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No Blue Wave In Texas Primaries, Media Shocked That Texas Is Not Just Their Austin Friends

No Blue Wave In Texas Primaries, Media Shocked That Texas Is Not Just Their Austin Friends

Governor Wendy Davis not available for comment

Today is a rough day to be a Texas Democrat. That blue wave we’ve heard about for months was more of a ripple.

Months of wish casting, hoping, dreaming, pretending a blue wave was cresting in the Lone Star State, only to be clobbered by Republicans in voter turnout.

Piece after piece was written about record Democrat turnout in early voting. The predictions had Texas Republicans rattled and Governor Abbott encouraging Republicans to get to the polls.

But those numbers weren’t accurate for two reasons — those early voting tallies were taken from the 15 most populous counties which are coincidentally the bluest counties. Further, the calculations were based on a percentage of increase in turnout from previous years, which fails to factor in total number of votes cast for this election cycle. If an uptick in percentage is met with an increase in total voters, then no increase or surge exists.

When all the votes were cast, almost twice as many Republicans cast early ballots than Democrats. Bonus: this is a banner year for Democrat primary turnout.

Which should make anyone reading fantastical pieces heralding the possibility a Sen. Cruz upset raise an eyebrow…

Because again, piece after piece coming from Austin-based sources have promised coastal media compadres that Texas has purple potential and Democrat challenger Rep. Beto O’Rourke can pull off an upset!

SPOILER: He won’t. At least not this year.

A look at the numbers:

1,037,779 voters cast ballots in the Democrat Senate primary. O’Rourke only pulled in 61% of the vote for a total of 641,324 votes. That breakdown:

Meanwhile, on the Republican Senate ballot, Cruz garnered 85% of the vote for a total of 1,317,450 total votes. More than twice as many votes as O’Rourke received and more than the total of votes cast for Democrat Senate contenders total:

An uncontested Republican race vs. the Democrat’s best hope for flipping a Senate seat and the Republican pulled in more than twice as many votes. Sen. O’Rourke ain’t happening. Not anytime soon.

Game on:

There are several truisms of Texas Republicans:

1) They are not Trump Republicans
2) They are devoutly conservative, crimson red Republicans
3) They never take living in a solid red state for granted
4) Races in Texas will never (mark my words, never) serve as bellwethers for other national races.
5) Harris County does not dictate the course of state elections because…
6) Rural Texans (barring the Valley) are even more conservative than the rest of us. They’re incredibly politically active and they mean business.

But none of these facts make good media narratives, nor do they interest a media more interested in creating stories than reporting them.

I mean, come on, Wendy Davis, anyone? Coastal media hurled her onto the national stage where she was a horrendous failure come election day. But, some folks never learn.


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Cruz got more votes than all of the Democrat senate contenders combined.

    AmandaFitz in reply to Tom Servo. | March 7, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Still, don’t get COMPLACENT, Texas! The Democrats are being financed by Soros interests (he funded Kim Ogg in 2016 for Harris County D.A. and she won big time). I don’t know why he’s so interested in local D.A.s, but he is- and other local elections.

    Remember, Y.E.T. stands for “You’re Eligible, Too,” so to avoid giving the elections to Democrats, you need to vote like your life depends on it- which it may! Be especially careful of the CONGRESSIONAL seats, also, we must keep the House.

The commie lib media hardest hit! It’s dem Russians I tell ya!

MSM lies.
They know the numbers don’t add up but they’re hoping to create self-fulfilled prophecies.
Remember how they told us that Trump would never, ever, ever be President? Remember all the polls?

Out in the boondocks (Hill Country)50 miles west of Austin, candidates are either Republican or no party stated (which means Democrat)in their ads. And then some Dems run as Republicans because dishonesty bothers them not.

I think the “Texas is turning blue!” buzz was really nothing more than a 2018 version of the “Hillary has a 90% likelihood of winning!” guff that we all heard in the fall of 2016. The lefties who make these prognostications want them to be self-fulfilling prophecies.

So, the Texas early polling hockey stick joins the global warming hockey stick. The media lied. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

The proggies think Beta O’Toole is going to trigger the mythical ‘blue wave’ in Texas? LOL. He’s going to get spanked worse than Abortion Barbie did.

Seriously, the guy is a gun grabbing, open-borders amnesty lover. And a pot smoker. Go home, Beta, you must be drunk and high.

Colonel Travis | March 7, 2018 at 3:03 pm

Voted last night, the line was out the door, slightly more than an hour wait, and I thought – wonder if the line is full of (D)s that are allegedly hoarding the polls? Every now and then a (D) poll worker would come out to the line and ask if there were any (D)s voting because they could walk right up to the table instead of waiting in that long line, because the long line was for the (R)s. There was no wait at all if you wanted to vote (D). For the entire time I was there, I counted a handful of (D)s who were able to skip the line.

Texas went from red to blood red on the state level not too long ago, there simply aren’t enough carpetbagging clowns to turn Texas blue any time soon, if at all. And not all these clowns are leftists.

It is impossible for Gov. Abbot to lose against a hapless lesbo this fall, the Texas House and Senate will not flip. All the blue wave talk is wishful thinkers pulling it out of their rear.

Kimberlee, There are more Trump republicans than any other kind of Republican in texas.

    rdmdawg in reply to garybritt. | March 8, 2018 at 9:15 am

    Yeah, I don’t get that ‘they are not Trump Republicans’ line. Bizarre.

      Kimberlee is a nevertrumper who in effect preferred that Hillary be president rather than Trump. She and her small circle of friends all think that all republicans in Texas think as they do. She’s wrong of course and needs to broaden the scope of Texas republicans with whom she speaks.

This is Wendy Davis, all over again. Wish-casting libs in Austin, and out of state mega-donors flooding money in. The media in all of the major cities is liberal, like Austin. We’ve had story after story about the dramatic and euphoric rise of the Democrats in Texas! … except not so much.

The University towns are full of kids that want to turn Texas blue and make the outside world match their world of PC/SJW marxism. So they are on the news too.

Texan Republicans aren’t Trump Republicans? I’ll say this with respect… Maybe in Dallas… but from my experience.. the percentage of GOP in Texas that don’t care for Trump is the same as nationally… the #nevertrumpers… the Bush folks. The dead-enders who would have preferred Hillary. Even the Cruzbots. Trump has reached across party lines and reached a solid majority of Texans and just watch… I’m betting he gets a much higher vote in 2020 … and a lot more of the Valley will support him.

I expect Cruz’s opponent to run on legalizing pot in Texas. Just watch. They are going to try and outspend Cruz…. millions will flow into Texas to get the upset.. and the media will be all in on fluff pieces on the young former punk rocker vs the evil Canadian. ( no, I don’t like Cruz anymore, but I’ll vote for him)

Keep the Gnu Yawkers and Kalifornians out of the red states and the problem is solved.

    Another Voice in reply to Stan25. | March 7, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    “Gnu Yawkers” love N.& S. Carolina, two red states working to keep their states from turning blue and dying, while “Kalifornians” love Texas. Like this election cycle we see the natives are fighting back for the reason that the interlopers want what the state has to offer but when they move there, they then vote for the same type of government they had that drove them to up and move!

Fake news has expiration dates.

Beto also has a rap shit that includes Burglary and DWI. Now DWI can be forgiven, but Burglary?

One of the Democrats’ most consistent tricks is to demoralize their opponents into not showing up. They’re all liars.

Did a search for turnout results this morning. I had to wade through multiple headlines about how great the Democrat turnout was before finally finding NPR with a great Democrat turnout headline and a subhead that the Republican turnout approached record level.

And it is Robert O’Rourke, he adopted the nickname Beto to sucker the Hispanic vote. He’s descended from Irish immigrants, has not a drop of Hispanic blood in him. But I guess if men can decide one day they are women, an O’Rourke can decide he’s Mexican.

the other rob | March 7, 2018 at 7:22 pm

I looked up the turnouts for our county. It was roughly 18:1, R to D.

To be fair, we are in the part of the state that voted Goldwater over Johnson, but I still don’t see the Beta* male having any kind of a shot.

* If PDT and Sen Cruz truly have buried the hatchet, I can’t wait to see what the former will do to O’Rourke in the campaign. “Beta” will be but the start of it.

2nd Ammendment Mother | March 7, 2018 at 8:24 pm

Beto has shown up in my neck of the woods 3 times so far and voting was 10 to 1 in our county. My precinct didn’t have a single Dem ballot cast. I laughed my hiney off at him talking up LBJ…. LBJ is still so hated up here that 41 and 43 are called 40 and 42.

Cruz has picked up a few bits of gold out of Trump’s playbook…. that nice simple little ditty sticks with you along with the deliberate mispronunciation of Beto as Bato (long a instead of short e), starts sounding like Beta pretty quickly…. and well, pot smoking, open borders, anti gun beta males aren’t that popular in Texas (where our women own and carry more firearms than both men and women in several other states combined).

At least all the money the Dems from out of state are dumping on him will keep it out of closer races elsewhere.

    2nd Ammendment Mother in reply to 2nd Ammendment Mother. | March 7, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    and don’t forget…. his campaign is claiming lots of dollars, but they’re putting out requests to borrow tables, chairs, computers….. and Foozball tables (I’m embarrassed to say I know the person who posted that on behalf of the campaign).

During the long horrid 8 years of leftism under the Obama regime, Dems slowly “stole” the color blue?!


Red = communists = left = Democrats
Blue = conservative = Republicans


The Texas urban areas, as with urban areas all around the nation, are blue and growing. That eventually leads to political dominance, as in Colorado, California, New York, Washington, and so forth.

For better or worse, for richer or poorer, for laughter or sobriety, most States have some manner of secessionist movement. These secessionist movements are driven to oppose the urban dominance over the rural voices; voices who have a hard time being heard.

Yes, Texas is red. Ain’t as red as it was yesterday. Bit by bit it’s getting Californicated. As Professor Reynolds says, “don’t get cocky.”

A lot of people in Texas remember Mark White.

Even this article didn’t directly note that the total voter turnout was about 1.54 million Rep. to 1.04 million Dem…50% higher for Repubs.

TheyreHeeerrre | March 9, 2018 at 10:44 pm

FWIW, I’m a “Gnu Yawker” and I can’t stand living here, only here because of obligations. Planning on getting out asap to a nice red state. I love rural America and the people, can’t take this toilet bowl much longer.

Please keep in mind that *SOME* of us aren’t moving to turn your red into blue, it’s that we’re sick of the blue and need to live in the red..and make it REDDER!