Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) denies a desire to run for president in 2020, while busily building up a campaign war chest.  But she has a problem, a problem so big that even leftist Trevor Noah called her out on it.

Warren’s Native American deception has been dogging her for years, and it looks like she has a plan to help rid herself of the “Pocahontas” label.  With President Trump branding her as “Pocahontas” and even Bill Maher casually referring to her by that name, Warren has been inundated with negative press and social media.

What’s a progressive Senator to do?  How about a flip-flop on gambling in Massachusetts?  And how about this flip-flop focusing on a controversial casino desired by the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe?  Never mind that she has adamantly opposed a 2011 state measure to expand gambling in Massachusetts, even attempting to get the measure repealed in 2014.

The Washington Times reports:

She’s never been a gambling fan, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren is pushing federal legislation to help deliver a casino to a tribe with a checkered past as she struggles to neutralize her “Pocahontas” problem.

Her bill, introduced in March with fellow Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Edward Markey, would allow the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe to build a $1 billion gaming resort about halfway between Boston and Cape Cod even though a federal court blocked the project in 2016.

. . . . The Senate bill and its House companion have drawn cheers from tribal leaders eager to resume construction on the lavish complex while stirring resentment among locals irritated at the prospect of Congress big-footing the ongoing Interior Department review.

“It’s certainly an end-run on both what’s going on in court and at the agency level,” said attorney David Tennant, who represents 25 Taunton residents challenging the project.

This is all very perplexing given Warren’s statements against gambling and her work trying to get gambling disorder screenings included in U. S. military screenings.

The Washington Times continues:

Ms. Warren’s involvement comes despite a record indicating that when it comes to gaming, she’s not a high roller.

She opposed the state’s 2011 law expanding Las Vegas-style gambling and supported the 2014 repeal effort, which was defeated. Last year, she sponsored a bill to treat gambling addiction in the military.

“It’s a tough call to make,” Ms. Warren told Reuters in 2014. “People need jobs, but gambling can also be a real problem economically for a lot of people. I didn’t support gambling the first time around and I don’t expect to support it [now].”

Hot Air has more details on the problems with this particular casino project and the related battle over tribal lands.

[T]his particular tribe might not be the best one to hitch her wagon to, if you’ll pardon the phrase. This casino project has been in trouble from day one. Many of the locals opposed the project and went to court to try to stop it. Also, the required federal stewardship of the tribal lands where it’s being constructed was challenged when a federal court rejected the Interior Departments decision to take the land into trust, saying that they could only do so for lands owned by tribes which were recognized prior to the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. That wound up shutting down construction on the casino complex three years ago.

Further, the Mashpee Wampanoag were one of the tribes caught up in the Jack Abramoff scandals more than a decade ago. Their leadership got into hot water over charges ranging from embezzlement and illegal lobbying to campaign finance law violations.

So what is she up to?  It’s not clear how this can rehabilitate her image since she can’t bring herself to acknowledge—much less apologize for—her Native American deception.

Here’s a quick reminder of the extent of her deception:


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