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Female Prof Makes List of Microaggressions She’s Heard From Male Faculty

Female Prof Makes List of Microaggressions She’s Heard From Male Faculty

“You’re so energetic all the time”

Who has time to sit around even thinking of such things, let alone compiling a list?

The Daily Caller reports:

Prof Makes List Of Microaggressions From Male Faculty

A professor published Monday a list of what appear to be microaggressions made by male faculty, including statements like “You’re so energetic all the time” and “I just don’t have time to worry about what I wear.”

Susan Harlan, an English professor at Wake Forest University, published the list entitled “Things That Male Academics Have Said To Me” on Avidly. The list ranged from perceived criticisms of her dress to perceived slights regarding the professor’s personality, intelligence, and life choices.

Harlan calls attention to the statements “You’re always so dressed up,” “I just don’t have time to worry about what I wear,” and “I like your summer outfit.”

“You come across as sort of masculine, both in your scholarship and your demeanor,” wrote the professor, branching from remarks she presumably deems insensitive regarding her presentation to critiques of her personality.

“You’re so energetic all the time,” “Don’t wear yourself out,” “Sometimes you come across as a little abrupt,” and “You always come across as so cheery,” listed Harlan.

Moving on to what appear to be insults to her intellect or subjects which she holds dear, Harlan wrote “Are you familiar with Foucault?” and “Do you know who Adam Gopnik is?”


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Don’t forget to feed the cats.

This female prof has such 1st World problems. She should get out of her bubble and see what a miserable existence so many people on this planet have – and despite that, most of those people are far happier than this harridan, I would wager.

The clothes comment is especially enlightening. The male prof has the right attitude: Life is too short to get hung up on clothing all the time.

“Hmmmm. You think it will rain?”
” I thought Professor Saul did an excellent job on the panel.”
” Leibowitz told a really funny story the other day about his mother in law”

Coming from academia myself, I get from reading her list of “microaggressions” that she by her colleges is considered difficult to work with and the fact that she made a list say that they are right. Sweetie, it is time to either shut up and concentrate on your work or move somewhere else.

Long ago I learned to separate useful comments and critiques from less useful ones, answering and acting on the former while ignoring or laughing about/away the latter. Or if the comments could not be so dismissed, subjecting them to the Socratic Method, sometimes to my own improved understanding, but more often to theirs. Eventually my interlocutors got the message that pointless or needlessly negative critiques were at best a waste of their time and mine.

This female professor, however, seems to have never learned these lessons. Worse, she seems to take special pleasure in taking things negatively there were unlikely to be intended that way. It would have been easy for her to deflect or engage to move things in a more more positive directions, but she seems like the type who prefers to seethe than do that.

The only way this woman’s colleagues can avoid offending her is by not saying anything to her at all. And I bet she would be offended by that as well.

“Much Ado About Nothing”

Would “Repeal the Nineteenth” be a microaggression?

Other faculty should make a list of what she’s said … prolly wouldn’t be any better. It’s getting to where ya don’t wanna say anything to anyone …

Back in 1982 I started work as a postdoc in an academic research lab on my way towards an academic appointment. For my entire first year my boss did not call me by my first name, he did not call me Dr. whatever, nor did he call me by anything other than “Douche bag”. I was learning how to do world class research in a world class lab and I simply took it in stride and eventually earned his complete respect. Frequently, over the years, I have attended conferences where someone decided to give a presentation without being properly prepared or by giving an utterly worthless presentation. In just about every case, the result was far from being a microaggression, rather it was over and devastating hostile aggression from the audience. (One I remember clearly was “Sir, everyone in this room has at one time performed work of a similar quality to that you have just presented. The difference between you and everyone else is that everyone else has had the common sense and common decency to keep their damn mouth shut and not tell a soul about it”)
I guess those that can, do, and those that cannot, complain.

Oopsie, somebody made a tactical blunder.

The whole concept of “microaggressions” is that you, the perpetrator, don’t even notice that you’re committing them, but others—your “victims”—do notice, and suffer accordingly.

But these microaggressions must remain mysterious and invisible to the aggressor. As long as they’re spotted by the superior “wokeness” of the victim, their job is done, and the ammunition for unending complaints is supplied.

But hahahaaaa—this twit has just spilled the beans and told us what “microaggressions” are. And we can see that they ain’t squat. As suspected, of course, but now we have verification … and that’s useful.