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Cherokees travel to Mass but Elizabeth Warren refuses to meet them

Cherokees travel to Mass but Elizabeth Warren refuses to meet them

As reported in The Boston Herald, four Cherokee women, including genealogist Twila Barnes, are traveling to Massachusetts this week requesting a meeting with Elizabeth Warren personally to express their concerns about Warren’s false claim to be Cherokee:

Four outraged Cherokee activists who say Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has ignored their emails and phone calls will trek to Boston this week in hopes they can force a meeting with the Democratic Senate candidate over her “offensive” Native American heritage claims.

“It’s almost becoming extremely offensive to us,” said Twila Barnes, a Cherokee genealogist who has researched Warren’s family tree. “We’re trying to get in contact and explain why her behavior hurts us and is offensive, and she totally ignores that. Like we don’t exist.” …

What they want, Barnes said, is for Warren to sit down with them and to stop claiming she’s a Native American.

“We would like to see her look at the documentation and admit there’s no Indian ancestry there and then apologize,” Barnes saud. “Hear us. Acknowledge us. Know that she’s brought us into this. We didn’t bring ourselves into this. This whole trip was planned to get a meeting with her.”

Per The Herald article, however, Warren only will have a staffer meet with them (and even that agreement was only after The Herald reached out to the campaign).

I spoke with Barnes after The Herald article was published, and while the group would meet with a Warren staffer if that is all Warren offers, it is not an acceptable result:

“I think it is important that we meet with Warren herself. She claimed she ‘checked the box’ so she could meet others like her apparently meaning Cherokees or Indians. She has that chance now.”

While Warren will not meet with Cherokee women traveling from far away to speak with her, she’s holding fundraisers in the Bay State this week to celebrate her birthday on Friday.

Update: Barnes appeared on the Todd Feinberg Show this morning:

Watch this at WRKO


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Good for their persistence.

    Frank Scarn in reply to Rick. | June 18, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Hey, didn’t Warren say by listing herself as Native American in that directory that she wanted to meet others just like her?

    Here she’s given the perfect opportunity to meet genuine Cherokees, and she REFUSES.

    She is a genuine Democrat. She LIES.

      radiofreeca in reply to Frank Scarn. | June 18, 2012 at 9:49 am

      She didn’t say what /kind/ of people were “her kind of people” when she checked that box. She’s met lots of Liberals in academia who lie (and if AGW is any indication, do it a lot), just like she does. So in a manner of speaking, it worked and she got exactly what she wanted 🙂

      She never said she wanted to meet honest Cherokee…

      You gotta pay attention to what she actually said, and not put your own personal interpretation on top of it.

      In the famous words of Bill “It all depends on what your definition of is, is”.

      She was looking for a “better class” of Cherokee .. the fauxs

      But the people just like her aren’t Cherokee or Native American.

I heard Bunny Warren unchecked the box.

Somebody find out how long do they plan to stay – Would be great if they planned on staying about two or three weeks; that way they could attend every rally Warren planned to show up at.

DocWahala – is wondering how long before Warren asks the Great Father to send in the calvary.

Adress provided upon RSVP. (sic)

1. We wouldn’t want the Wrong Sort sneaking into this reception for She Who Fights for the Little People.

2. Note the spelling. Somebody should investigate whether Warren got her student-voted teaching awards by being an easy grader.

Can you blame her? Where were they when she wanted to meet with them? Now that she’s infamous, they selfishly want to share the limelight.

Remind me again, the difference between an immature and mature human being?

Dreams of instant gratification should be restricted when we are children and should be strictly moderated when we are adults. The “progress” we have realized is sabotaged character development. Perhaps it is progressive corruption of individuals and society, which degrades and ultimately collapses our greatest civilizations. It seems that America is not immune to the consequences of evolutionary dysfunction.

Doug Wright | June 18, 2012 at 2:32 am

Ah yes, now we can celebrate Lizzy’s birthdate and cross her palm with silver, or even gold or fiat money too!

Shouldn’t her birthday be made into a federal holiday so that the Hoi Polloi may have that well earned extra day off, with pay, so that they may better appreciate her support of their menial tasks.

Cheers all 🙂

“She claimed she ‘checked the box’ so she could meet others like her apparently meaning Cherokees or Indians. She has that chance now.”

Twila Barnes is already the winner in this exchange. That Warren doesn’t have the courage to hear her concerns is quite telling.

If she doesn’t answer to her own family, how will she answer to me as my Senator.

Warren is certainly helping keep the story alive. But I can’t help but shake my head that of her many flaws, this is the one which may cause her the most trouble. She is an absolute radical, far outside the mainstream of even liberal Massachusetts, but that doesn’t even seem to be a factor – at least, not yet.

TrooperJohnSmith | June 18, 2012 at 4:50 am

The real Indians – not the faux Netroots Indians – are comin’ for ya, Lizzy. Better circle the Priuses, lay in a fresh supply of invectives and denials, because the good guys ain’t liable to show up in the nick of time.

Seriously, this lady doesn’t have a bit intestinal fortitude or integrity. Funny how so many folks lack both of those qualities.

Heh… Them thar’ Cherokees are a week late as they should have crashed the nutroots thang down in Providence last week.

Nothing like missed golden opportunities…

    VetHusbandFather in reply to GrumpyOne. | June 18, 2012 at 9:15 am

    I don’t think they are too late at all. If they crashed netroots the media would have played it that there was a ‘controversy’ among Native Americans about whether or not her claims were legitimate. The left might even try to play them off as a small group of radicals. No, I think this is perfect, because it forces Warren into a no-win situation. She can meet with the Cherokee delegation and admit to her ‘ethnic fraud’ or she can continue to ignore them and show everyone that she’s not only a fraud, but completely incapable of facing her sins. I say thank you to Ms. Barnes and others for pressing this issue. She can run from conservatives all she’d like, but when she starts running from her ‘own people’ then the few reasonable heads on the left will have to stop and think about it.

Warren gives new meaning to the term “piece of work.” lf you had told me 3 years ago the lett would play out to be this incredibly disfunctional & stupid l wouldnt have been able to wrap my mind around it. Hell even after witnessing it the last 3 years l have trouble grasping it.

Adress provided upon RSVP. (sic)

She’s no fool, she doesn’t want any chance of confrontation showing up at her money grab. Wow, if MA votes for this shameless, immature, transparently-out-for-herself, ignorant liar….well, they deserve what they get.

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Juba Doobai! | June 18, 2012 at 7:57 am

But, but, but,… I thought she wanted to meet other people just like her… who grew up like her?!?!?!




She’s Lieawatha and they’re honest Injun.

They didn’t grow up like her with fabular tales of non-existent Indian ancestors who actually drove the Cherokee up the trail of tears. Their ancestors WALKED the Trail of Tears.

Of course, she can’t meet with them, silly!

“We’re trying to get in contact and explain why her behavior hurts us and is offensive, and she totally ignores that. Like we don’t exist.” …

Sister, you DON’T exist. You are a hole in the universe for this woman. Because you represent her undoing. You are her kryptonite. Keep it up.

She really appears to have no ability to think on her feet, or deal with adversity.

Brown may decimate her in debate if he gets under her preparations.

    She really appears to have no ability to think on her feet.

    Hopefully Senator Brown, will. But will the people respond? We have plenty of NON-thinkers in D.C. now. 🙂

So in other words, Warren’s refusing to meet with them even though she says she claimed to be Native American in order to meet people like these folks.

Scott Brown should start making a point of her refusing to acknowledge the facts. This is a character issue. It may even become a mental illness issue. A rational person does not double down on a falsehood.

    Ragspierre in reply to scrubjay. | June 18, 2012 at 11:02 am

    While taking your larger point…

    IF you accept the necessary premises, lying and continuing to lie is a totally rational thing to do.

    It was even elevated to a “science” in the Collectivist nations of Germany and the Soviet Union. It is the prime means of governing North Korea.

    But it required that one be depraved of moral conscience.

    persecutor in reply to scrubjay. | June 18, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    Scott Brown should meet with them!

    Henry Hawkins in reply to scrubjay. | June 18, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Warren, faced with two choices, has merely decided that the less damaging choice is to double down on her revealed lies, rather than admit them and apologize. To look directly into the faces of voters and lie has become a prerequisite for holding higher office in our country.

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They should stay in Boston for a while. Perhaps watch a Red Sox game if the Cleveland Indians are in town. Then the Herald can announce that there was finally a real indian meeting in Boston.

TrooperJohnSmith | June 18, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Here ya go, Lizzy! If you wanna be an Indian, there is a pathway for you:

Tip: wear comfy shoes and hydrate!

[…] Herald reports on the looming showdown between angry Cherokee activists and Elizabeth Warren (h/t Legal Insurrection): Four outraged Cherokee activists who say Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has ignored their emails […]

Henry Hawkins | June 18, 2012 at 4:39 pm

Sure, this “I’m a cherokee!” mishegoss by Warren is damning, but on the other hand, the US Senate could very much use a former NFL All Star tight end, as Elizabeth Warren was with the New England Patriots and, ahem, Kansas City Chiefs from 1985-1996.