides the right and has done so since forever (a lot of Republicans didn’t vote for McCain or Romney, preferring to see Obama president than a RINO, and on down the line). I get both sides’ arguments, but I tend to fall on the side of voting “anyone but the socialist freaks actively working to undermine our every sentence in our Constitution.” That’s just me, though. The arguments are well-worn on both sides, so no one is changing anyone’s mind. 🙂

      Old Patzer in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | October 30, 2018 at 9:20 pm

      I voted reluctantly for McCain for the reasons that you state. If he had won, though, I’ll bet that there would never have been a tea party movement or a 2010 surge. A shrunken, cowed and increasingly anti-conservative GOP would have turned to “bipartisan” issues like
      cap-and-trade. It’s hard to say that we would be better off. And what would have happened if we deplorables had lined up behind Jeb! as instructed? It is rational to choose the lesser evil, but in the long run, that tends to get you a lot more evil.

      If I lived in her district, I’d vote for her this time to keep the crazies out of power, but after a while, like the mule in the old joke, politicians need to be whacked between the eyes with a 2×4 to get their attention.

        Colonel Travis in reply to Old Patzer. | October 30, 2018 at 9:49 pm

        Everyone has their breaking point. Mine would have been reached this year if the (R)s didn’t confirm Kavanaugh. Had they not, I was not going to vote in 2018. Thank goodness he was confirmed. I voted early – straight (R).

        Had Kavanaugh not been confirmed, it would have been the first time I ever sat out of an election in my life. I have been a consistent hold-my-nose voter. But I thought – if they can’t do this, after not doing X, Y, Z for years, I cannot support these jerks. Again, my breaking point was close. I know others who reached it in 2008 or 2012. Back then, at the time, I didn’t get it. Now I do.

        Whether we disagree with election sitter-outers doesn’t change the fact that they exist. It would have been impossible for someone to convince me to change my mind had Kavanaugh gone down in flames. The anger out there for (R) inaction against leftist tyranny is real and it is not going away.

        The only way to draw in the maximum votes for (R)s is to have a spine.

      I can understand the argument, but I counter with the argument that if we don’t have a Congress that’s actually willing to push through principles, what have we actually gained?

      Having squishy RINOs like Murkowski or Flake not only does not help us, but it gives a large amount of power to so-called ‘mavericks’ that are just Democrats with an R next to their name and prevents us from pushing forward conservative priorities.

      If we can’t count on them voting conservative for the important issues, what is the point of having them in the first place?

      I’d rather have a couple years of pain as the Democrats go hog-wild on Resistance insanity, and then throw them out to replace them with REAL conservatives in 2 years.

      Because if we hold our nose and vote for people like Love, then we’re going to be in exactly the same position in 2 years, with a Never Trump candidate demanding we hold our noses and vote for her again.

        You are showing a lack of understanding of what it means to be in the majority party. It’s chess, not checkers. You aren’t voting for Love, you are voting to get majority status so that Maxine Waters is in the minority.

        Well, if your idea is to load Congress with self-proclaimed Socialists, I really can’t respond. That’s crazy. Oooh, let’s vote for socialists to show Republicans we are angry Really? So the socialists win, but . . . what? You feel all righteous as you are shipped off to the agri-zone or manufacturing-zone? Hey, it’s not all bad, you can always comfort yourself with the knowledge you didn’t vote for a RINO. Yay?!

        Well, okay, everyone can vote their conscience, of course, and if yours puts self-proclaimed socialists in power, I guess that’s a choice. It wouldn’t be and isn’t mine, but it is a choice you are free to make (well, at this point anyway).

          You’re trying to reason with temperamental types who rather watch the house burn down with the people in it because the fire hose is too leaky or the color of the extinguisher is not red enough.

          They didn’t learn a thing from the Kavanaugh’s story. That Democrats do not care if you’re a compliant RINO or hardcore MAGA. We’re all marked for the gas chambers.

          Be grateful these people weren’t around during the revolutionary war or protracted arm conflicts or we would all be speaking with an English accent, German or Japanese now.

          I AM grateful however to know there are compatriots like you and Jacobson who understand the long view, the chess game and are committed to the unending quest for Liberty.

        txvet2 in reply to Olinser. | October 31, 2018 at 12:03 am

        That argument got us Obamacare, among other noxious assaults on our Republic. I have no use for RINOs, but at worst, a Congress with some RINOs holds the line against the Marxists for a while, giving us a chance to find and groom conservative challengers.

          PersonofInterests in reply to txvet2. | October 31, 2018 at 11:52 am


          It’s better to primary out people like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski while others who are so obviously out of sync with their base like Cooker and Flake, decide to leave. Aren’t the States of Arizona and Tennessee better off to replace them with McSally and Blackburn respectively? I say “absolutely.”

          Mia Love has been a disappointment by not standing with the President but ought to be given another chance to see if she is smart enough to learn not to listen to the Poisonous Media Complex and the most shrill voices of her constituency that encourage Socialism.

        tom_swift in reply to Olinser. | October 31, 2018 at 1:09 am

        I’d rather have a couple years of pain as the Democrats go hog-wild on Resistance insanity, and then throw them out

        This doesn’t follow at all. If you can throw them out, then best to do so and skip the insanity stuff entirely. Hoping that insanity will generate a sane reaction is like hoping that a case of leprosy will eventually somehow force your nose to reattach itself to your face.

      The two times I’ve voted and held my nose, it did no good.

      Voting for a RINO almost never does anyone any good.

      That said, I might have to do that this time just because the Dems have gotten so belligerent and so cocky that they’re telling us what they’re gonna do when they get in.

      Also when there is no choice between Dem or Rep I always choose Rep. It’s in the primaries where it gets confusing.

      We have to keep the scorpion off the frog’s back even if the way to do it is to vote for a stupid RINO.

      I don’t get both sides. Not even a little bit. There is sno,excuse for either not voting or voting for a democrat. Period. I would apply this even to Jeff Flake were he running.

      Joseph Farah (of WorldNetDaily ( said that electing Odumbo would be the best thing for the country, because – and I’m paraphrasing – it would result in what’s happened with Donald Trump being elected, and the swamp being exposed.

      Continuing to elect Mia Love-types (and George Bush types) will continue the slow death of the nation. If Love loses, and a psycho gets elected, and Utah will see the light, like most of the country saw the light after the Odumbos’ time in the White House.

        And seeing the light means what when we are under the rule of a Socialist Democrat regime? I’m just not seeing the upside of voting for socialists bent on destroying America over Republicans who will hold the line.

        Holding the line is a valid and time-worn military strategy. Burning it all down is a gamble (Hitler tried it and failed spectacularly), and it is one that simply won’t pay off because our Constitution is either worth defending or it’s not. If it’s worth defending, we defend it constitutionally. If it’s not, we throw up our hands and seek a “clean sweep” that will mean mass murder, gross violations of every law of humanity, and assorted other horrific, real world consequences. I’m not on board for that and never will be.

        We don’t need to “start over,” we need to get organized and work to protect what we have via the voting booth. That does not mean instant gratification; it means being committed for decades, centuries; our nation’s founders hated and distrusted the instant gratification of mob rule / pure democracy for a reason.

        That said, you have every right to vote for any commie / socialist Democrat you like. Here’s what’s going to happen, though: no revolution, no torches and pitchforks, just a dominant Socialist party ruling over these United States. And no, this will not inspire a counter-revolution. That kind of thinking is . . . well, to put it plainly, crazy. If your plan succeeds and the GOP is kicked out of power in the House and/or the Senate, what do you imagine will happen? Because here’s reality: If someone is elected to office, no matter how horrible or by how many “protest votes,” Americans recognize that election (well, the Dems are challenging this re: 2000 and 2016, but it’s not taking hold). If your side succeeds putting Socialist Dems in power, then . . . Socialist Dems will be in power. That’s it. The end . . . until the next election. In which you vote for more Socialist Dems in the futile hope that Americans will reject their own Constitution in favor of your revolutionary, anti-Constitutional worldview (this isn’t going to happen).

    stc in reply to Conan. | October 31, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    I remember her jumping right in to follow the establishment Rino’s in condemning the Tea Party. So no more money or support from me.

She needs Trumps support. And for that she’ll need to bend the knee and ask him.

    She may not be willing or in a position to do so at this late stage.

    Has she done real damage to MAGA? If not then she should get a bit of support, if so then maybe not.

    This time however we know what the dems are going to do and they have to be kept away.

    It’s like it’s a pain to hide your car keys but otherwise it means a wrecked car from your moron teen.

Shes’ a McCain/ Paul Ryan/ Romney republican. She tried to outdo Erickson and National Review in putting daylight between herself and Trump. So be it. As said above, as soon as she was elected, she tacked to the left and was completely unremarkable.

It’s up to her voters. If a Donk gets her seat, so be it. She was willing to have Hillary elected because Trump was so awful. Just deserts and all that.

    elle in reply to RobM. | October 30, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    We just need the R behind her name. She can sit an pick her nose for 2 years or vote with the Democrats every time. We are better served by keeping the additional powers provided to the majority party away from Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

    She didn’t know what she was.

    What she did prove is that she does not have the mettle to not fold under pressure from the rats of the GOPe.

She’s a NeverTrumper, he’s not going to try to save her

Remember: Whoever gets the Majority, and it may be by a single vote, gets to pick the Speaker of the House, Chair EVERY Committee, set and control the agenda, etc, etc, for the next two years.

Yeah, she’s a squish. That’s why she’s in trouble. The time to vote her out is in the primary – when you can vote a Conservative to replace her. Now, in the general, with control of the House hanging in the balance, you hold your nose and do everything in your power to ensure every last R with a chance beats their D opponent. So that we control the House.

Oh yeah, and no matter how squishy the squish, they still vote the Party line about 90% of the time. While the D’s will vote against us even more frequently.

As a long time admirer of this site, it’s *home* because of the wisdom, accuracy, and sanity found here with very few exceptions.

Never Trumpers lack the wisdom of misdeeds and their effect. After having voted for the insanity of McCain and the disappointment of Romney, not voting was akin to giving the feckless and repulsive halfrican Obama advantage, which was completely unacceptable, even though holding my nose to do so was monumentally painful. Giving psychopathic Hillary the advantage of staying home rather than voting was never an option. I would have voted for a Python had it been the Republican candidate running against her.

Those who continue to bash Trump are totally ignoring cause and effect. The vanity of giving the lunatic democrats any help in consideration of what we’ve witnessed since that fateful 2008 election makes no sense at all. Furthermore, Trump was and is the only line of defense against a wave of fascism that was barreling towards us all. Even some of Trump’s qualities that occasionally offend are part of what makes him the supreme warrior he is. History may well judge him to be the best president our amazing country has ever had since George Washington.

Yes, I understand the “vote out Dems” argument and for that reason, if you’re in her district, please vote for her.

But LI – and any other conservative sites that tout her – must pay attention to who she aligned herself with (as with Nikki Haley); she is a Romney Client TM.

So just understand that Romney clients, when and if they get to DC, will be loyal to Romney and not Trump. They echo Romney. Is he better than the Dems? Slightly. But in these days and in some districts with people who just don’t pay attention, slightly will have to do.

To sum: Vote for Love if you’re in her district to avoid extreme leftism. But understand you’re not voting for a conservative; you’re voting for a Romney Client TM.

It’s interesting…

I am assailed by an unhinged monomaniac here who imputes (falsely) that I opposed the nomination of T-rump because I insisted on ideological purity. That was never part of my analysis, but it doesn’t matter. The false charge is laid.

Here, we have that tendency openly advanced; Mia Love is not a “pure enough” conservative, and therefore not fit for our support.

So, which is it? Is it “Taliban-like” to insist on some ideological purity (therefore “bad”), or do we support some range of conduct expressed by politicians that falls into the “conservative” ambit?

Here’s how I see this lady, and conservative politics…

Love would not be a “conservative enough” candidate in some Texas districts. But there are some Texas districts where she would be a swell GOP candidate and would win election. And conservatives would be glad she did.

Her district in Utah is just about as “conservative” as Love is. She represents her district well. That district would never elect a “pure” Texas conservative.

She is not a pom-pom waving T-rump supporter, and for that some of you deplore her. But the people of Utah are not great supporters of Duh Donald, either.

I hope she wins re-election.

She’ll be fine. Every single poll has her leading, although it’s only by single digits. Since I believe all polls are skewed to favor Democrats, Love will probably win by an even bigger margin than the averages.

It’s very revealing how “balanced and fair-minded” NeverTrumpers are in their analyses as they circle the wagon around GOP traitors. It is absolutely critical to torture the Mia Loves as they struggle to retain their seats. They MUST NOT be allowed to win by default because of the bigger need to retain control of the House.

Are her apologists here demanding that she recant her NeverTrumpism? Nope. Interesting how this line of reasoning is being led by certain obnoxious NeverTrumper trolls who have protected status on LI.

Yes, we should vote for them because of what is at stake. But as we do, these RINOs-turned-NeverTrumpers must be pinned to the wall with hands to their throats. Otherwise, they will continue to be the rats that they are, NeverTrumpers waiting to pounce. Make them suffer now and continue even after they get re-elected. Keep reminding them that we will never forget what rats they are.