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Prolonged Primaries Week at Legal Insurrection

Prolonged Primaries Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The 2016 primary process is dragging on as the front runners struggle to close the deal.

It’s affecting Democrats…

And Republicans…

Which brings us here.

Trump is also dealing with TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome

Higher education updates.

Only one cartoon this week, folks.


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Ok, Establishment-huggers, who up for dumping Ted Cruz and boarding Von Ryan’s Express?

Concerns About Paul Ryan Emerging Out of Ted Cruz-Created Contested Convention as Nominee Dominate Wisconsin

As conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, who has endorsed Donald Trump, warned in January, “After months of waiting for Trump to self-destruct, the Washington-based Republican Establishment has finally found a way to take back control of the party from the outsiders and grassroots. The plan revolves around the newly empowered House Speaker, Paul Ryan.” Schlafly writes that through a brokered convention, “‘dark horse’ Paul Ryan could become our nominee. Such an outcome could destroy the Republican Party and guarantee a Democratic victory by causing disheartened grassroots voters to stay home.”

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I don’t think there’s a scrap of a chance that the GOPe will bend the convention to put Paul Ryan on the top of the ticket. They dislike him greatly.

If anybody, it will be Kasich, who has won a staggering… um, amazing… well, astonishing… Ok, he won a single state, making him the second coming of Mondale in the upcoming election. Still, nobody said the GOPe is smart.

The interesting event will be if Bernie wins a majority of the primaries and gets wrestled off the stage at the convention. I think they’ll regret having ‘Feel the Bern’ attached to their party, because there will be a lot of burning going on. Literally.