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A Lack of Basic Skills Week in Higher Education

A Lack of Basic Skills Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Many colleges and universities now require things like diversity training while dropping the ball on the basics.

Social justice is becoming more important than academics.

This defies the narrative.

The left is judge and jury.

Trump on campus.

Harvard news.


Spot on.


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Every time I read the title it reminds me of how significantly the educational system has changed the definition of what make up basic skills. Graduates that cannot compete in the global market but have a fully developed, PROPER worldview are considered a successful outcome.

This is, frankly, where the soviets have been interfering and tampering with our elections. And everything else. They affected our education system. This is a growing metastatic problem. They started decades ago, and we do little to stop it.

You want a job? You need to go to an indoctrination center. The Left-Industrial- Education complex is more insidious and nefarious than any mil-ind complex.

This must be fixed. I pray for Trump and Devos. But this is an uphill battle.