The University of Missouri is experiencing enrollment problems over the campus protests of 2015. Programs like this one aren’t going to help that problem.

The Daily Caller reports:

University Announces Diversity 101 For Faculty To Create ‘Culture Of Inclusion’

A university announced Monday that an introductory diversity course will teach concepts like “inclusive excellence” and “obstacles to inclusion.”

The University of Missouri will host the “Diversity 101” course for the next three semesters, according to an announcement posted to the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s website.

“The course was designed to engage mixed groups of faculty and staff from across departments and units in a learning process that will enhance our capacity to build a culture where everyone feels they are welcome, they belong and they can thrive,” description of the course says.

Faculty participants in the free course will spend 30 to 45 minutes reviewing course materials and creating a discussion post, 30 to 60 minutes responding to other users’ posts and 15 minutes drafting a weekly journal entry.

“Join faculty and staff colleagues in this online course to learn about and engage together on diversity, inclusive excellence, action planning and more,” the description says.