Who has time to sit around even thinking of such things, let alone compiling a list?

The Daily Caller reports:

Prof Makes List Of Microaggressions From Male Faculty

A professor published Monday a list of what appear to be microaggressions made by male faculty, including statements like “You’re so energetic all the time” and “I just don’t have time to worry about what I wear.”

Susan Harlan, an English professor at Wake Forest University, published the list entitled “Things That Male Academics Have Said To Me” on Avidly. The list ranged from perceived criticisms of her dress to perceived slights regarding the professor’s personality, intelligence, and life choices.

Harlan calls attention to the statements “You’re always so dressed up,” “I just don’t have time to worry about what I wear,” and “I like your summer outfit.”

“You come across as sort of masculine, both in your scholarship and your demeanor,” wrote the professor, branching from remarks she presumably deems insensitive regarding her presentation to critiques of her personality.

“You’re so energetic all the time,” “Don’t wear yourself out,” “Sometimes you come across as a little abrupt,” and “You always come across as so cheery,” listed Harlan.

Moving on to what appear to be insults to her intellect or subjects which she holds dear, Harlan wrote “Are you familiar with Foucault?” and “Do you know who Adam Gopnik is?”