Today was the day. Convicted terrorist murderer and immigration fraudster Rasmea Odeh’s last day on U.S. soil.

She’s been stripped of her citizenship and put on a plane out of O’Hare for Jordan, where she’ll join convicted terrorist murderer Ahlam Tamimi, the mastermind of the Sbarro Pizzeria Massacre.

For background on Rasmea and her pathetic lying supporters, see my post Convicted terrorist and immigration fraudster Rasmea Odeh to be deported September 19. 

For background on the lies of Rasmea and her supporters, see our posts:

I also gave a detailed explanation in my interview, The Lies of Rasmea Odeh and Her Supporters Exposed.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of the propaganda campaign by Rasmea’s supporters, the Associated Press headline, widely shared, referred to her as an “activist” rather than the terrorist she is and uncritically quoted her claim of a coerced confession:

Not surprisingly, the members of the Rasmea Propaganda Brigades wished Rasmea well, like the toxic US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (f/k/a US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation). Next time they try to hold an event on Capitol Hill, remind congressmen and senators that the group, including Executive Director Yousef Munayyer (third from left in back row in photo below), fully embrace Rasmea and her goal of the destruction of Israel:

Jewish Voice for Peace, the virulently anti-Israel group that has been one of Rasmea’s strongest backers, including honoring her at JVP’s annual meeting, also wished Rasmea well:

Just before the Send-Off event, JVP national also reposted a video of Rasmea playing the victim:

Rasmea’s main support group tweeted out an image of Rasmea’s mural at Reem’s Bakery in Oakland:

Here are images of Rasmea at the airport saying goodbye to her supporters:

As usual, Rasmea and her supporters used the occasion to defame Israel during a “press conference” and to declare that “we will liberate Palestine.”

Always remember Rasmea’s victims.


[Vigil in memory of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, DePaul University, outside fundraiser for Rasmea Odeh]


[Edward Joffe, overlooking Jerusalem]


[Edward Joffe’s Mother and Sister at funeral 1969]


[In the camera that was found at the bombing site was this photo which was taken with the scenery of Jerusalem. This photo was later developed as Leon did not get the chance to see it.]


[Leon Kanner Mother and Sisters at Funeral, Jerusalem 1969]


[Graves of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner Jerusalem, photo by William Jacobson]


[Sisters of Leon Kanner, brother of Edward Joffe][Photo by William Jacobson, May 2015, Israel]


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