You may recall the House Democrats’ big gun control sit-in back in June. They’ve now moved on to phase two of their gun control campaign, demanding a vote.

NBC News reports:

House Democrats Renew Push for Gun Control Votes

House Democrats made a renewed push for votes on gun control measures on Wednesday — nearly three months after they staged a sit-in on that chamber’s floor demanding action.

“Time and time again we ask for compassion, time and time again we ask for action, time and time again we ask for leadership. Our people are sick and tired of a do nothing congress,” Rep. John Lewis , D-Georgia, said on the floor pleading with Republican leaders to take a vote. “These bills should be passed. Bring them to the floor, let us have a vote.”

Lewis, a civil rights icon, led the revolt over gun policy reform in June. And while the sit-in did not result in a vote on two controversial gun control measures, he and other Democrats said their effort highlighted the need for action.

On Wednesday, a number of Democrats spoke throughout the late morning in remembrance of the victims of gun violence. As they spoke, the lawmakers held photos of the victims of gun violence.

Wednesday’s demonstration is a continuation of what the Democrats began in June after taking over the House floor for a nearly 25-hour sit-in.

“We’re not going away,” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, said. “We’re not going to stop until we enact gun violence prevention laws. We’re not going to stop until we get the job done.”

Here’s a video from Roll Call of House Democrats holding up pictures of gun violence victims.

Republicans are apparently working on measures to prevent any future sit-ins.

Fusion reports:

Republicans are vowing to prevent any more gun control sit-ins from happening on the House floor

In June, House Democrats staged a 26-hour protest on the floor of the House chamber to call for any sort of gun legislation in the wake of the Pulse shooting in Orlando.

Three months later, there are still no new laws, and now House Republicans are preparing to make any future such protests by lawmakers more difficult.

Democratic Rep. John Larson told Roll Call that his caucus expected Republicans to enact a formal ban on sit-ins in the House before Congress adjourns for recess in a few weeks.

“The rumor that we hear is that [it will happen] on their way out the door,” Larson told Roll Call.

It’s not an unfounded rumor, because House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters last Tuesday that Republicans were wrapping up “an investigation” into the protest and that there would be forthcoming action taken. No information was provided on what the investigation entailed – perhaps watching the Periscope broadcasts of the protest on repeat for three months?

“We expect members of Congress to adhere to the rules and the decorum of what is expected by being on the floor,” McCarthy said.

Featured image via YouTube.