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Gaza Pallywood miracle: “Wounded” man carried on stretcher gets up and walks!

Gaza Pallywood miracle: “Wounded” man carried on stretcher gets up and walks!

For decades fake and staged images and videos have been a key part of the strategy to turn public opinion and media coverage against Israel

We have covered Pallywood dozens of times.

Pallywood is the industry of anti-Israel activists who spread fake images, stories and so on meant to portray Israelis in the worst possible light. Often the fakery is by western activists — you don’t have to be Palestinian to engage in Pallywood. But much of it comes from the phalanx of photographers and videographers who surround — and sometimes outnumber — Palestinians involved in hostile actions against Israel.

Perhaps the most successful purveyors of Pallywood are the Tamimi Clan from Nabih Saleh, who regularly send children to confront police and soldiers for the cameras to create a false narrative. Daughter Ahed, now 17 and in prison for assaulting a soldier, learned early on how to scream and cry for the cameras:

We covered some of the history of Pallywood in 2014, Pallywood swings back into action for Gaza conflict, including this video of a supposedly wounded man being carried away by bystanders, only to reappear later in the same news report uninjured and walking away:

That same post noted that a fake image of an Israeli soldier stepping on a Palestinian child had reappeared:

How did I know it was fake?

Because we have written about it before. It’s an image dating back to 2011 from a staged protest in which people pretending to be Israeli soldiers pretend to step on a child.

It circulated again in February 2012, and was exposed again.

It never stops. For every fake image and staged video we uncover, there are thousands that slip by, making Pallywood the longest running series in the history of fiction.

But rarely to we have so clear an example as in footage the IDF posted of attempts by Hamas-controlled “protesters” to breach the Gaza border fence. Those supposedly civilian protests are actually cover for terror operations, as demonstrated by the fact that at least 80% of those killed were members of terror groups.

Many of the images and video coming out from the Palestinian side are frequently staged for the cameras to be shared widely.

This video was posted by the IDF Spokesperson on Twitter. Watch the man on the stretcher, initially circled in red. Toward the end of the clip he sits up on the stretcher and then gets up and starts to walk away.

It’s a short video, so here’s the sequence:

1. Wounded Man carried on stretcher.

2 Wounded Man starts to get up as being carried on stretcher.

3. Wounded Man ends up on ground as friends carrying stretcher drop him as he was trying to sit up.

4. Wounded Man gets up on his own and starts to walk!

The Mossad Twitter parody account summed it up: “Aaaaand cut. Great take boys.”

It’s funny, but not funny.

Pallywood is a key part of the decades-long, worldwide demonization of Israel which shapes public opinion and media coverage.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | May 5, 2018 at 5:43 pm

FAKE U.S. MSM/MEDIA taught them how to “fake it, till they make it,” or did they learn it from the FAKE DEMOCRAT PARTY??????????

There were pictures from US sources about similar videos made with the apparent backing of the US during Obama’s regime. Those who want to hate Israel and continue their Antisemitism don’t really care if the videos are fake, just like the news media don’t care if allegations against Republicans are fake, they justify them because they “could” be true, and probably are, even if these are fake.

The video is just more proof of this being a PR move as well as yet another Anti-Israel effort in Gaza. I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers killed are higher than 80% terrorists. Though these supposed men hide frequently behind women and children. if the women and children are OK with being human shields, aren’t they part of the terrorist organizations as well?

He arose and walked? No doubt Jesus appeared!

C’mon now. We KNOW that terrorists, especially Arab terrorists, would never lie. We just dumped $150 million worth of cruise missiles because said terrorists claimed the Assad government dropped chemical munitions on them. Claims that this was staged is all such fake news. 😉

Oh, that’s nothing. He may have had a minor injury, or just have been too tired to walk, and then he started to feel better. But back during the funerals of all the victims of the Jenin massacre (that never happened), one of the corpses fell off the stretcher, and came back to life just long enough for him to climb back on to the stretcher, and then presumably died again. Now that’s a miracle.

Don_in_Odessa | May 6, 2018 at 5:44 am

The author conveniently leaves out the fact that we are all ruled, manipulated and herded by similar schemes in our own countries and that, by our own media drug of choice. We are all enslaved; Some more enslaved than others. Nevertheless, our societies will all meet the same end.

Dejectedhead | May 7, 2018 at 1:32 am

Pallywood has been exported to the United States.

JohnSmith100 | May 13, 2018 at 6:39 pm

Israel should follow Jordan’s example and drive Palestinians out both the West Bank and Gaza.