I’ll believe this when I see it. Far too often in cases like this the school says there will be discipline then does nothing.

KOMO News reports:

Evergreen College President: students involved in disrupting classes will be disciplined

The president of The Evergreen State College said students involved in disrupting classes at the school will be facing disciplinary action. He made those comments at a special State Senate hearing on Tuesday.

It comes in the wake of protests and outside threats that shutdown the campus for several days and forced graduation to move.

The string of events peaked June 15, when there was a heavily armed presence at a protest by an outside group, concerned with what they’d been seeing and hearing about Evergreen.

They were upset about student protests against professor Bret Weinstein and perceived racist comments. He said he was totally misunderstood, but then went on Fox News to explain.

The college president said social media exploded. A death threat to students and faculty shut down the campus for a couple of days and brought increased state patrol presence. Then there was last-minute decision to move the graduation to the secured setting of Cheney Stadium.

College President George Bridges told the state lawmakers on Tuesday, “The fine line between what at Evergreen is appropriate protest and what is inappropriate protest. Clearly disrupting class is inappropriate.”