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Branco Cartoon – Bad Boy


He’s got those pedophiles eyes.

legacyrepublican | October 31, 2016 at 7:40 am

Suggested Alternative Title: Bad to the Bonner

Really America, eight more years of this corrupt trashy family and the filth that clings to them?

I know it’s Halloween and all that, but gee, that is one frightening cartoon. Now, I wonder what wiki leaks will drop today. That will be either a trick or a treat.

this man is VERY sick mentally and regardless the political
fallout he NEEDS some serious Help…..his sickness WILL
hurt the Clinton machine this Mov. 8th and I wonder what
HRC has said off record regarding this major faupax…..?
More fallout to follow…stay tuned….incredible…..

Thank you for only including the upper torso…unlike his selfies…

Ewwww …. Weiner is creepy. That all fits in with the Clinton mob. How much ya bet he’ll be the one to end up dead next? Clinton’s do that, you know.

I still remember how smug and obnoxious he was as the Dem’s attack dog. So I’m really enjoying his disgrace now. I may even make a special trip up to NYC just to find him and mock him.