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Trevor Noah: “Elizabeth Warren did something problematic”

Trevor Noah: “Elizabeth Warren did something problematic”

Warren is losing the narrative on her history of claiming to be Native American

Has Elizabeth Warren been damaged by the feud with Donald Trump over Trump calling her “Pocahontas”?

If you read the liberal pundits, who live within #TheResistance bubble, you’d think Warren got the better of the exchange by calling Trump racist. As I’ve pointed out dozens of times, I think this hurts Warren because Trump is branding her as a fraud. Once so branded, it’s going to be hard to escape.

The measure of damage, however, is not really the political media, it’s the natural source of Warren’s strength, the late night shows.

The first evidence this branding was hurting Warren was when her fan and supporter Bill Maher casually referred to her as Pocahontas:

At least Maher’s comment, as cutting as it was, was cryptic.

Trevor Noah, however, just explained to his audience what the real issue is as to the Pocahontas controversy, and it wasn’t in Warren’s favor. While there was plenty of Trump bashing by Noah, he exhibited an understanding of Warren’s Native American deception that rarely is seen in the popular media.

The Hill reports:

Late-night host Trevor Noah said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “did something problematic” with claims about her Native American heritage.

During his late-night show, Noah said President Trump’s “Pocahontas” nickname for Warren is a “tricky one to process.” Nicknames Trump uses on other people are “self-explanatory,” he said.

“But when he says ‘Pocahontas,’ you might be thinking, ‘Wait Trevor, I’m confused, is Elizabeth Warren Native America?’ ” Noah said.

“And you see, that’s the question because, for a long time, she said she was.”

Noah said in 2012, the New England Historic Genealogical Society “looked into” and found “no proof of Warren having Native American lineage.”

Noah said that was “problematic.”

He said he is struggling with the question of whether Trump is racist.

“Is Donald Trump racist? Yeah. But in his own way, he is hitting Elizabeth Warren for saying she is Native American when she wasn’t,” Noah, a frequent critic of Trump, said.

Noah said it’s not that Warren “committed a crime.”

“Elizabeth Warren did something problematic, the kind of thing we rightfully call each other out for every single day,” Noah continued.

“So as weird as it is to say, in his own racially offensive way, Donald Trump was being woke. Yeah, and that’s, unfortunately, the truth.”

When Warren is losing the late night shows to Trump, she’s losing big league.


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If my children apply to colleges using African American as their race I will get in tons of trouble. Their mother is a white South African and I am a white American, they have both passports. How is what she did any different? Though my kids actually have multi-generational African blood in their veins while Fauxcahontas apparently does not have Amerind blood in hers.

    4th armored div in reply to Winchester. | November 30, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    and because your kids have African background they would NOT be lying.
    If applications state Black, White, other – they should be sued.
    in any case, with our new self identifying nomenclature – i (who am not) could self identify as a black lesbian.

    OleDirtyBarrister in reply to Winchester. | December 1, 2017 at 10:44 am


    That drives the lefty marxists nuts. I was visiting a friend in TX and accompanied him to the shop of his small engine mechanic to pick up his lawnmower. My friend made a point to introduce me to the owner, a white immigrant from S. Africa, and to have him tell me the story. The story was that without coaching or premeditation, his daughter innocently checked a box at school that she was an African-American. The blacks and white liberals went nuts and the parent were brought in. They held their position that she was the only real AA in the whole school.

      Help me understand… If I can determine on any day what gender I am then why can’t I determine on any day what my race is? And what if my fourth great grandmother’s fourth great grandmother was “native?” I certainly have some native blood in me, don’t I?

4th armored div | November 30, 2017 at 8:54 pm

O/T no post about the SF non murder verdict ?

“… the kind of thing we rightfully call each other out for every single day,” Noah continued

Huh? Is he saying he routinely unloads on people who fake their way onto the Affirmative Action gravy train? How many of them does he know?

When Warren is losing the late night shows to Trump, she’s losing bigly.

I’m sure it’s the kind of “problematic” that happens when one of Noah’s liberal heroes does something stupid that everyone finds out about and defending her would make him look like an idiot. Or more of an idiot.

She did not commit a crime? People have been convicted of fraud for doing a lot less.

Lying to get a job paying a high salary (a lot of which I bet was paid for with federal funds) is a crime – if the prosecutors want it to be. Won’t happen in Massachusetts.

We have to remember these are the same Hypocrites who lambasted Trump over his pussy grabbing tape WHILE THEY WERE SEXULLY ASSAULTING THEIR FENALE STAFF.

Like a cold blooded killer, it takes a special degree of corruption to pull that off. Shame alone would stop the average person has tracks.

So being capable of that, we should expect the same crowd to pretend they don’t know Warren’s fraud is about stealing AA quotas from minorities.

I wish someone could do a search find a list of Native American candidates that were qualified to be hired as Harvard professors if not for Elizabeth Warren’s fraud. Where are they now how would their life have been different.

Sorry, Noah doesn’t get any credit for being about dead last (first in liberal media) to realize this.

He also called Trump racist once again as if it’s a foregone conclusion.

What’s next out of this moron’s mouth? —

Trevor Noah: “Benedict Arnold did something problematic”

Alan McIntire | December 1, 2017 at 8:23 am

As “Winchester” and “4th armored div” implied, Elizabeth Warren did not legally commit fraud if the application form indicated “Native American” rather than “American Indian” or “American Aborigine”.
I, my children, Elizabeth Warren, and hundreds of millions of others born in the US are by definition “Native Americans”. My wife, on the other hand, was born in the Philippines, and is a “Naturalized American”.

Come to think of it, “American Indian” could also be a doubtful choice. A friend and fellow employee of mine is a Sikh. She was born in the US but her parents came from India. I guess she could check a box indicating “American Indian” without technically committing fraud. Now you know where all that “legalese” in contracts comes from. Shrewd people look for legal “loopholes” to game the system, and lawyers, aware of that possibility, try to draw up contracts to keep “Native Americans”, “African Americans”, and “American Indians” from gaming the system and getting special preferences.

A better system, at this point, would be to throw out race altogether. Any remaining preferences should be based on “poverty level” rather than race.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but the “Video of the Day” for me was Procol Harum “A Salty Dog.”

Thanks, Professor

Actually, it looks like Pocohauntas was ahead of the times by declaring that she was part Indian because now we are all able to declare that we are anything we want to be. Men are now girls and blacks are white, and vice versa. We can be non-gender or both. So when you get right down to it, Warren was just ahead of her time in deciding who she was and who her ancestors were. I personally think she is part, T-Rex!

buckeyeminuteman | December 1, 2017 at 11:52 am

Is this Trevor guy supposed to be a comedian? It seems he’s simply a SJW masquerading on Comedy Central. He even said that what Warren has done is not a crime. And yet, liberals treat racism as a crime.