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Professors Around the Country Donated to Ossoff in GA-6

Professors Around the Country Donated to Ossoff in GA-6

“all eight Ivy League institutions”

Jon Ossof got tons of financial support from out of state and it turns out some of it came from college professors.

The College Fix reported:

Professors nationwide donate to anti-Trump candidate ahead of Georgia special election

A bevy of professors at the top universities nationwide have made campaign donations to a liberal congressional candidate whose candidacy has become a flashpoint of resistance against President Donald Trump and his administration.

A review of donations listed at the Center for Responsive Politics shows that at least one professor at each of the top 15 universities, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, has donated money to Jon Ossoff, the Democrat candidate in a special election in the Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. The analysis turned up no employees or professors at those same schools donating to Ossoff’s opponent, Republican Karen Handel.

“I was also influenced by a desire to resist Trump’s plan to defer to Russia and make America insecure,” Rega Wood, a Stanford philosophy professor and Ossoff donor, said in an email to The College Fix.

Hundreds of dollars from multiple professors and employees at all eight Ivy League institutions have been received by Ossoff through his campaign. All of the Ivy League schools, ranked amongst the top 15 universities, are located in the East Coast and are hundreds of miles away from Georgia’s 6th District.


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