It’s amazing that the people who participate in these rewrites of the English language can do so with a straight face.

The College Fix reports:

University of Oklahoma ‘Gender Ally Program’ instructs trainees in eight different sets of pronouns

An LGBT “ally” program at the University of Oklahoma offers students eight possible pronouns to use while interacting with peers, presenting the options in a chart that includes words such as “persself” and “eir.”

The university’s LGBT Ally Program Resource Guide, a 40-page handbook offered through the school’s Gender + Equality Center, gives students nearly ten options to use when addressing their schoolmates.

In addition to the standard “he” and “she” pronouns, students can choose from “ze,” “sie/zie,” “zie,” “ey” and “per.” “They,” a traditionally plural pronoun that has been repurposed as a gender-neutral singular pronoun in recent years, is also listed.

The chart helpfully lists the conjugates of each pronoun. “Zie,” for instance, is listed as “zie / zir / zir / zirs / zirself” for its subjective, objective, possessive adjective, possessive pronoun and reflexive declensions.

Readers are also given helpful pronunciation tips for each pronoun. “Zirself,” for example, is listed as “zereself.”