We don’t know the details of the “brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating” of CBS News correspondent Lara Logan in Tahrir Square as the Egyptian crowd celebrated the resignation of Hosni Mubarek, but we know enough.

Lara Logan Tahrir Square large

Among the things we know is that the night before the attack Logan had been accused by Egyptian police of being an Israeli agent, and that the crowd shouted “Jew! Jew!” as it attacked her, similar to chants of death to the Jews outside a synagogue in Tunisia.

One of the haunting aspects of the reported story is that photo of Logan in the moments before the attack, as the angry crowd swirled around her and she seemed to recognize that she was in trouble.

We don’t know enough yet to say if any of the young men in the photo were the attackers, but the looks on their faces and their gestures suggest they were out for something more than celebration.

This photo says so much not only about the crime, but about the Middle East.

The photo is a metaphor for how the Israelis must feel surrounded by countries which, whether they have made peace with Israel or not, have populations that could easily rise up against the Jews much as the crowd in Tahrir Square so suddenly turned on Logan.

There is no appeasing such crowds.  Someone please tell Obama.

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