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Palestinian stopped on way to Molotov cocktail attack was AGE 12

Palestinian stopped on way to Molotov cocktail attack was AGE 12

Remember this next time you hear BDS activists scream about how Israel arrests children.,7340,L-4856425,00.html

Sadly, as we have demonstrated so many times, some Palestinians children have been used in terror attacks, including as suicide bombers.

It is a culture cultivated by people like Bassem Tamimi and others in Palestinian media who deliberately send children to confront Israeli soldiers or Border Police in the hope of a viral photo or video.

The incitement also is from the official and social media of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, which lionize “martyrs” including minors who engage and are killed in the course of attacking.

I explored this problem in Peace Problem – Palestinians teach young children to hate and kill:

The core problem in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute is not “the occupation” of Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) or the lawful Israeli military blockade of Gaza to keep out Iranian armaments.

The problem, to which the Western world is just waking up, is the pervasive top-down and bottom-up incitement against Jews and Israel in Palestinian society in which even the youngest children are taught to hate Jews and to kill Jews by whatever means possible, including stabbing, shooting and ramming with cars….

We have highlighted this problem for years, including these recent posts:

So, I guess it’s no surprise — but still shocking to the conscience — to read that a Palestinian child age 12 was stopped on the way to carry out an attack, armed with Molotov cocktails (firebombs) and a knife. [See Featured Image, released by Israeli Police]

The Times of Israel reports:

The youth was caught approaching a Border Police base in the Jericho area, carrying a knife, two Molotov cocktails and a small Palestinian flag, the police said in a statement. The base is also located next to the settlement of Vered Yericho.

The police statement said the boy admitted to planning an attack on Israeli security forces. Reports in Hebrew-language media said the suspect was 12 years old.

Ynet News adds:

The boy aroused the security personnel’s suspicion after they spotted him watching them at a base located in the Jordan Valley. The police believe that the boy intended to carry out an attack against Israel Border Policemen situated in the area.

The suspect, a resident of Aqabat Jaber—a Palestinian refugee camp in the Jericho Governorate—was taken in for questioning.

Remember also, the next time you see the anti-Israel propaganda campaigns criticizing Israel for arresting “children,” many of those children have been weaponized by their communities. The problem is not the arrest, but the reason the arrest was needed in the first place.


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Pally are death whores.

No kid too young, no suicder too mentally retarded, no woman too protected that they can’t be weaponized to kill Jews. Mothers of the deceased celebrate, streets are named after baby killers, and western professors toast these scum in university safe spaces.

Meanwhile, a Pally jihadi attacks the NYPD. The bell tolls for all of us.

4th armored div | September 18, 2016 at 10:17 pm

We need to stop identifying Islam as a ‘religion’ it is a
death cult’ and we need to evict this disease – PERIOD.

What we REALLY need to do is stop sending billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Palestine.