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Branco Cartoon – Fantasyland

Branco Cartoon – Fantasyland

Clear and present danger.

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You nailed one of the primary tactics of the left. Orwell demonstrated how the left changes the way people think by changing definitions. Remember the newspaper deceptively named “PRAVDA?” Pravda contained as much truth as Hillary. OK, maybe a little more than that but not much more.

To a leftist, words are tools used to move towards the objective. Words do not have meaning, they have utility.

Funny AND True.

I needed a good laugh.

Thank You, Mr Branco.

Love it!….as always…. In my mind I added a pop tart with a bite out of it labeled gun….

The old double standard… Rules for thee and rules for me.

Branco on target yet once again!

Ok, we have a clock, a gun, howz ’bout a president?

Good one Mr. Brano. Thanks.

Amen Branco!! It’s like we’re living in bazarro world.
Hope your day is blessed.


golf clap…. yes the pop tart would have been a good touch.