I haven’t paid much attention to Richard Silverstein.  I did once describe him as an “apologist for anti-Israel extremism,” in my post Most pathological #BostonMarathon Tweet.

Nothing I’ve seen since leads me to think that description was wrong.  Others are less charitable, and he is a frequent target of mockery from pro-Israel bloggers, including when he recently accused his local synagogue in San Francisco of outing the date of his child’s Bat Mitzvah for some nefarious purpose; turns out Silverstein himself had tweeted out the date.

Silverstein insists he is not anti-Zionist. He just appears to act like one.

Silverstein sent out a tweet yesterday that is quite astounding in its viciousness.

The tweet was directed at Chloé Simone Valdary, a pro-Israel American Christian who is black. You may remember her from this video we featured in the post BDS is just the same old, same old hate:

Valdary recently wrote a blog post in The Times of Israel, Judith Butler & our will to survive, in which she took the pro-BDS and anti-Israel academic leader to task. Butler is the darling of the BDS movement because she uses her Judaism as a shield against criticism of her vicious rhetoric (as do many Jewish anti-Israel leftists).

Silverstein reacted with racial invective, as quoted in the sub-title of this post.


Really now. The mask revealed.

More at CiF Watch and Israelly Cool.

Here’s someone who has nicer things to say about Valdery’s pro-Israel project:

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