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Washington State Fraternity Accused of Cultural Appropriation at Fundraiser

Washington State Fraternity Accused of Cultural Appropriation at Fundraiser

“does not align with the values of the Interfraternity Community”

Members of the frat sang a song while wearing grass skirts. What an outrage!

Campus Reform reports:

Fraternity holds charity fundraiser, gets accused of ‘cultural appropriation’

A Washington State University fraternity was accused of culturally appropriating the Asian-American Pacific Islander community after the group wore grass skirts for charity.

The WSU Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (FIJI) held an event Monday to raise money for an unknown charity cause. During the event, they wore grass skirts to “serenade” several sororities on campus, according to a statement released by the Interfraternity Council (IFC), an organization which oversees Greek life at WSU.

“Their actions represent clear examples of cultural appropriation which does not align with the values of the Interfraternity Community, or Washington State University,” the statement, released Tuesday, read. “The Interfraternity Council condemns these and all acts of cultural appropriation regardless of the intention behind them.”

It is unclear if complaints were filed against FIJI by students or if WSU administration will punish the organization. However, the IFC has taken responsibility for the incident and is disciplining the fraternity.

Here’s a video:


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As a resident of Hawaii I have no problem with these people wearing grass skirts. Am I guilty of the “cultural appropriation” of Scotland when I play golf? I think not. The Interfraternity Council is way out of line on this one.

It’s not uncommon for The Fen (convention goers) to wear kilts, a factoid recognized at DragonCon by the annual kilt/leafblower event.

Does this somehow denigrate Scots?
Do Togas denigrate Romans?
Does wearing a green shirt denigrate the Irish on st. Pats?

Anyone undergoing PTSD over someone not Hawaiian wearing a Hawaiian shirt, or whatever the latest costume “outrage” is about needs to get a life – one other than being an idiot determined to dictate how other people live their lives…..

If we carry this prohibition against “cultural appropriation” to its logical conclusion, we will have to ban all foreign-language instruction. We can’t have non-Chinese people speaking Chinese, just like they must not wear Chinese clothes. The same applies to all other foreign languages. Only those people who are from that culture can learn that language, or they are appropriating someone’s culture.

I guess I better stop eating Mexican and Chinese food, since I’m not Mexican or Chinese. I wouldn’t want to be accused of cultural appropriation for trying to eat like a Mexican or Chinese.

Speaking of tired, I’m tired of listening to these sanctimonious little punk ass bitches. Will someone please start beating their punk asses like we did back in the 80s and 90s? They really just need to STFU or get it bashed.

So I guess staging “South Pacific” is out of the question.

This is getting so out of hand.

amatuerwrangler | September 22, 2018 at 2:21 pm

Why isn’t this “Greek” thing, in itself a cultural appropriation? I doubt that all those who join clubs with names made up of English pronunciations of the Greek alphabet are actually Greek by family origin. If I were Greek I would be outraged and have to open a twitter account to exhibit said outrage. But I’m not so I won’t; this will have to do.

For the record, those beat-downs were also popular in the 60s.