We did this last year, Best A.F. Branco Cartoon of 2015 (Reader Poll), and the vote was a precise tie. So we had a runoff was extremely close, with just an 11 vote difference, Runoff Election: Best A.F. Branco Cartoon 2015 (Reader Poll).

And the winner was a cartoon that is so timely it would be timely right now … Assume the Position.

As before, the choice to get down to just 10 favorites was tough. My initial cut was 22 from a very impressive year of cartoons.

So here is a new list of my favorite A.F. Branco cartoons for 2016, in chronological order (not necessarily in order of my preference):

Working the Ref

Family Vacation

The Family Business

The Verdict

Fraying With Fire

Electroshock Therapy

Can You Hear Me Now?!


Bad Boy

That Was Then

Poll will be open until Midnight (Pacific Time) on January 4 evening, 2017


And the winner is …. “That Was Then”


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