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Mass Dems set to ditch true liberal in favor of self-aggrandizing fake Cherokee historic Bar-exam taking nursing mother foreclosure speculator

Mass Dems set to ditch true liberal in favor of self-aggrandizing fake Cherokee historic Bar-exam taking nursing mother foreclosure speculator

There is something pathological in Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to acklowledge that she is not Native American.

When confronted with the fact that real Cherokees have traced her maternal lineage back to the great-great-great grandparent level and found no Native American ancestry, Warren ignores the facts and plays victim:

On the phone, she spoke sometimes expansively and without the slightest hint of apology about her conviction that she has maternal roots from the Cherokee and Delaware tribes. “I know who I am,’’ Warren said. “I know my heritage.’’ …

“As kids, my brothers and I knew about that. We knew about the differences between our two families. And we knew how important my mother’s heritage was to her. This was real in my life. I can’t deny my heritage. I can’t and I won’t. That would be denying who my mother was, who my family was, how we lived, and I won’t do it.’’

Asked what made her mother’s family distinctly Native American, Warren laughed and replied, “It was exactly what I said.’’ Asked again, she responded, “One side was Cherokee and the other side was Delaware. I never had any reason to doubt them. I never asked for any documentation. It’s who we were.’’

But it’s not who they were or who she is. The self-righteous refusal to accept evidence of her heritage is tied to her denial that she used the fake heritage for her professional benefit.

There’s a reason Warren put herself on the list of “Minority Law Teachers” in the mid-1990s, and it was not to meet other Native Americans as she first claimed. There’s a reason she reported herself as Native American both to U. Penn. and Harvard Law Schools. And there’s a reason Warren denied each of the above facts until reporters and bloggers uncovered evidence which contradicted her.

The fake Cherokee narrative is just one of Warren’s many self-aggrandizing narratives. Warren claimed to be the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar exam, another completely unverifiable claim. Yet as Jonathan Turley points out, it’s not only bizarre but also false, as another law school professor has told him from her own experience.

Then there’s the claim that Warren’s grandmother “drove a wagon in the land rush to settle territory out west. It was 1889, she was 15 years old…She lived to be 94, to see her youngest grandchild–that’s me–graduate from college…”. Not true, Warren created a composite of grandmothers to create this story.  [*]

It’s just one false personal narrative after another (and trust me, we’re not done).

Yet it does not stop there. The Boston Herald has uncovered that Warren was a real estate foreclosure speculator beginnin soon after she joined Harvard Law:

Elizabeth Warren, who has railed against predatory banks and heartless foreclosures, took part in about a dozen Oklahoma real estate deals that netted her and her family hefty profits through maneuvers such as “flipping” properties, records show.

A Herald review has found that the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate rapidly bought and sold homes herself, loaned money at high interest rates to relatives and purchased foreclosed properties at bargain prices.

And as reader @SGLawrence points out, Warren did this real estate speculation using her interest free loan from Harvard Law.

Yet despite the mounting evidence that Warren is a self-aggrandizing phony, Massachusetts Democratic delegates at the convention today are being urged to keep Marisa DeFranco off the ballot, and Warren is playing along:

Elizabeth Warren gave her blessing to party zealots hoping to block her prospective rival in the Democratic primary, saying she won’t stop their frantic last-minute bid to keep immigration lawyer Marisa DeFranco off the ballot.

In the waning hours before today’s state party convention in Springfield, Warren refused to condemn jittery Democrats scrambling to thwart DeFranco from grabbing the 15 percent of delegates she needs to win a spot on the ballot.

“My job is to run, and that’s what I’m doing. I’m out there talking about the issues,” Warren said, just days after she and Gov. Deval Patrick stood side by side and waxed noble about the importance of allowing DeFranco her rightful shot to get on the ballot.

I interviewed Marisa DeFranco.  DeFranco’s not a phony liberal like Warren, she’s a real liberal who takes offense to Warren pretending to be something other than white for diversity purposes.

The real liberal in the race may be kept off the ballot in favor of a self-aggrandizing fake Cherokee historic Bar-exam taking nursing mother foreclosure speculator.  Welcome to Massachusetts.

Update:  A reader wonders how long it will be before Warren claims to be part Jewish:

Native American Indians from western United States found to have genetic mutation typical of Ashkenazi Jews; connection may date back to time of Christopher Columbus.

[* This sentence was changed to clarify the inaccuray in Warren’s quote.]


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She’s sick. Seriously.

And, if they vote for her, they get what they demanded. Politics is a market-place, too.

“Yeah, I’ll take that green, glowing chicken over there…”

    Sick? Like Ted Kennedy was sick. Like Al Franken is sick. Like Nancy Pelosi is sick. Like John Kerry. Like Barney Frank. Like Al Sharpton. Like Jesse Jackson.

    And like Barack Obama.

    They’ve lied so much they cannot distinguish the truth anymore, even if their lives depended on it. They have a vision for the country that they are determined to foist off on the rest of us, justifying any action that controls the lives of others with some pathetic drivel about victims, fairness, equality or justice.

    Unfortunately their “Lady Justice” is not blind. She’s prejudiced. Bigoted. And evil.

      Yah. Sick like dat…

      The Liberals can not be bothered with truth, facts or honesty.

      They anointed Warren as the candidate who was due for elevation from phoney Cherokee law professor into the Senate. She became the Queen of Occupy with a legion of camp followers willing to re-tweet and echo, especially the MSM.

      Any upstart, no matter how ideologically pure, no matter how honest, is doomed.

      The essential difference between the Tea Parties and the monolithic Occupy movement is that the people attracted to the Tea Parties are independent. They DO their own reading and research and thinking. They don’t just mindlessly chant the latest chant. Occupy, however, encourages a mindless following in classic fashion (if your classic is 1984). They want their two minute hate and Newspeak.

      In Texas the Senate race is between Dewhurst, the anointed big-R Republican and Ted Cruz who challenges the party insiders choice by being favored by the voters.

      Cruz survived the initial primary to go into the run-off. Whether he can pass the next test is yet to be seen. I doubt that there are enough self-respecting Dem voters in Massachusetts to vote for DeFranco.

      Just more proles voting as they are told from above.

      TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Tea Party at Perrysburg. | June 2, 2012 at 11:05 am

      The Big Lie is alive and well.

      Increases are now cuts; 500K-to-create stimulus jobs are ‘private sector’ jobs; ‘transparency’ is voting on a bill to see what’s in it; Constitutionally-required budgets are just a suggestion, but hidden within that document is the right to an abortion, the concept of ‘hate speech’, gay marriage, prohibition against using the concept of a Christian deity and free healthcare; Science is separated into political compartments: left-wing science is solid and unassailable, while right-wing science fluffy and unprovable; Voter fraud is non-existent, unless a Republican wins….

      Well put TP at P. Like Harry Reid, who with all confidence proclaims that paying federal income tax is voluntary, liberal politicians seem to believe even the most ridiculous of their own lies.

      But what amazes me is that a significant portion of the population still support these clowns.

    Cassandra Lite in reply to Ragspierre. | June 2, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    She suffers from high cheek.

From Breitbart commentor LikeItOrNot

“If what Elizabeth Warren is saying about her Mother is true then I have bad news for Elizabeth Warren.

Your Mother was mentally ill (Schizophrenic) and told you lie after lie. It’s called “Schizophrenic Mixed Messaging” between a mentally ill parent and a child in psychology .i.e. “Act “White” but we are really Indians but don’t tell anybody”

I have even worse news for you. Schizophrenia is a genticlly passed disease. So you are probably suffering from the same mental illness. Schizophrenics belive their own delusions.

You are now at the stage of “Convincing Yourself” that the lies are true. Nobody else is listening anymore. You are talking to yourself. Rationalizing. “If I keep saying it then it will be true.” No Elizabeth many of us have looked at your family tree. There is no Native american bloodline in it. “You are a “White Woman!” 100%

Another hallmark symptom of Schizophrenia is a person having “Delusions of Grandeur.”

“I was the first breast feeding Mother to take the bar examine…” Can you not see how ridiculous that stastement is? How would one know that? Do they keep official records on something like that? What normal person would say something like that?

You need help and medication lady. You may not have noticed but the rest of the world is watching you deteriorate psychologiclly one day after another. Most of us who have worked in the field can see the “Parnoid Schizophenic Look” in the photos the media is publishing.

Please go seek professional help. Schizophenic personality deterioration is a very serious illness.”

    “How can you tell when a politician is lying ? Their lips are moving”

    She is definitely a politician.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to [email protected]. | June 2, 2012 at 11:17 am

    So now… she admits her granny drove a wagon in the land rush. Really?

    Does she know that land was taken from the Indian Nations as the US systematically carved up the Indian Territory? So, that puts her back into the “not an Indian” column.

    Next, she’ll have granny hanging out with ol’ Geronimo in captivity at Ft. Sill or warning Sitting Bull of Custer’s approach. Has she mentioned Powell or Lewis and Clark yet? Or John Smith (that other one)?

    Yes, indeed she is nuts.

The title of this post would make a great anti Warren campaign posted… i.e. SAY NO TO THE SELF ….

opps campaign “poster” not posted

Can it be determined if she reported the interest-free aspect of her loan as income?

“This is really democracy at work. I know it’s easy to be cynical, I know it’s easy to say, ‘Politics, blah, it’s awful.’ But the truth is, this really is the heart of the process. I want to get out there and do what I’ve done for 25 years,” Warren added.

What…lie through your teeth???

IF those ARE you teeth…

    WarEagle82 in reply to Ragspierre. | June 2, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Wait a second, Rags. Are you implying that Warren may not be lying through HER teeth?

    That would be a rather untoothsome development. Can you prove it or are you making toothless accusations?

I don’t get Massachusetts.

They have at their disposal a direct descendant of the first 10 yr. old breast feeding Cherokee Wagon Master that settled Oklahoma…and they want to pass on that??

If they want more, I’m sure all they have to do is ask–

There is bound to be much more to the Elizabeth Warren story that she is willing to reveal if only given the opportunity to speak to it.

Juba Doobai! | June 2, 2012 at 10:35 am

Warren’s inclusion of Delaware Indian into her family tree is a fascinating new twist in the Fauxcahontas Lieawatha saga.

If Warren stays with the Cherokee only story, she remains Wannebewatha at 1/32. However, when you factor in the Delaware, and note she has not indicated how far she is from the original non-existent Delaware ancestor; all she says is, on her mother’s side, she’s Cherokee on one part and Delaware on the next, so she’s Big Heap Injun through the line of her mother.

Therefore, by including Delaware, she’s doubling down and reasserting the primacy of her claim to affirmative action benefits, all without stating that’s what she’s doing, of course.

All I want to know is when Warren will own up to the slave blood visible in her features. She claimed the high cheekbones–where? who? what? The microscope can’t find them–as a gift from the Cherokee nation. Who’s responsible for her full lips and her nose? What did she get from the Delaware? What did she get from her slave(r) ancestors?

Breaking News:

For the fact that the State of Hawaii, has in their possession, newly leaked material from Julian Assange and verified as true, by noted attorney Brett Kimberlin, that for a price, they will in fact release a copy of Elizabeth Warrens birth certificate.

It is said, that Elizabeth’s real name is KamanalongiWannalaya

Insufficiently Sensitive | June 2, 2012 at 10:40 am

There is something pathological in Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to acklowledge that she is not Native American.

I don’t think so. She’s hardheaded enough to pick an official party line and stick with it, much like Arthur Koestler’s character in ‘Darkness at Noon’.

She tipped her authoritarian hand in that nasty speech in which we heard “Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea — God bless. Keep a big hunk of it.”

As if she’s running for Commissar, and not a mere Senator.

PrincetonAl | June 2, 2012 at 10:44 am

When I first started following this thread, it was in delight at seeing Warren take a few hits to level the election in November.

I really had no idea that it was the tip of a pathological iceberg. But at this point, its undeniable. From debunked research, to debunked ancestry claims, to suspicious marriage memes, to perhaps lying about her grandparents, to debunked nursing mother claims, to foreclosure hypocrisy, to game-the-diversity-racket hypocrisy, and to complete and total dig-in-her-heels-denial, this is creating a complete and totally disturbing picture of someone who should not hold public office.

Although probably 30%-40% (on either side) are equally burdened by such complete lack of personal integrity.

But “fitting in” is not the same as qualified.

    Browndog in reply to PrincetonAl. | June 2, 2012 at 11:15 am

    You forgot about her stealing recipe’s from Better Homes & Garden and publishing them as hers in Pow Wow Chow-

    I’m in the same, boat as you.

    I had no idea how dangerously pathological this woman is.

    The last thing Warren needs is political power-

    The first thing she needs is professional help.

“Fauxcahontas Lieawatha”…Love it.

radiofreeca | June 2, 2012 at 11:08 am

What I wonder is about the 43% that think Elizabeth Warren HAS adequately explained her claims of Native American Heritage… Oh, wait – we’re talking Massachusetts – I forgot. Sheesh! and East Coasters call us Californians crazy…

This is no longer about Warren lying about her heritage.

This is about a person that has rejected her own identity, and replaced it with a mythical character more to her liking.

    Observer in reply to Browndog. | June 2, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Lizzie Warren is just following in the hallowed Democratic tradition of making it up as she goes along. See, for example, the various life stories of born in Hawaii, born in Kenya, born in Hawaii, Barry Baraka Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Obama, whose 1961 birth was inspired by civil rights marches in Alabama in 1965.

    What is really troubling is not that such obvious phonies exist, but that so many voters are willing to vote them into high office.

Can we examine her “first nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar Exam” claim?

One source linked to by Wikipedia says her first child was 2 when Elizabeth started law school. If she was still nursing that child when she took her bar exam, that would be pretty remarkable. 10 Things you didn’t know about Elizabeth Warren.

The Wikipedia article on Elizabeth says “Shortly before her graduation in 1976, she became pregnant with her second child and she worked from home, writing wills and doing real estate closings.” From Elizabeth Warren, Wikipedia entry.

Not being a lawyer, or getting too close to a law school, I’m wondering when law students take the bar exam. Do they while still in school, shortly after, or a months later? I do know that moms can not nurse until after the child is born. I would be interested in knowing when her youngest was born, and when she took the New Jersey Bar Exam, so we can see how old that child was at the time.

I’ll bet we could ask the kid. If he has a memory like his mom’s, he’ll remember the occasion vividly.

Nursing during the bar exam?

Tits and torts?

Donald Douglas | June 2, 2012 at 11:48 am

William, you’re cited at CSM: ‘Cherokees hammer Elizabeth Warren on ancestry claim ahead of Mass. party convention’.

I was going to use “hammer” in my essay on the Globe’s report, i.e., “Independents Hammer Warren in New Poll.”

LukeHandCool | June 2, 2012 at 11:50 am

” … self-aggrandizing fake Cherokee historic Bar-exam taking nursing mother foreclosure speculator.”

1/32 cowboy makes that sound like a bad thing.

“Native American Indians from western United States found to have genetic mutation typical of Ashkenazi Jews.”

There’s the speculator. By jove, I think she is an Indian.

On Saturday, Massachusetts delegates will meet in their state’s Democrat party convention.


They must really hate minorities in Massachusetts

[…] saga, but I’ve gotten a kick out of Prof. Jacobson’s coverage at Legal Insurrection. Here’s the latest.There is something pathological in Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to acklowledge that she is not […]

You gotta know what is coming next.

“The REAL Lizzie Warren story…”

jimzinsocal | June 2, 2012 at 5:44 pm

I read she did a one on one interview (see Powerline) and here is a snip:

Warren was also asked if she feels people care about the Native American issue in terms of it being a question of character.

“Well, I think that the best way to understand character is what people do. I’ve been out there now for 25 years, fighting on behalf of working families,” says Warren.

^^She obviously has also assimilated or appropriated, along with her Native American genes the secret codetalkers ability to shield intent.
What Warren Windtalker is really saying is: “Im so nailed in all my ever expanding web of lies..that Ill say anything to misdirect you lesser fools.”

*and BTW..indeed the first codetalkers were Cherokee

Native American Indians from western United States found to have genetic mutation typical of Ashkenazi Jews

Obviously Romney propaganda!