If you have been a reader here for more than a few weeks, you probably have seen one of the many posts about Pallywood (sometimes referred to as Paliwood), the Palestinian cottage industry of creating faux events to stir up public opinion against Israel.

There’s another example, Another ‘Pallywood’ propaganda fail as boy with hurt leg gets arm bandaged:

Make your own mind up from the sketchy and chopped up footage being circulated by ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups on Twitter. Even Hamas has seen fit to help distribute this video, but the evidence is scant at best, and even some of the most anti-Israel websites are unsure of its veracity.

The description on the original video reads, “The soldiers beat up three Palestinian Kids in Hebron , one of them was injured in the leg , soldier dragged them , beat them up , arrested them . , then released them.”

In reality, the kids don’t look like they were beaten up – just detained and playing up to the cameras. The fact that they are up and down the whole time, pausing for reflection and such gives cause for concern as to whether or not the boys are being put up to the whole gig.

Regardless of that, the ending of the video is somewhat bemusing. A boy who has been complaining about his leg and his stomach for the entire video somehow ends up in an arm sling in an ambulance. Very odd – and reminds us of the epic Pallywood propaganda fail in November last year.


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