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Roger Cohen at NYT hasn’t figured out the “New Egypt” is Islamist

Roger Cohen at NYT hasn’t figured out the “New Egypt” is Islamist

Roger Cohen was among the worst of the delusional dreamers about the nature of the Islamist uprising in Egypt.

I frequently have quoted this prediction by Cohen on February 3, 2011:

Already we hear the predictable warnings from Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu: This could be Iran 1979, a revolution for freedom that installs the Islamists. But this is not 1979, and Egypt’s Facebook-adept youth are not lining up behind the Muslim Brotherhood, itself scarcely a band of fanatics.

As well as this one on February 15, 2011:

In the Middle East you expect the worst. But having watched Egypt’s extraordinary civic achievement in building the coalition that ousted Mubarak, having watched Tahrir Square become cooperation central, and having watched the professionalism of the Egyptian army, I’m convinced the country has what it takes to build a decent, representative society — one that gives the lie to all the stereotypes associated with that dismissive shorthand “The Arab Street.”

In fact, post-Tahrir, let’s retire that phrase.

The rise of Islamist dictatorships and anti-Americanism were predictable and were predicted by me and others:

Everything which is taking place this week in the Muslim world was forseeable in February 2011 on the streets of Tunis, in the sexual assault on Lara Logan just after Cohen’s column (chanting Jew! Jew!), in the million people who greeted an anti-Semitic cleric in Cairo, and in the rapid elimination within weeks of the Google Guy from the revolutionary stage.

As Mohamed Morsi solidifies his power — having taken out the military leadership and now the judiciary, Cohen continues his delusion:

The “new Egypt” is hard core Islamist. Cohen still cannot accept that reality

Whether Morsi backs down on this latest aspect of the coup, the trend is clear.  In just months the Muslim Brotherhood has dramatically increased its stranglehold on the nation. 

The Obama administration told Hosni Mubarak he had to leave “yesterday.”  No such directive will be given Morsi, and it probably would not be effective even if given.

These responses to Cohen’s tweet have it right:


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Cohen is a numb nut. Didn’t the MB give rise to Al Qaeda. Wasn’t their founder Sayyd Qutb the guy who provided the koranic philosophical underpinning for the war against the West? Maybe somebody should find Sayyd Qutb’s writings and send to Cohen. What part of kill the Jews doesn’t he understand?

“Morsi’s self-anointment decree a mistake and won’t fly. The new #Egypt will rein him in.”

So typical of the moonpony riders of our delusional era!

Egypt has NONE of the traditions, checks and balances common in the US. Morsi can crush any opposition…and WILL. Cohen and others of his ilk indulge themselves in the magic thinking of Facebook and Twitter being somehow enough to counter thugs with guns and religious zeal.

Here, even with all our provisions to suppress over-reach, we are watching similar things happening…(not yet with guns and religious zeal)

It’s Islamist of the worst kind. It is a Caliphate or imperial Islam. The same kind which conquered and occupied Egypt previously. While Mubarak was indeed a dictator, he was also nationalist, and mostly secular, which invited a diverse habitation of Egypt.

You can lead a NYT columnist out on a dangerously freezing, stormy night, but you can’t make him put on his jacket, quit drinking iced Kool-Aid, and stop declaring, “Ahh! Spring!!”

“The new #Egypt will rein him in.””

LOL. Apparently this NYT idiot hasn’t figured out the “new Egypt” is a hard core Islamist Egypt.

Must take a lot of effort for him to be this stupid.

Sorta reminds you of Walter “Pulitzer” Duranty! “What starvation are you talking about?” Anything exotic and
non-American seems to be preferable and superior, until….!

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There are none so blind as those who will not see. Lawrence Wright laid out the entire history of the Muslim Brotherhood in The Looming Tower.

Just another tyrant for the left to make apologies for. Doesn’t that ever get old?

BannedbytheGuardian | November 24, 2012 at 8:49 pm

When he starts demanding The Rosetta Stone from Brits. & the assorted looted treasures back from the US & Euro Culture establishment. , support will miraculously disappear.

Bring it on.

Trying to be the Walter Duranty of the 21sr Century.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | November 24, 2012 at 10:24 pm

Liberal Jews are defeating their own race, religion, society, culture, history, and people, let alone the State of Israel.. Whether with their financial donations, political rhetoric, and or votes in support of the anti-American liberal progressive Obama Democratic Party, and their hate filled Socialist-Marxist anti-Semitic views and policies against Israel and the Jewish People’s very existence, intentionally, and or unintentionally, is due to their perverted polluted poisoned mindset, due to their own self-loathing answer to why they are hated in the world so much syndrome- As Sigmund Freud’s psychological reasons, where he explains that the instinct to survive from your enemies, drives one into the very arms of their enemies, to hide in plain sight- thus to escape their enemies, they become one with their enemies, embrace their enemies, to be accepted by their enemies.. This is of course asinine stupidity of a useful idiot, and is about as insane as one could get.

Thus what this is, is the Freudian psychological diagnosis of their insanity- liberal Jews like Mr Cohen, need and urge to be accepted by, be a part of their enemies world.

But then again that’s the far left’s whole premise of being, to turn logic and reason and sanity upside down- to make the insane sane, the illogical logical, to make wrong into right, and evil into good, etc, etc.. Thus the equivalence of what they, people like Mr Cohen say, do, and act upon is synonymous with supporting Hitler for election.

They are not only worse than the anti-Semites of the world- they are truly The Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst of today.

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