There was plenty of talk about gun control and the NRA at the Democratic Party debate Tuesday night. These talking points make great fodder for a progressive audience but ignore the truth.

Good people need to be able to defend themselves from bad people.

A new ad from the NRA features a man who lived through the horror of World War II and ultimately made it to America. He reminds us of the importance of the Second Amendment in this new ad from the NRA.

Transcript via the NRA News website:

I was born in Greece in 1939.

Nazi war planes bombed us unmercifully.

Executions in the streets were common.

I saw horror you could never imagine.

Human beings became animals, starving and desperate.

But me, I was lucky.

Soon after the war, I saw the Statue of Liberty, and I cried.

I’ve been blessed by the freedom and opportunity only America can offer.

Today, I feel a duty to speak out.

There will always be evil in this world.

But the one thing that separates America from every other country … is our freedom.

And the one freedom that protects all the others … is our Second Amendment.

Never give it up. Never.

I am the National Rifle Association of America.

And I am freedom’s safest place.

Immigrants who flee other countries and become American citizens often have a better appreciation of freedom than people who grow up here.

You may recall a Hungarian immigrant who made waves during the 2012 election by making an ad.

Via The Blaze:

Video: European immigrant runs his own pro-Romney ad in defense of American Dream

Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary before immigrating to the United States in 1956 at the age of 12. Despite the fact that he couldn’t speak a word of English when he arrived, Peterffy’s hard work and dedication drove him to fulfill his own American Dream. Now a self-made billionaire, Peterffy is sharing his personal experience in a very public way, purchasing millions of dollars worth of air time for a television ad with a cautionary message for American voters: Avoid socialism.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via YouTube.


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