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Chutzpah Alert – Elizabeth Warren releases ad called “Accountability”

Chutzpah Alert – Elizabeth Warren releases ad called “Accountability”

This is a joke, right?

The Onion?

Elizabeth Warren, who refuses to accept any accountability for falsely claiming to be Native American, for trying to deceive the public about the extent to which she claimed Native American, minority and “woman of color” status for professional purposes, for exaggerating supposed “family lore” when the actual facts went against her, for having her campaign go Alinsky on Cherokee women who traveled to Boston to show her her own genealogy, for claiming contrary to the evidence that her own parents had to elope because her White father’s family would not accept her Native American mother, for falsely claimaing her Aunt Bee was Indian … and I could go on.

Warren is completely unapologetic, and continues to deny everything with robotic repetition of lines like “it’s who I am” even though it’s not who she is and it never was.

This Elizabeth Warren is the poster child for unaccountability, as her Hollywood, Emily’s List, and Move On friends couldn’t care less that she gamed the system during her career by falsely claiming a racial and ethnic status she did not deserve.

For this candidate of all the candidates running this year to run an ad call “Accountability” meets the definition.

Via NY Times:

Has Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat running for Senate in Massachusetts, taken a page from Senator Scott P. Brown’s playbook?

A new Warren television commercial out on Friday focuses less on the issues and more on her personal attributes — just like Mr. Brown’s commercials.

Mr. Brown’s ads have been notable for highlighting his personal qualities and showing him in local settings. In a series running now, various Democrats offer testimonials to his independence and to his being a “regular guy” who can be trusted.

Ms. Warren’s most recent ads have been somewhat generic, with Ms. Warren sitting in a room and talking about government investment in infrastructure and education.


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Cassandra Lite | August 17, 2012 at 9:15 pm

Lizzie Warren calling for accountability is like Obama calling for a balanced-budget amendment.

TrooperJohnSmith | August 17, 2012 at 9:16 pm

She’s so bereft of substance that she’s described in platitudes and generalities. She is so shallow as to be all surface.

Notice that no Cherokees were asked to opine on Ms. Warren. What, no testimony from ‘Your People’?

    No, she has plenty of substance. She’s a totalitarian socialist. She just keeps that unspoken – even deep blue Massachusetts might blanch at electing a pure Red.

Her call for accountability is like Obama’s call for Romney’s tax records when all of his are under seal.

She looks like an angry white Indian woman. She looks and sounds like your worst nightmare of a teacher. If that’s all they got then bring it on.

She looks and sounds like the nurse in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. I forget her name.

CBO predicts the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau budget to exponentially increase…

This is not something that is to produce an outcome that proves its no longer needed … its a nanny state program to remove the personal responsibility of not being (buyer beware) stupid, an octopus of government bureaucracy to entangle itself in every consumer transaction.

Its not the governments job to assure equal outcomes, where would we be without stupid people making stupid decisions and the accountability of those bad decisions that transforms them into battle hardened survivors.

1. Elizabeth Warren, who refuses to accept any accountability for etc

Perhaps the most important hypocrisy wrt accountability is the way she structured the consumer agency she expected to head: as an independent agency (within the Fed, itself an independent agency) with virtually no oversight. She intended to hand herself a blank check for power without accountability.

2. I haven’t seen new polls for almost a month, but her chances at Intrade are creeping up. Intrade still has it as a toss-up but it’s drifting toward advantage Warren.

3. Scott Brown is a pretty good politician, but perhaps not good enough to overcome MA demographics. If he loses, IMO his break with the Tea Party will be the decisive mistake.

4. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that a pocketbook issue emerges to sink Warren.

5. Amid the uncertainty, the silver lining is that the efforts of Bill et al have probably ruled Warren out from national office.

6. Afterthought: She screeches that people have not been held accountable for the financial collapse. That amounts to a criticism of the Obama administration, and she should be pinned down on it. Riskier but doable IMO is to tie her to the Democrats who insisted that the banks behave recklessly.

9thDistrictNeighbor | August 17, 2012 at 10:28 pm

So, Elizabeth Warren is “the founding mother”, “totally gutsy”, and “I like her attitude.” So we’re supposed to vote for attitude now?

But this is what they do — invert reality. Their total lack of conscience is their dark art, their secret strength. No one on our side can ever seem to figure it out. Maybe it’s the difficulty or unwillingness to comprehend something that awful. But there it is.

When Clinton was informed that he faced impeachment, stepping down like Nixon was not an option . He announced we will just have to “win”. Winning, sound familiar? They all knew that they were guilty as charged. Imagine being compared to Nixon and losing on character.

“…robotic repetition of lines like “it’s who I am”…”

It IS who she is: A FAKE!

Keep the message going Professor.

I wish they would talk more about her ….. indian heritage. *snicker*

If she prefixed “accountability” with “creative” then she would be speaking truth to power.

Accountability goes way back into her Indian heritage. In fact, her grandmother was called ‘Accountahontas.’

Are people in Massachusetts really this dumb?

    The people of Massachusetts are merely taking their lead from Harvard and Penn, both places having been dumb enough to take her word in place of evidence that she is a Native American. If only it were possible to get internal HLS personnel records! I’d bet a lot the school was certain they were meeting racial quotas with their hiring of Fauxcahontas.

Ms Fallen Cheeks has made herself accountable only to her self. In doing so she hubristically campaigns with contempt toward her constituents in a way that puppets Chicago pols.

Will someone PLEASE explain to Warren that the government (US) does not invest in infrastructure rather the taxpayer (US again) pays in money via the gas tax to support the maintenance of roads and bridges. The federal government doesn’t own the roads, we the people own the roads. If she wants accountability how about checking the waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer funds on bridges to nowhere?