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#WomenWhoVoteTrump: Meet Female voters who continue supporting Trump

#WomenWhoVoteTrump: Meet Female voters who continue supporting Trump

“I prefer to be offended by him on occasion than be left for dead by Hillary.”

During the past week-and-a-half, the elite media has been on a mission to obliterate Donald Trump’s candidacy with late-coming charges by women whose stories are being challenged by people in positions to know the truth.

On the other hand, the coverage of the WikiLeaks information related to Hillary Clinton, her Goldman Sachs speeches, the Clinton Foundation’s corruption, the war on Bill Clinton’s accusers, the war on Catholics, collusion with the Department of Justice, and the media collusion with her campaign has been dripping out slowly. Fortunately for the Republican candidate, the American people’s trust in the American press is such that Google searches for the term “Wikileaks” has dwarfed the searches related to the Trump scandal.

How is the ginned-up Trump scandal actually impacting women voters? While my vote has remained unchanged, I was interested in what other female supporters were saying.

Fox News pundit and conservative talk show host Tammy Bruce appeared on Face the Nation, and shared her thoughts:

…This nation is now going down the drain. And while I would prefer to have President Reagan back, we don’t, so what I’m looking at is I’m voting for Mr. Trump for the thousands of women who deserve to not be murdered as an example by the one of the 1.2 million illegal criminals, illegal alien criminals in this nation. There is violence.

It’s about economic freedom. It’s about the jobs. Again, I mentioned earlier the 3.7 million women in poverty since Obama became president. So, yes, of course we would prefer fabulousness at every level.

From Mr. Trump, I prefer to be offended by him on occasion than be left for dead by Hillary.

Bruce obtained one of her points from “Trump Truck” blog. In a heartfelt post, supporter Keely Sharp wrote that though Trump’s remarks made her cringe, there were 11 reasons why she was continuing her support for the Republican candidate.

  • I stand behind my platform, and my beliefs, no matter who is the one representing us.
  • Donald Trump has proven himself to be hospitable and his employees gleam over it.
  • He is a smart, business man that can get this country back to where it needs to be.
  • I would rather be insulted by Donald Trump, than left for dead by Hillary Clinton.
  • Donald Trump wants to make America safe again, so I say, “Build that wall!”
  • He supports Pro-Life, and that alone is enough for me to vote for him.
  • He cannot be bought.
  • He is not a fraudulent liar who deleted classified, government emails.
  • He is genuine and works hard. I admire that.
  • He cannot be drowned out by the presence of liberals.
  • Donald would not have let our American soldiers just die in Benghazi, without at least trying to save them.

Over the weekend, female Twitter users tweeted their support for Donald Trump using the hashtag #WomenWhoVoteTrump, which trended on the social media site with more than 75,000 tweets.

Here is a sample:

On the other hand, opponents of Trump offer their weighty, tasteful, and reasoned opinion about the GOP’s presidential hopeful. Here is the cast and crew of Orange is the New Black:


You would think that Trump would be the pick of that particular cast and crew….but I digress.

Trust in the elite media is at an all-time low for good reason. I assert that the next phase of the election cycle will be the most toxic and brutal, as the elite media and the politically connected establishment double down to destroy the candidacy of a true outsider.

The media wants to undermine enthusiasm for Trump, who has massive rallies and connects readily to his audience. The press also wants to light a fire under Democrats, who are not inspired by Hillary Clinton (especially if they voted for Bernie Sanders).

So, yes, plenty of women will be voting for Donald Trump on Nov. 8th…despite the intersession of the press.


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Maybe they can forgive an old insult easier than rape and public humiliation.

Another reason, Trump is in the 0.01% Hillary is only in the 0.1% but she got there shilling for the 0.001% who make money doing nothing but playing with virtual money and our laws governing it.

Anyone walking in downtown Chicago and New york, on various other sites ( many golf courses ) can see how Trump made his money.

Here is another woman who votes for Trump:
And, look, we all know statistical outliers exist. But look at what they believe:
“He supports pro-life”… and partial birth abortion;
“He is not a fraudulent liar who deleted classified, government emails.” He is a fraudulent liar who never came in possession of classified, government emails, but Kremlin will release them to prop him up anyway.
I can go on.
It’s not that he forced himself on women, but that he generally lacks the character to lead which his accusers and he Billy Bush tape made impossible to deny. We knew it before when he made fun of disability or when he said that he will order our military to commit war crimes. I can go on.

    Nice try Litterbox. I think Newt summed it up the other day. Very little impact with the accuser stories on polling numbers. They better not pay you the full amount for that post because it missed the mark.

    How about we cut the crap about the Russians. Maybe we should focus on this:

    Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC Source!

    Or how about the drone strike against Assange? What do you have to say about that. Story goes is that Hilary wanted to use a drone strike against Assage and the lawyers shut it down.

    Clinton has shown she is down right dangerous, illegally wants to kill people she does not like, deletes emails knowing that they could come under subpoena, just to name a few. Trump is just a small blip on the map compared to Hillary’s Malfeasance.

    It is interesting how all those claims by Hillary against Trump seem to have disappeared – Pam Bondi and Trump University, Tax Returns,…..Trying to make the sex thing stick is not working either.

    The Uniparty is working hard to destroy us, I hope we survive.

      Can you please end with the name-calling? It’s stupid.

        Tell that to Ragsy.

          MarkSmith in reply to RodFC. | October 17, 2016 at 1:50 pm

          LOL, it is JB Rags. Jacobin Bonehead Rags.

          Least he gives it back and at times there is some good dialog (don’t let it go to your head Rags). Kinda like the guy for that even though I come by this site less and less because of him.

          Arminius in reply to RodFC. | October 17, 2016 at 2:34 pm

          Can you please shut up. I know I have to vote for Trump. I don’t like it, I detest it, but I know it. I want to puke, given my options. I am reminded something Churchill said; if Hitler invaded hell, he’d at least put in a good word for Satan in the House of Commons.

          Hitler has invaded Hell. It’s nothing to sing about.

        Oops, sorry, had a beer. /s Classic diversion tactic. Stupid is repeating the DNC talking points instead of addressing the point that a Pro-Choice, gay might be supporting Trump instead of Hillary,… the topic of this thread because she thinks Hillary is dangerous.

        Name calling is part of the banter. Be a man about it (if that is the right term to use).

        What is weird is that comment of yours has a tone to it that I swear I have heard someplace before. Are you posting as more than one name here? Probably wrong, but…..

    Trump DID NOT mock a disabled person. The media once again LIED about this. And if you talk character, or the lack there of, Hillary shines in that department. ‘Edge’ you need to quit this site, because your comments are moronic.

      IFTYS, Trump most certainly did mock (as in pretend to be) the disabled reporter. The link you provide simply says that Trump mocks anyone he thinks is mentally challenged by mimicking the same sort of disability that causes ones hands to curl inward and upward. Back in the pre-PC days, this was called “acting retarded” and was done in stand-up comic routines quite often; the term then became a more blanket one to cover anyone whom one deems stupid, clueless, etc.

      Edge is not only a valued commenter on this site but also a valued author. She is going nowhere.

Only one win be our next President. I know you don’t want either of them to become President but which one of them gives our country at least a fighting chance to begin the recovery from the abyss the progressives have driven us into?

How’s about everyone just calms the f&@k down about Russia!!

Where’s that reset button when you need it??

Lastest James O’Keefe release
I’ve only seen the first half right now.

Apparently he has some political group talk about having “plausible deniability” with the Clinton machine and at the same time talking about how they recruit and pay people to go to Trump rallies to incite violence ( including the mentally ill ).

Leslie, you were right to be careful.

And what proof has there been that these latest “ladies” were telling the truth? Trump’s people should get someone to hack their bank accounts and spending habits.

“I would rather be insulted by Donald Trump, than left for dead by Hillary Clinton.”

And that’s it in a nutshell.

    You ‘d be left dead by Trump.

      So you would like to think. Clinton has already done it, or do you not remember Benghazi?

        I remember Benghazi. I know Clinton is selfish and corrupt. I also know that Trump is selfish and corrupt and a horrible decision-maker. The whole notion that Trump must be OK simply because he’s not Clinton is bogus.

          edgeofthesandbox – “The whole notion that Trump must be OK simply because he’s not Clinton is bogus.”

          I disagree. Trump may not be as eloquent as Clinton. He may not be as robotic with his responses, may stumble, unlike Clinton. He talks to the people, like Reagan did. Clinton talks at the people. She is in this for her own fortune and wealth, NOT AMERICA! 30 YEARS of Clinton corruption, the most DEATHS surrounding this family, and you still think Trump is bad? Trump has an established business record, providing employment to 10’s of thousands, hell Clinton wouldn’t know the first thing about bringing back jobs to America.

          Wow. Trump talks to the people “like Reagan did.” That’s an appalling insult to President Reagan, who was the epitome of grace, dignity, and statesmanship. Reagan brought Americans together while lifting each and every American. Trump drags Americans down and apart. There is no comparison–none at all–to be made between foul-mouthed, disrespectful, arrogant, nasty, slimy Cheeto-King and President Reagan. None.

UK Transplant | October 17, 2016 at 4:25 pm

I’m a proud female Trump supporter and am counting the days to Nov 8th!! He will be one of the best Presidents we’ve ever had! Most of the women I know are also voting for Trump (former Obama voters). One of them made the statement a few years ago that she will always vote democrat no matter what. Now she is an avid Trump supporter!

An issue that I have, one that has recently been mentioned by some talking heads is that Hillary seems to be more of a committee construct than a person. She is constantly handed TPs that have been researched, edited and approved by her giant organization. When they have them down pat, they go into the Book, then she gets them for speeches and for debates. Her memory must be phenomenal, excluding anything to do with emails. The extensive staff of people surrounding her even discuss policy among themselves and then gingerly present it to her. I also believe that she avoids any unscripted interaction because she doesn’t think for herself. We have all seen how Donald Trump thinks for himself, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s a disaster. He does call the shots, good or bad. Hillary? If it isn’t scripted, it doesn’t come out of her mouth. Even supposedly off the cuff jokes are written for her…