In the propaganda war against Israel, fakery is key. Pallywood is the longest running series in the history of fiction.

This video is from the November 2012 Gaza conflict:

In the July 2014 Gaza conflict, even the BBCnotoriously hostile to Israel — has reported that many of the photos circulating in social media are fake, old, or based on conflicts elsewhere, or all of the above:

When I saw this photo of an Israeli soldier stepping on a Palestinian child circulating on Twitter, I knew it was fake:

How did I know it was fake?

Because we have written about it before. It’s an image dating back to 2011 from a staged protest in which people pretending to be Israeli soldiers pretend to step on a child.

It circulated again in February 2012, and was exposed again. Here’s the original protest photo:


There will be real injuries and deaths considering Hamas has a deliberate strategy of firing from civilian locations and using civilians as human shields.

But there also will be a lot of fakery. Because Pallywood never dies.


and more has more images.


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