Does anyone recall such a program being launched at any universities when Obama was investigating journalists?

The College Fix reports:

UPenn profs launch ‘media awareness initiatives’ due to the president’s ‘attacks’

Due to President Trump’s attacks on the mainstream media, professors at the University of Pennsylvania have “adapted course structures” and started “awareness initiatives” to better deal with the current American political climate.

Leading the way are profs at the school’s Annenberg School for Communication. Barbie Zelizer, for example, began the Center for Media at Risk in response to “increased threats to journalism” here and abroad.

According to The Daily Pennsylvanian, Zelizer said Trump’s election “was an eye-opening moment for many of us.”

“The center can deliver answers, formulate new solutions, bring exemplars from history and understandings of different media regimes across the world back into the conversation to help us understand what we got wrong,” she added.

“Got wrong”? Got what wrong?

Zelizer said the West is “far less prepared” for attacks on the media, and claimed the US has “been cocooned in [its] own sense of exceptionalism.” She added the rest of the world knows better how to deal with “this kind of regime.”


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