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Real Consequences Week in Higher Education

Real Consequences Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

It’s gratifying to see real punishment for bad behavior on campus.

Of course, the left still rules academia.

And they pretty much do what they want.

Women’s studies.




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On the story lines about “the left still rules academia”, “And they pretty much do what they want”, etc., I put the blame squarely on parents.

These leftist professors get away with dragging curriculum to the left because parents let them get away with it. Mizzou parents continue to pay Mizzou faculty to sell their children on racist positions. Berkley parents continue to pay Berkley faculty to either recruit their children as members of Antifa or to subject their children to Antifa attacks. Evergreen State College parents continue to pay faculty to shut down the campus rather than punishing the protestors who make the campus unsafe.

For awhile, I paid for the leftist education that my kids received, but eventually contacted their state college and threatened to both remove both kids, as well as take the fight to the public. Thankfully, the college backed down and fired the associate professor who was trying to turn the kids into a new generation of communist protesters.

Bottom line: parents either pay for the shoddy, anti-American educations our kids are receiving on American campuses, or we take a stand and don’t. If one or more of your kids is in one of these communist, fascist, leftist (but I repeat myself) institutions which focuses more on creating a new and stronger generation of social justice warriors than it does on teaching education, and you continue to pay for them to conduct your child’s indoctrination, it’s not the institution’s fault. Look into the mirror to see who finances it.