I don’t really want to say “told ya!”, actually, yes, I kind of do.

The latest Quinnipiac Poll conducted in the Texas Senate race shows Ted Cruz with a double-digit lead over Democrat contender, Rep. Beto O’Rourke. 11 points to be exact.

The breakdown:

The most delicious demographic upset here? Cruz leading by 2 points among Hispanic voters.

Rep. O’Rourke is fluent in Spanish (Cruz speaks more Spanglish than Spanish) and tried to make a campaign issue of Cruz’s refusal to accept a Spanish-language debate. O’Rourke’s current district is home of El Paso, which we may as well just give back to Mexico at this point.

Cruz also has a two-point lead among women voters polled.

A Q Poll released in April had the whole political media world worked up into a tizzy as it showed O’Rourke a measly 3 points behind Cruz.

Not a soul who has followed Texas elections closely believed the race was remotely close. The poll itself had several issues, not to mention the fact that national polls conducted on Texas elections consistently underestimate Republican voters.

Like I’ve said before, there ain’t no blue wave down here. Not this election cycle, anyway. Sure, there are very real challenges ahead for the deep red Lone Star State, but they won’t show up at the polls this cycle or the next.

If Democrats are looking for a red state upset to claim a fictional, but oh-so-important anti-Trump mandate, they’re not going to find it in Texas.

Lastly, and because it’s one of the best cases of schadenfreude in recent political media narrative history: Wendy Davis.

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