This photo of an Israeli soldier standing on a young Palestinian girl is making the rounds on the internet and evoking enormous anti-Israel vitriol:

As Israel Matzav points out, however, the photo is not what it seems:

There’s one small problem – the photo is a fake.

The uniform is not an IDF uniform, the boots aren’t IDF boots and the weapon is a Russian issue AK-47 – the IDF uses American-made M-16’s.

But why let facts get in the way?

Indeed.  For more on Pallywood, the decades-long Palestinian effort to fake anti-Israeli images and news which then become accepted as fact, see my prior posts:

Expect Pallywood to move into high production as we approach the September U.N. General Assembly session.

UPDATE:  The photo is circulating again, Another Pallywood hoax exposed, again.


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