A new ad from the NRA reminds voters that Hillary wants to enact stricter gun control laws which could leave innocent people defenseless. They’re also planning to run the ad in five key swing states.

Politico reports:

NRA warns voters that Clinton will leave them unprotected

The National Rifle Association’s new spot is aimed at people who are already afraid, and hammers Hillary Clinton for wanting to leave them defenseless.

The gun rights group said it’s spending $5 million to run the spot on national cable and on regional stations in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia. The ad does not mention Donald Trump, who the group endorsed in May. But it does dovetail with messages that both he and the NRA have delivered before, casting Clinton as an elitist who would take away individuals’ guns while benefiting from armed protection herself.

The ad, called “Nightstand,” shows a woman, alone in bed, awakened in the night by an intruder. She dashes for a landline phone, and a gun stored in a safe. But it fades away before she can grab it.

A narrator says the average 911 response time is 11 minutes.

“Hillary Clinton would take away her right to self defense, and with Supreme Court justices, Hillary can,” the narrator says. “Don’t let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone.”

Self defense against other people has become the top reason for gun ownership in the United States, according to a new study from Harvard and Northeastern University researchers. About two-thirds listed that reason for owning guns in 2015, The Trace reported, and handgun ownership has risen proportionally compared with rifles. That’s despite drops in violent crime over recent decades.

Watch the spot below:

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Hillary Clinton swears up and down that she doesn’t want to repeal the Second Amendment but she doesn’t have to do that to reach her goal. All she has to do is bury it under new regulations and fees.

House Democrats are standing at the ready.

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