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Liberty and Law Week in Higher Education

Liberty and Law Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Libertarians want maximum freedom for everyone. Why would that be a problem on college campuses?

Free speech on campus is fundamental.

The left has a different view.

This is what the left cares about.

The campus left’s reaction to the Scalise shooting was a disgrace.

Compare and contrast…


Of course they did.


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The signal piece of free speech news…and anOTHER repudiation of the some of the doomsayers here was…

the Supremes UNANIMOUSLY came out for free speech in their ruling on “The Slants” trademark case.

This was HUGE.

I don’t believe that College Insurrection has yet covered the lawsuit filed against San Francisco State University a couple of weeks ago in the U. S. District Court in San Francisco. The suit claims that SFSU has actively supported and condoned radical anti-Semitic groups on campus and has left Jewish students fearful of outwardly expressing their Jewish identities. This suit is big news in the higher education world and should be covered by College Insurrection.