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Harvard University Awarding Colin Kaepernick With a Medal

Harvard University Awarding Colin Kaepernick With a Medal

“honors those who have made significant contributions to African and African American history”

Become famous for kneeling during the national anthem, get a medal from Harvard. Makes sense, right?

CBS News in Boston reports:

Colin Kaepernick To Be Awarded Medal From Harvard University

Colin Kaepernick is among eight people set to be honored at Harvard University next month.

The former NFL star-turned activist will receive the W.E.B. Du Bois Medal at the Hutchins Center Honors in Cambridge on Oct. 11. It’s described as “Harvard’s highest honor in the field of African and African American studies.”

“The medal honors those who have made significant contributions to African and African American history and culture, and more broadly, individuals who advocate for intercultural understanding and human rights in an increasingly global and interconnected world,” Harvard says.

Kaepernick was recently the subject of a much-discussed Nike campaign with the tagline “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” He started kneeling during the national anthem at the start of NFL games back in 2016 to protest racial injustice, and has accused the league of conspiring to keep him from playing football.


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If Du Bois was still alive, this might very well kill him. Kaper-Neck is a self-agrandizing ninny and has done nothing to deserve a place in such exalted company.

It’s from Harvard, it doesn’t mean a thing.

Sad but true. I’m old enough to remember when the name was greeted with reverential respect.

Same with FBI. Ya know, the corruption and moral decay of the FBI was exemplified by 2 aspects of the same failure:

1) Supposedly good men looked the other way and did nothing

2) These same men pretended there was nothing immoral about that.

I often cut civilians some slack because their lapses of discipline don’t usually result in their wingmen getting killed. But these FBI agents know better, they have the same moral character training does it Marine Corps does. And the exact same principle:

“If you see someone doing something wrong and you don’t stop them you are just as guilty as they are”.

But the public is giving the rank and file of the FBI a pass because they don’t know enough to hold the FBI to a higher standard of conduct.

..and I can feel you out there, I’m sorry, but I could spit right now. Goalkeepers Union, fine okay. But don’t expect me to pretend with you.

“made significant contributions to African American history”

Lol, indeed. Reminds me of Chanberlain’s boast that the elan of the French fighting force was “matchless”

Come on now. Be fair to the FBI. They did show up in Aberdeen dressed to the T in their new camo outfits not more than an hour after the shooting had stopped. I was hoping that the Harford Sheriff would at least refer to them as the “last responders” at the press conference.