It is truly sad to see some of our most prestigious institutions reduced to social justice warrior factories.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard Women’s Center to roll out ‘Gender 101’ training courses

The Harvard University Undergraduate Council voted earlier this month to approve a new “Gender 101” course for its freshmen students, allocating $1,000 for the program.

The measure was passed on November 6 with all but one of the council’s 11 student legislators voting to approve it, as reported by The Harvard Crimson.

According to the proposal, titled “An ​Act ​to ​Pilot ​Gender ​101 ​Trainings ​in ​the ​First-Year Entryways,” the training will further “efforts to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion” and promote “shared knowledge and language around possibly unfamiliar, but nonetheless important and salient topics” related to gender.

The training session will take place during study breaks and be run by the Harvard College Women’s Center. Each instructor will be given $4 per student attendee, according to the proposal.

The $4 allotment will be used to “to spend on an enhanced food-option to incentivize students to attend.”

The measure was sponsored by three students, according to The Crimson: freshmen Jackson Walker and Sonya Kalara and sophomore Salma Abdelrahman.

“If we get really good feedback, this would be used potentially to advocate for the Women’s Center to get more interns,” Abdelrahman told The Crimson.